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Everyone out there will agree if I say that women are the only people who are happy to receive any kind of gift anytime. They love to receive gifts even when they have the same kind with them. Jokes apart, they really enjoy and appreciate the gift they get. In my view, they are also the most deserving people.
Should we present the same old gifts like flowers and personalized greeting card irrespective of their age and our relationship with them. I suppose ‘No’. We need to pick gifts suited accordingly.
For instance gifts for women can be those which are used in kitchen or garden or even their personal use. But gifts for girls has to be something that defines their age and interest. We cannot ever say that these will be the best gifts for women as every woman is different. I was casually thinking of this and thought if I had to pick some 10 best gifts for women in 2018, what would they be? I am sharing it with you guys and you may agree with me.

Christmas Gifts for women:

1. Women remember most of the to-do-list when they are in the kitchen. They write them on the calendars or on a piece of used paper and if nothing is available they simply forget it. A memo pad that can be handy in the kitchen will help her remember the list.
2. Women are obsessed with hair. When they have long hair, they wish to have it short and vice versa. If it is straight they buy curls and curl it, on the other hand if it is curl they wish to straighten it. So, a multi hair styler can be the most wanted gift.
3. Fragrances are a weak point of women. Hold! I am not saying that they love to use them but there are who just wish to collect them. How does it matter to us when it makes this a great option.
4. One gift you can put your finger on without thinking is a bag. They won’t mind this gift ever.

Christmas Gifts for girls:

5. When girls just enter their teens, they are quite a confused lot. They are neither children nor teens completely. Their choice of clothes or jewelry or fashion, everything is total chaos. Teddy bears and barbie hair bands are still their favorite and so go ahead and gift.
6. Watches and sunglasses which are forbidden so far slowly come to them. Stylish watches with ribbons and multicoloured dials are readily accepted.
7. Chocolates and candies are their weakness. They promise not to eat them as they cause pimples but they cannot resist them.

Personalized Christmas gifts for women:

8. A good old photo nicely embossed on a coffee mug for a darling daughter or a wife should make them float on cloud nine. More than the coffee mug what impresses them is the photograph.
9. A poster full of lovely pictures can be another pick. The pictures bring back the memories of those times and as we already said, make them emotional.
10. Phone covers are a recent lot that has a potential as a good gift. Emboss some message or their name on the phone covers and get all the appreciation.
I can hear that. Great list!


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