10 Gifts to Wow Your Sister This Raksha Bandhan 2018

Sisters are so sweet! I love the twinkle in their eye when they receive any gift. If the occasion is Raksha Bandhan 2018 then you just can’t imagine the popping of eyeballs when the wrapper is ‘torn apart’. Right! You heard it right, ‘torn apart’. Especially my sister is just crazy about opening these gift packs that she has not a moment to waste to open it.
But guys, sisters are those gifts themselves that need to be taken care of. If we want to see that sparkle in the eye this Raksha Bandhan, then it calls for some innovative gifts. Take the help of the gift portals and find online Rakhi gifts for sister or just browse through Raksha Bandhan gifts online. But these should be ‘THE GIFT’ or a WOW gift for her.


I don’t mind suggesting a few gifts. See if you too can get a cue from them.

1. My sister has just started going to a job. She is all excited about the little cabin given to her and the desk which is all hers. At home, we children would share our cupboards, shelves and the table. Obviously, she will love this place which she need not share with anyone. I can gift her a good family picture that she can display on her desk. Photo frames with all our family members will be my first choice.

2. If it is not a photo frame, then even a poster will serve the purpose; she has a habit of sticking posters of her favorite personalities. After all, it is the most sought after personalized rakhi gift.

3. Today’s fashion has taken a complete U turn. All those loud and vivacious looking jewelry is back. And I know for sure my sister also loves them. On a safer side, I will go for a Vintage bangle cuff that I had seen. It is really good.

4. How about surprising her with some ‘redo’ or ‘revamp’ of her room? Place some artifacts, I mean, wall decors which are in various forms and sizes. Lovely paintings and shelves are so tempting.

5. I know that my sister is not a very environmentalist but I suppose she will appreciate it. I am saying this because there are some attractive planters which are in such amazing forms, I can’t tell you.

6. Wall clocks have been my most favorite gifts of all times. This is one gift which will never be declined by anyone. Imagine a Flamenco dancer on the wall or a Saxophone inviting you to swing and sway in its ‘tick tock’. I bet if your sister will not open her eyes wide in amusement.

7. Every person have some secrets which are not shared. Some though share it with their diary. Why not respect this idea and gift a Secret Diary with a lock? Archies have good lot of designs of these books. I would leave a note in it ‘This is the first and last time I placed my hands on this book’.

8. Like clocks, the other gift that is evergreen is a box of chocolates. They can beat any gift however expensive it may be.

9. There is a trend of voice greeting cards today. I will keep it for a last option as I wish to gift it in combination of others.

10. A Rakhi combo gift pack is not a bad idea at all. It has flowers, card and chocolates. What can we ask for more?

Guys pick any of these gifts and I will bet that your sister will be on cloud nine!

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