A Brief History of Maharashtra Day

We all rejoice Maharashtra Din on 1st May every year. But, do we know the History behind it and How Marathi People are significant part in Maharashtra Freedom movement? On 1st May 1960 a new state was founded called as Maharashtra. West Maharashtra, Kokan, Khandesh, Marathwada, Vidarbha Region, and Northern Maharashtra Region is the major five parts of Maharashtra.Maharshtra-Day-2015

Maharashtra attained statehood on 1st May, 1960. So, the day is organized as the Maharashtra Day in all over Maharashtra. The state government organizes the major function in Mumbai, India. Maharashtra Day is held at Shivaji Park in Mumbai. The governor of the state takes the acknowledgment at the ceremonial parade; it consists of members from Brihanmumbai Commando Force the state reserve police force, home guards, civil defense, fire city police and brigade.

When India became an Independent country in the year 1947, Bombay in Western India, was a divided state with the areas in the accessible Maharashtra and Gujarat states. In 1950s Samyukta Maharashtra Samiti spearheaded the demand for formation of a divided Marathi speaking state. Mahatma Gandhi (The father of nation) and Lokmanya Tilak were major architectures of establishing areas by the classification of languages. But after independence of India Pandit Nehru opposes to give Mumbai state to Maharashtra. Non Marathi people in Mumbai are completely agreed with Nehru statement. Congress party people did not take any action on establishing separate state Maharashtra. On 1938, Mr.Patwardhan and Mr. G.T.Madkholkar took a subject to establish new liberated Maharashtra State. During 1946, Mr. Mandkholkar establishes a Unite Maharashtra Samiti. In the meantime, Dadar Commission opposes to establish areas by the categorization of the languages and give irrational statements on Maharashtrian people. They say that people in Mumbai have mix ethnicity. Then Pandit Nehru give the declaration that new three states were established called as Mumbai, Vidharbha and Gujarat. By this statement of Pandit Nehru all Marathi people came together and liberated Maharashtra association was started in that year.


Each and every year people of Maharashtra pay honor to those at Hutatma Smarak in, Mumbai. Wishing everyone a very Happy Maharashtra Day to every Maharashtrian and be proud to be Maharashtrian.

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Discover Best Mothers Day Gift ideas

Just two weeks left for Mother’s Day and if you are amongst the few who are yet to realize that they need get good gift as soon as possible then here’s an eye-opener for all of you! Though it’s difficult to find a perfect gift for a perfect person like mom still I have mentioned few unique mother’s day gifts for your convenience!Mothers-day-gifts-ideas


Gold, silver, and diamonds – three gifts that no MOM can ever refuse to accept! Buying a piece of jewellery needs the right knowledge of understand the design! Make sure you spend choose best jewellery if you don’t have much time to go to store then check the web you will get the best suggestions.


Books can be perfect Mother’s day gift they are handpicked carefully. The only point to understand the genre that your mother loves to read. If you know the genre you can personally handpick the bestseller from the nearby store or order from online portal and get it shipped to your mom’s address.

Follow the Tradition

Sometimes going by tradition is the best idea! Flowers and chocolates, the evergreen gifts, always grabs one’s attention and makes sure to bring smile on the recipient’s face. I am sure your mom will surely like the simplicity of the gift.

Gadgets for the Tech lover mom

Mom is no exception to the technology trend. You will definitely know what she likes the most – listening to music, playing games, surfing recipes online! All you need is to understand this liking and get the coolest gadget for your mom. While looking for mother’s day gifts online, I came across personal grooming products that every mother simply loved to use!


I personally love handbags very much, So I understand their real worth just like most other women would do! Apart from diamonds, the other precious and most-adored gift is a handbags. Either it a sling, clutch, handbag or a sack women simply love to flaunt their collection.

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Helpful Grooming Tips for New Pet Owners

Love at first sight can happen anytime when a cute, sweet & little puppy is drawn in, but it’s equally essential to think about your standard of living and daily life before making a choice of getting a new member into your family. We consider our dogs as part of our own family, so we always look for such pet that can actually fits in our busy lifestyle.


Dogs and humans have been living for years together, because they are loyal, faithful, loving and will follow you like your phone network. Hence they are very compatible with human nature. But there’s lot more about dogs than enticing, fetching and playing dead. Here are some known facts about man’s best companion.

Few important grooming tips for new pet owners:

Owning and caring for a pet is always a great fun and immensely gratifying. But it is also a huge accountability. If you are responsible for a dog or any other pet, even on a temporary basis, you are requisite under the Animal Welfare Act to care for them well.

Let’s discuss few useful grooming tips for new dog owners:

  1. Which particular dog breed you opt for isn’t as significant as finding a dog whose personality and individuality matches your own.
  2. Food: Dogs require to be fed healthy foods so that they stay healthy from inside and outside as well. It will not only make their coat shine but at the same time reduce hair fall problem. There are many pet foods available in the market which is full of vitamins, proteins and essential nutrients. They are available in different flavors so that your dog doesn’t get bore of eating same food every day. You can feed them with homemade food like: brown rice with egg white. Try to avoid dairy products as much as possible, as many dogs are allergic to dairy products.
  3. Bathe: They need a shower every week and if there is a big breed dog, they should be bathed outside because it can get a little exigent for you. Many different shampoos are available in the market. Make sure you brush your pet before taking bathe. Once they are rinsed, dry them with dry towel.
  4. The last thing to be done is to clip their nails. It’s recommended to clip their nails under the guidance of your veterans. If you can do it at home make sure you are careful not to hurt the dog.

pet grooming tips

All we want to keep our dogs healthy and happy because they keep us happy and healthy, too. Not only you will realize that they are healthy and clean, but your dog will also know that they are healthy as well. A vet can give more useful advice particularly on their health, and they need frequent checkups, as well. Keeping a dog as a pet will completely transform your life forever. Hopefully, these useful tips will help you to become a proud and happy owner of your pet. HAPPY GROOMING AND KEEP SMILING!!