Best Gifts for Husband on His First Birthday After Marriage

Life’s first birthday is celebrated after the completion of the first year of one’s birth. But the baby isn’t aware of these celebrations. On the contrary when the baby grows up he/she is sure to anticipate that special day. After marriage, of course it becomes even more important as the better half of the life now celebrates it with a different stint.

Online Gifts

Everyone agrees to the fact that it is too difficult to choose a gift for a man; it’s even more difficult if it is your husband. The stereotypical gifts like a wallet, watch and an office bag is quite predictable. So let’s look out for something innovative and interesting.

If the husband is of an intellectual type with a lot of interest in reading, find for an ideal book which he readily start reading. For some husbands who are really messy, find a good personalized Desk Organizer. So you won’t have to do a drill of searching his things early in the morning. Inside every man lays a mechanic. It’s an inborn specialty of fidgeting with household things, but using conventional tools. In order to save your kitchen tools buy him a good tool box which he can use for various experiments at home.

A constant traveler can be gifted a travel bag but be sure it has all the necessary slots for not only clothes and important documents but also laptop. You can find abundant range in online gifts now a day. There is no dearth of stylish watches, wine glasses, ties and sun glasses. If you know that he is a good photographer and can continue focusing on your pictures, extend your budget to buy a camera. He will love to click more of your pictures.

The first birthday after marriage also is an opportunity to meet friends from both sides. Surprise your husband with a party wherein all his friends are invited. Decorate the house as per his preference and cook the best food. If your husband appreciates simplicity, just gift him his favorite flowers but arranged in a unique style.

 birthday gift for husband

No doubt it is a bit difficult to find the right gift but it can be made memorable. Plan a complete day exclusively for him right from the morning cup of tea to the sumptuous dinner. Make him feel like a king and as always believed, a man’s heart can be reached through his stomach. This will be the memorable gift as time is what is most precious in life and that is what you are gifting him.

Gift Guidelines to Buy Best Wedding Gifts

Wedding is the official union of two people. It is the most memorable day of anyone’s life. True. The near and dear shower blessings upon the bride and the groom. They wish them endless happiness throughout their lives.

wedding gifts for couples

The toughest part, though for the invitees is to find an ideal wedding gift. The gift has to be chosen keeping in mind their personality, choices and of course our pocket. The dilemma is manifold whether to choose wedding gifts for couples, or individual wedding gifts for men and etc.

Let’s explore and find gifts in each of the categories. So beginning with the gifts for couple; usually goes in the direction of utilities at home. They range from cooking vessels to cooking ranges. Anything that can be used in the kitchen including a veggies chopper board, cutlery sets, dinner glasses or wine glasses. Basically it has to be of everyday use.

Personalized gifts are a rage today. So, personalized mugs, wedding cards all framed well, bed sheets and bed linen, tea coasters, calendars, wall clocks and many many more. You name it and you can get them Personalized.

If there was a long courtship before wedding, then a route map of their journey together can be embossed in a lovely frame. From the time they met till the date they tie the knot, the journey can be traversed. This will be a thrilling experience for the receiver as well.

Gifts exclusively for the groom can be chosen from any of these; a wallet, personalized wrist bands, personal grooming kits, cologne and personalized wall art. Any wall décor, car décor is also not a bad idea. To get him dressed like a prince, cufflinks, bow or neck tie or even a good watch can be thought of. A set of Champagne and tall glasses may be apt too.

It is not always necessary to follow the herd. You can still think of unique ways like a sapling, sign board, a candle light dinner hamper, a good book to read, Chinese lucky charms, miniature water fountains, night lamps, wooden baskets, incense sticks with holders etc.

wedding gifts

Whatever be the gift wrap it in a way that creates an aura of inquisitiveness around it. If the wishes are true and from the bottom of the heart no matter what the gift is. Our love for the couple can be imparted even with flowers or even a simple greeting card.

Why waste time, pick, browse or innovate a gift for the wedding couple!!!

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Foods

By simply making lifestyle changes, one can easily lose weight.  Adopting healthy diet by including foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein sources should work wonders.  However, the key remains in food selection, as choosing the right ones should help increase rate of metabolism and weight loss. Furthermore, combining weight loss foods with a regular exercising regime could bring added benefits.

Best Weight loss foods


Soy foods are generally linked to fat loss. Furthermore, these weight loss foods are found to be rich in protein, fiber and antioxidants. Roasted soybeans in combination with vegetables or tofu sautéed in olive oil are popular soy recopies.  Moreover, soy milk too is healthy and great source for fat burning. Consider replacing regular milk with soy milk while making daily latte. Soy smoothie with some fresh fruits makes a healthy choice while looking to lose weight.


A protein rich diet is mostly linked with higher fat loss. Eggs form as balanced source of proteins, as eggs are found to be rich in amino acids that are responsible in muscle fiber production. Furthermore, including eggs for breakfast also helps minimize any risks of overeating later during the day. One egg a day is ideal, only except one is fighting against high cholesterol. Some other protein sources include freshwater fish, lentils, beans and skinless chicken.


Women eating three apples a day for three months are found to lose weight than those other trying other weight loss programs. Apples are found to be rich in fiber and high in water contents (about 85 percent).  Eating apples in various forms should help greatly. Whether one considers eating apples by making fruit salads or simply blending it into a smoothie or whole gaining oatmeal, all are certain to aid weight loss.


Berries contribute as yet another weight loss food. Berries are found to be high as antioxidants and rich in fiber value.  Apart from aiding weight loss, eating berries also help fight against chronic health conditions like cancer and enhances blood flow, making better muscle contraction and burning more calories efficiently.

Weight loss foods


Choosing the right types of fats should help lose unwanted fat. The monounsaturated fats promote increase in basal metabolic rate, which further results into faster shedding those extra pounds. Nuts are rich in fat value.  Nuts like almonds are also found to be high in its magnesium value that helps in producing muscle tissues and energy levels, which help burn more calories. Eating almonds everyday is certain to assist achieve the goal of weight loss in desired time.

Making simply dietary changes can help achieve the goal of weight loss effortlessly. Including right foods is important to aid weight loss. Nuts, protein rich foods, apples, berries and nuts are great and popular weight loss foods. One can also seek help from a nutritionist / dietician to achieve weight loss goals, as they are able to chart out healthy diet plans that will help lose those extra pounds and yet maintain well being.

Why You Need a Restorative Yoga Practice

We need to face the fact that some yoga poses taste a little sweeter compared to others. If yoga were a smorgasbord, restorative asanas would certainly be the dessert table. These charming and well-supported yoga poses offer us the chance to linger gently for a few moments and enjoy the simple sweetness of life. In a perfect world every yoga asana would feel restorative. But those that fall into the unusual group of restorative poses have a special ability to leave us healthy, nourished and well rested.

restorative yoga practice


These postures are generally deeply supported by blocks, blankets, or other props and are held for quite a few minutes at a time.

Origins of Restorative Yoga:

Current restorative yoga is derived from a yoga style that was made-up by B.K.S. Iyengar, who is generally considered as one of the greatest yoga masters of the planet. Iyengar instructed his practitioners to make use of props to perfect their yoga poses and his knowledge became known as Iyengar Yoga, which given the foundation for the growth of restorative yoga. Later on, one of Iyengar’s practitioners, Judith Lasater, made restorative yoga a well-liked form of yoga around the world.

Benefits of Restorative yoga practice:

Restorative yoga provides remedial for the body and the brains. It is particularly useful when you require to get rid of fatigue and pressure that result from your everyday activities. It can also help you improve from poor health and damage or overcome emotional gloominess and nervousness that are caused by disturbing events such as break up, divorce, loss of job and death of a adored person. It’s been said that restorative yoga can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which allows usual control of the body.

As such, the normal nervous system will be at comfortable state and the muscles will become more stress-free. Regular practice of restorative yoga will make your body less weak to hassle related illnesses and help you to attain optimal health.

Why You Should Have Return Gifts on Birthdays

A gift literally means something which you give someone. On special occasions it has become customary to gift someone. Birthdays are most probably the only occasion which is beyond all barriers of age, gender, place or religion.

return gifts

Speech is the gift that god has given only human beings. Man developed language to express his feelings. But over the years that too became difficult to express the intensity of feelings. Thus Gifts came into being to extend the feelings which were beyond expression.

A birthday gift says it all. The birthday boy/girl is overwhelmed to receive the best of the gifts. But in modern times, a birthday return gift has ushered in. Though, it may not be a compulsion, it definitely became courtesy. If you can just imagine the immense efforts put up by friends and family to make this occasion a memorable one, you will realize that a ‘Thank you’ won’t be enough. So to show our appreciation of their efforts and presence, we give them something in return. This is what a birthday return gift is.

The little children who persuade their parents to allow them to attend a friend’s birthday are surely a keen friend. So as to say him how important he is to us we gift him something. In today’s world, it is not easy to travel due to huge traffic and long distances. In spite of all this, the child made it to be a part of his friend’s happiness should no doubt be appreciated.

Birthday return gifts

We do not have enough words or time to show our gratitude to these kids, so the best way is to say it with a return gift. You might have observed many a time that a child is hesitant of giving away the gift intended to a friend. In such a case your idea of return gifts for the kids will rekindle their joy.

The best part of return gifts is that you show that whatever their gifts to your children may be, you have shown the same kind of love to each one of them. The kids love to exhibit this to everyone as they unexpectedly got a gift. Moreover it shows how important they are to you that you took equal efforts to find a return gift. Gifts make both the giver and the receiver happy. So don’t think why but think how and gift!!

Top 10 Father’s day Gift Ideas

While speaking to my Dad on phone the other day, I realized that it is so much easy to share my feelings with my mom instead of my dad. With Dad, it’s always more normal stuff that I can talk. However, while checking out some of my old photos with my parents out of sheer nostalgia, I realized that Father’s Day is about to arrive! I am gonna get one whole day to spend with my Daddy and to tell him how much I love him.


I have already booked my tickets to meet my Dad but for all of you out there who cannot be physically present with your Dads on the day, I am penning a few gifting ideas that will send out the love message to your dad.

I am personally a huge fan of customized gifts. And while surfing the Internet the other day, I stumbled upon that had the most amazing collection of customized gifts, which I came across. One of those gifts was a poster where you can get your message imprinted. May be ‘To My Daddy: My Hero’ message or ‘To My Superhero: With Love’ message would work.

The other gift that almost tops my list is a vacation. There are hardly a few occasions when my Daddy gets time off his work, and actually gets to go on a holiday. You can book a resort at his favorite destination and may be a sight-seeing tour can also be organized. Trust me; your daddy is going to be so proud of you when he receives his tickets.

Bar accessories are gifts that can double up as utility as well as showcase items. If you dad loves to enjoy his drink, then how about getting him a set of whiskey glasses from the website. Don’t just stop here… If you stay with your Dad or can make it for the day, you can turn a cozy corner of your house into a bar corner. Try getting some dim lights or make one (there are a lot of DIY lights on the Internet) and arrange them in that corner. Your Dad is sure to love this gift!

fathers day 2015

Apart from this, for gadget-freak Dads, instead of getting him the latest gadget, get him accessories that will suit his needs. You can also customize the design of the mobile cover and get his name imprinted on it.

Apart from this, you can get watch, wallet, formal accessories, chic blazers/coats, flowers, and of course gourmet chocolates! I am sure; by know your mind machines would be running in full speed. So, what are you waiting for? Get going guys.

How important is yoga for fitness and toning of muscles

Yoga practicing has gained popularity recently across the globe due to the range of health benefits it has to offer. For those looking to tone muscles and achieve fitness, practicing various yoga styles should prove helpful.

yoga for fitness

Understanding basics

Yoga practicing need not necessarily mean twisting oneself into pretzel shape, as most are found to have this misconception.  Though advanced yoga poses are difficult, they do not call for superhuman flexibility. Yoga practice helps in building overall health, strength and flexibility. Demands of yoga pose practicing automatically leads to increased fitness levels and muscle toning. A good yoga class will further allow modification of yoga poses so as to meet individual yoga and fitness requirements.  This would help keeping away from muscle pulling and overextending.

Athletes are usually found to be practicing yoga for achieving increased fitness levels. Yet another popular misconception about yoga is that it isn’t aerobic activity and involves only standing still poses for prolonged period. There are many approaches to yoga practice, active and some aerobic. Laying focus on a form of yoga type helps increasing muscle toning and strengthening. Yoga practicing also offers some amounts of resistance training, though resistance is provided by the body instead of elastic straps and weights. Toning calls for fat burning, healthy eating and muscle training. Toning is defined as restoration of muscles and decreasing fat simultaneously.


Yoga styles

Hatha yoga is one of the most familiar yoga styles and lays focus on stationary poses and exact form. However, Hath yoga too uses Vinyasas, yoga poses sequence that lead from one pose to another one. You may not sweat at Hatha class, but certain to feel next day.

Ashtanga yoga, popularly power yoga form, is perfect for those concerned with weight loss, muscle building and aerobic activity. Power yoga style too is found to make extensive usage of Vinyasas, so when at a power yoga class you are going to be constantly moving.  Typical power yoga class includes practicing of sequenced yoga poses with sometime spent on each pose, but unlike Hatha yoga class. At a power yoga class, one is certain to work up sweat, tone body, build muscles and increase overall endurance.

Yoga is found to be underrated by many fitness experts who overlook potential for strong aerobic activities and effects of toning and muscle building. Increase in the flexibility levels is valuable for preventing muscle pull and some other body injuries that is otherwise used to traditional exercising regimen like running and jogging. Overall, yoga practice provides with a range of health benefits for anyone seeking to achieve overall good health.

Best Yoga Breathing exercises for All

There are a lot of benefits of yoga. Perhaps one of the most significant benefits of yoga is the peace of mind one gets after performing it. You will get pleasure from leading a happier and more meaningful life and be able to live every moment to the fullest. Yoga is the only form of workout that involves both the mind and the spirit and this helps in the complete happiness of the person. One of the most well known advantage of yoga is that it reduces anxiety and stress.

yoga breathing exercises

The modern world situation with its hectic life and cut-throat rivalry is providing a very fertile ground for the development and spread of Yoga. Health practitioners always questioned the efficiency of Yoga, but now it is being recommended even by doctors for health illness and sickness, as a tension reliever and to complement other health programs. There are several documented cases of yoga relieving or remedial severe illnesses such as Parkinson’s illness, heart disease, multiple sclerosis and respiratory illnesses like asthma, blood pressure, diabetes etc.

Importance of Pranayama:

Pranayama is a method, with which your body can add control over this inhaling of the life force, connecting it and then expelling the ravage. With our altering lifestyles and the increasing occurrence of various everyday life diseases, it is very important that the life force within us be used to the maximum.

Due to the extended periods of time that we spend sitting behind our tables, we have grown  a flawed way of breathing. To inhale large quantities of air, we should inhale from the entire chest and the abdominal area. Sadly, most of us make use of only the upper respiratory area for breathing. Yoga breathing methods offer several benefits in addition to making your body stress free.

breathing exercises

Here’s what yoga Pranayam exercises can do for you:

  • Release stress, either acute or unrelieved, that may have collected due to tiring work or schedule. This not only helps you to get free of pain in your body, but also gives a calm massage to the internal organs like the lungs and the heart.
  • If you suffer from any sickness of the respiratory system, yogic breathing methods can help to overcome shortness of breath.
  • It helps to improve your cardiovascular system and arouse the nervous system.
  • Decrease anxiety and mental tension, helping an individual to gain calm and inner peace.
  • It also helps to detoxify your body, helping to push out toxins from the body, and increasing the number of red blood cells.
  • Improve strength and vitality.

Breathing is a very important part of our lives. But we are not always aware of it. Quite naturally, inhalation is one of our involuntary actions. It is an autonomic body function. Above mentioned information will help you to know the importance of correct breathing method.

Origin of Alphanso Mango


Mango in English

Botanical name: Mangifera indica

Family: Anacardiaceae, belongs to cashew and pistachio family

History About Alphanso Mango:

Farming and domestication of Alphanso mangoes possibly began in the Indian subcontinent, where they have been cultivated for more than 5000 years. Buddhist monks took baby mango plants on voyages to Eastern Asia and Malaya in the 4th and 5th centuries BC. By the 10th century AD, Persian traders had taken mango to the Middle East and East Africa. With the coming of the Portuguese in India in the 14th century, it was soon spread to the Philippines, South America and to West Africa.

origin of alphanso mango

Alphanso Mangoes are now farmed commercially all throughout the tropics and subtropical regions. As the mango seed is too big to get carried away by water or wind, many historians believe that many Persian traders took mango seeds with them to the Middle East region. During the 16th century, the seafaring Portuguese first introduced the alphanso mango to Africa, who then took their juicy cargo to Brazil in the 1600s. The recognition of the mango spread throughout north America.  It reached Mexico in the early 18th century, and finally reached the United States in 1865.

In the early ages of domestication, fruits were most likely to be very small and more fibrous without much flesh or pulp. The Portuguese and Mughals  preferred and cultivated generations of mango plants. Centuries of growth have produced different types of mangos free from both fibers and distasteful flavors. This ultimately led to larger fruits with more flesh that are very common in todays world.

Alphanso mango plant:

Alphanso Mango trees can grow up to 45 m high and are topped with a curved canopy of foliage. They may survive for more than 120 years. During cultivation they are generally grafted onto the roots of baby plants so that they can’t raise very tall. There are hundreds of mango cultivators distributed all over the world, of which India and Asia have around 800 and perhaps even 1000.

Alphanso Mango Leaves :

They are long and rubbery. They have fibres which “sputter” when they are crushed. Its leaves are an excellent remedy for diabetic patient. They also contain a chemical which is known as mangiferin or Indian Yellow and can be used as a dye.

Flowers of Alphanso Mango:

 Flowers of Alphanso Mango are beautifully fragrant.

alphanso mango


The skin of the Alphanso mango may be yellow, green or red. The fruits have a tiny point, known as the beak. It is grown for its edible yellow colored pulp. The seed in it is large and flattened.

Today, more and more customers are discovering the distinctive, mouth-watering flavor and nutritious mango like Alphanso and making it an important part of their shopping lists.

Basic Daily Yoga Workout

No time to work out? This 20 minute routine can be done in house or while walking. Besides building power and improving flexibility, yoga helps you concentrate and relax your mind.

daily yoga workout

Smile while practicing yoga:

 Do Yoga with a sense of happiness. When you exceed a stretch, smile will be the first thing to disappear. If you are not smiling while practicing, that means you are not doing something correct. Either you are stretching your body too much or you are not at ease. Adjust your body to get your stunning smile back. With normal practice, you will find a big development. There is no need to be in a hurry, your yoga mat will remain right there.


Take deep long breaths. Long deep breaths help you to relax and maintain the yoga posture. You can even use the breath to stretch your body further. Rest in the particular yoga asana and feel the stretch.

Value and respect your yoga practices:

Yoga is not just as a workout but you can experience a deeper bond to yourself and to others with usual yoga practice.

Get the Yogic attitude:

Devote yourself completely into the practice. While doing yoga yoga asanas, using definite rhythms of the breath which associates breath and the body. Keeping in mind where the stretch is taking place; this helps to connect your body and mind. Your body, breath, and mind come together in accord during yoga asana. This yogic attitude helps to intensify your yoga practice. 

Observe carefully:

 Which hand do you use most frequently? On which foot do you lean more when you stand? Watch things about your body, particularly do you favor one side more than the other?


Yoga asanas train you for meditation and meditation in turn intensify your yoga practices. Play an Online Guided Meditation cd and follow the instructions carefully to effortlessly slip into meditation.

daily yoga asana

Practice Yoga on the Yoga Mat and Live Yoga off the Yoga Mat:

Can you stretch your hand in a different way? Can you remain firm and breathe through the pain in a tough situation (just as you use the breath to calm down difficult asanas)? Reflect on the 22 hours of life, not just the two hours of yoga practice. That is why yoga is a way of life and not just a workout.

Daily yoga workout is very essential to keep your body fit and strong. Try to devote at least 1 hour everyday to practice yoga with out fail.