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Chair yoga poses are very simple, comfortable and easy to practice. Let’s discuss about its benefits and different poses.  Chair yoga is a universal term for practices used for simple yoga poses so that they can be practiced while seated on a chair. These changes make yoga available to people who cannot stand or move easily from standing to seated positions. While sitting on chairs, students can do lot of twists, forward bends, hip stretches  and mild backbends. In addition to a good stretch, chair yoga practitioners can also get other health benefits of yoga, including better muscle tone, improved breathing habits, reduction of strain, better sleep, and good sense of well-being.


Who can practice Chair Yoga?

Chair yoga training sessions are generally recommended to senior people. They are the biggest target audience, but overweight people and people suffering from neurological diseases can give the chair method a try. Office workers can also get advantage of chair yoga.

Types of Chair yoga poses:

Spinal Twist:


Benefits: It helps to increases blood circulation and flexibility in the spine.
How to practice Spinal Twist:
You need to sit facing forward on the chair. Your left hand should be on your right knee. Now slowly place your right arm above the back of the chair. Inhale and exhale slowly as you bend towards your right. You also need to turn your head as well. No gently push against your right knee to build more leverage. Breathe slowly and hold the position for few seconds. Release slowly and now come back to your normal position and repeat the same pose on the opposite side.

Side Stretch


Benefits: This particular pose helps to increase your flexibility, improves breathing, and reduces your waistline.
How to practice Side stretch:
You need to Sit straight facing forward with your feet slightly apart, inhale and stretch your arms out to the sides. Now slowly breathe out and bend slightly to the left, to touch the floor with your left hand and your right hand should be pointed toward the ceiling. Now slowly breathe in and come back to your normal position. Repeat the same pose with your right side.

Sun Pose


Benefits: It improves your blood circulation to your head, helps to massages all the internal organs, and limbers your spine and hips.
How to practice Sun pose:
Sit straight on the chair with your legs apart and arms by your side. Exhale completely then inhale and with a wide motion bring your arms above your head. Now look up and stretch. then Now slowly breathe out while bending little forward between your legs and try to put your palms on the floor. Now slowly breathe in while raising your back up with the help of your arms over your head again and then come back to your normal position.
Practice these above given Chair yoga poses once a day and you will experience development in flexibility and strength.

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