What are good birthday Gifts for a Girlfriend

Birthdays are special days indeed, and if you are awaiting one of your girlfriend’s, you gotta be moving real fast! And if you are the non-creative type guy, you must be really sweating it out to find the perfect birthday gift for girlfriend. However, worry not! We are here to rescue you from this real-disastrous situation. Here are a few new age gift ideas for girls…

gift ideas for girls

For your gadget-freak girlfriend, you can get some real chic accessories. How about getting her a car tray that will hold all the necessary items like water bottles, coffee cup, magazines, and even her cellphone charger? This will make sure your car is also safe! Apart from this, the selfie monopod, mobile covers, laptop tables, clip camera lenses, earphones, among other goodies from online portals..

For your interior decorator girlfriend, there can’t be a more special gift than antique and rear artifacts and showpieces. You can think of getting some modern wall clocks that come in various designs and shapes. One can find an awesome collection of antique compass and sand timer on online gifting portal. If your girlfriend’s place houses a small bar, then getting some chic shot glasses, liquor dispensers, and other bar accessories.

For the fashionista girlfriend, you can get gold, diamond, and fashion jewelery sets for her on this special day. Apart from this, you can also get some handbags that will match the dresses in her wardrobe! You can select from a range of handbags, clutches, backpacks, and other party wear purses. Now that you have the purse and the jewelery ready, are we missing out on something? Of course, we are! How about getting her a fancy watch? You can select from the amazing range of watches on the online stores!

birthday gift for girlfriend

Women and chocolates are an indispensible combination! You can get some gourmet chocolates, coffee chocolates, and other amazing flavored chocolates for your girlfriend. You can couple up these chocolates with flower bouquet, accompanied with a sweet message. on online gifting portals, you can get personalized chocolates and ship it your girlfriend’s address! You would be in for a surprise when your girlfriend receives this gift of yours! Enjoy her special day….

How to Get Your Girlfriend a Great Birthday Present

The relationship between a boy and girl friend is too delicate and needs some overhauling time to time. Girl friend’s birthday is a great opportunity to reiterate your love towards her. Scratch your brains for gift ideas for girls and pick something that impresses her.

birthday gift for girlfriend

As a matter of fact, girls love gifts. But when the right kind of gift is given it will add to the value. To begin with, stuff toys will make a great present. You can impress her by equating her tenderness and innocence with these toys. A huge teddy will take her smile from ear to ear.

The other gift that she won’t mind even if she has a number of them is hand bags. Today there are a number of online stores that exhibit lovely patterns with various colors and shades. If you know that she wouldn’t like to carry a hand bag you always have other smaller versions like sling bags or clutches to our rescue.

There is yet another gift that is super saver is apparels. You can try with the tops or jeans or western or Indian wear. Convince that you wish to see her in a particular kind of dress even though it does not suit her taste. Maybe this will encourage trying what you gave her. If your pocket allows to be more generous then get some matching accessories that sure enhance her beauty. These may be watches, hair bands or jewelry.

gift ideas for girls

A Personalized plaque will be a great birthday gift for girlfriend. As this is made with your own design, it gives it that special touch to the gift. Talking about personalized or customized gifts you will find glass blocks, coffee mugs, wall clocks, photo lamps, phone covers and the list is endless. You can simply get everything from a simple photo frame to exotic chocolates or chocolate wrappers customized.

Photos can be used in various ways as gifts. They can be embossed on a coffee mug, bed linen, cushion covers, bed sheets or bath robes any other personal usable ones. Caricatures can tickle the funny bones of your girlfriend but be careful that it won’t go beyond that. Let the caricatures make her feel immortalized rather than made a joke.

gifts for girlfriend

If your girlfriend believes in fengshui, gift her wonderful wind chimes, laughing Buddhas and pyramids or the like. Even otherwise wind chimes, potted plants and wall decors are not a bad idea either. Or simply say it with flowers. But do not forget to tell her how much she means to you.

Top Easy and Inexpensive Wedding Gift Ideas

Two people vow to be together for a life time and this is what we call a wedding. Two souls and two personalities promise to blend into an amalgam called a couple. To bless them and share their happiness, we shower gifts. But of late gifts have become beyond any recognition as they are a plenty and too expensive. A wish never is measured with their value. A gift for marriage should be the one that is usable, presentable and of course not expensive.

gift for marriage

To start with, the couple will need some home appliances. So induction stoves, or induction cook ware, mixer grinders, iron press, water filters and the like can well be gifted as it is not only within budget but also useful. Cutlery sets, crockery sets that may include dinner sets, tea sets and so on, also are a good choice. These will really make them use with a lot of love as allows them to serve people in a stylish manner.

Bed side night lamps and lamp shades can be a good option too. Photo frames of various variations like the single photo ones or multiple collage frames will make it look cool. To add more elegance to it, put in some recent photographs before gifting them for that great feeling. Candle stands and incense stick holders come in a number of shapes and sizes, even with a silver or gold coating that will make it more religious. On the same grounds silver plated diyas, puja plates also be given.

Make a scrap book of the bride and grooms journey of life so far. Collect some pictures from their yesteryears and paste them in an attractive scrap book. Then, add a few lines about them too. If you wish you can add what one says about them. This gift requires less money but more time as it is like stringing of beads one by one. Frame their wedding card along with best wishes from all near and dear. Its most valuable as the blessings and wishes are with them all the time.

wedding gift ideas

If you are good at photography, take the opportunity to shoot their wedding celebrations. This way they are at ease that a close kin is shooting and so no hassles of quick prints. You can even make some photographs ready quickly and surprise them.

Where there is a will there is a way should be the norm. You can invest all your tailoring or knitting skills and present hand made products which are loaded with love and what it is called in recent times, customized.

DIY Gifts for Guys

Confused over his birthday gift? Or are you going on the proposal date with him and wanna be sure to have the right gifts for him? Whatever may be the situation that you are stuck in, the bottleneck is finding gift ideas for men! Over the years of giving and taking gifts, there’s one thing that I have realized! The best gifts that anyone can receive are the one that you make for that special person. We have put forth a list of DIY gifts for boys that can, well, get the man going for you…

gifts for boys

One of the most common habits of guys is the misplacement of remotes! Admit it guys, it is difficult to find that TV remote when you were the ones to last use it… How about making him a Remote Caddy which will assist him in getting the essentials whenever he is basking in the luxury of the couch! You just need a fabric cut in various sizes so that pockets of sufficient depth can be stitched. Then, you need a longer fabric (a thicker one) that will hold these pocket fabrics. Just stitch all the pieces together, and voila you have the remote caddy ready!

This one’s from the tried and tested zone! Your just need to safely keep an empty bottle of his favorite whiskey, like the Jack Daniels, and clean dry it. Now, you can pour vegetable oil in the bottle and have a dispenser on the top, to ease the usage of oil. If you already have a container for the vegetable oil, then you can use it as a soap dispenser. He will love to find out that you have recycled his favorite bottle!

gift ideas for men

Personalized ties are the other option available. You can order them online from the portals or visit the nearby store to get the right print on the tie. You can go one step ahead and get him a personalized tie clip as well. Don’t forget to capture the moments when he flaunts this tie to his friends!

Memories should be treasured and what is the better way to do so, than getting pics framed in a poster? You can collect pics of your partner and you, and post on online portals. They have an awesome collection of posters, from which you can choose the one that suits your liking! You simply need to upload the pics and choose the template, and your gift will be delivered to your doorstep!

Gifts that have a hint of personalization can work wonders to your relationship. Go ahead and let the creative juices flow… Who knows, you might come up with some awesome DIY gift ideas? All the best…

Yoga Food for Yogic Diet

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual practice is a huge 6000+ years old exercise technique. As this is a complete package for overall wellness of human kind, 21st June has been proposed as World Yoga Day. Pantanjali researched extensively about these age old traditions to compile a book named after him as Patanjali shastras. The goal of Yoga is “resting in one’s own identity”. It is believed that Yoga is a union with one’s own identity after putting to rest all the movements in the mind.

Yoga Food

international yoga day

It is famously said that ‘you are what you eat’. But is your brain asking the right kind of food is also the point. Food should be enhancing one’s health and boost physical and mental health. In this context, Yoga suggests the best foods. This includes fresh, simple and nutritious food.

A diet with fruits, nuts, vegetables, grains, legumes and Dairy products (other than eggs) in a balanced combination is the ideal Yogic diet. The three roots such as garlic, onion and ginger are the basic essentials of the recipes. Grains such as millets, barley and brown rice should be used more than the refined form of these in pastas and white bread. Milk another everyday ingredient should also be used rightly. Cow milk is the best of all but soya milk of good quality or goat milk also can be consumed. Only the fresh milk will go well with fruits but otherwise it is best not to combine milk and fruits especially banana.

restorative yoga practice

Of late people started craving for refined sugars more. These sweeteners lack in the vitamins and minerals beneficial for digesting sugar. One can replace with maple syrup, jaggery, date syrup and the like. Again Honey is not recommended for foods which require heating.

Rock salt should be used instead of the packaged salt as this does not in any way increase the blood pressure. It is believed that it kept the pH levels of the body of the Yogis and kept them calm. Another wonder spice is hing. This spice keeps the body away from the growth of microbes within the body.

yoga poses

There are a number of recipes which can never be thought of to be cooked without excess oil or ghee or sugar. But yogic gourmet foods including beverages like coffee and tea also can be found. In fact gourmet coffee are available in wide variety of flavors too.

Live long the yoga life as living healthy is better than living long.

10 Perfect Personalized Gifts to Give This Year

Love needs no expression is not a norm anymore. We need gifts to show the volume of our affection. Moreover it feels good to shop and give or receive gifts. In today’s world we have a magic wand to create and present a gift. Customized gifts are the most popular of late. Why not? As it gives us the choice to include or exclude our preferences. Personalized gifts online are just so easy that you only need to know to whom and for what occasion we require.

personalised gifts online

The normal items like a coffee mug, wall clock, diary and wallet can now be made special and make the receiver feel so special. All these can be customized or personalized. A name or a photograph can be imprinted on them and gifted. Not only these but there are many such ones.

A collage of photographs or a single photograph can be embossed as a Notepad, Laptop, Mobile skins. Or alternatively you can include a sweet message along with the name can be used. For men these can be apt as they may regard them as their best possessions.

For those homemakers furnishings can be customized. The bed linen, bed covers, pillow covers, curtains and cushions if personalized, they find themselves or you filled in the house. Everything representing your love for them.

Caricatures have also made way into personalized gifts today. These caricatures of your loved ones can adorn the wall right in the sitting room. If sometimes they are gloomy this will also tickle their funny bones.

If you can be a bit more innovative collect the recipient’s foot prints or hand prints. Now add your own and mould it and add a monogram to it. Furthermore you can get these personalized by embossing your pictures. How touchy will one feel when you see your own prints! If it has been a long association and had ever got to exchange letters, use them to be framed up in an attractive frame and tell them that you still preserve those days.

customized gifts

Paper weights, key holders, key chains also can bear your name or photo which keeps you close to them where ever they go. Jewelry and if customized will go very well with the women. Have a pendant in her name, or some words that describe her. This will reflect the gleam of the jewelry.

You only need to choose the item that you wish to present and then just get it personalized or customized but don’t forget to tell them you let them.

Father’s Day Gifts From Daughter

If mother is heart, father is head. This is a popular norm as fathers are considered to be more practical and less emotional. But this relationship of Father-Daughter is more emotional and less practical. It’s nice to make your dad feel great on the special day, Father’s day only to make him know how much you love him in spite of the trifle differences. So let’s explore Father’s day gift ideas.

Father's day gift ideas

All fathers are not of the same kind though the manly attitude remains the same. So they won’t easily get impressed, put on your thinking caps to procure the best of bests. In this line, online gifts and gift ideas will help the most. There are number of things varying from neck ties, wallets, pen stands, watches and pen sets are a few.

Dads usually are the intellectual lot and books of their favorite authors or themes can be given a thought. What more you have kindle paper and tablets with books loaded in them. So make him carry his books wherever he goes. Personal use gadgets like shaving sets, car decors ( as they love automobiles), cameras also make good gifts.

This is the age of personalized items so make the utmost use of them. Personalized coffee mugs, laptop and mobile skins, T shirts, car or home cushions, diaries and calendars are quite a good choice. It is your pick; any one of these or a combo of these.

Photographs are of course used in personalized gifts but otherwise photos can be presented in different ways also. Multiple photo frames, collage photo frames are available in various shapes and sizes, also with lovely words engraved on them. Procure the best and fix photographs from yesteryears and gift it. These frames enable us to change the photographs according to our moods. Even a digital photo frame with all the lovely, memorable moments spent with him in child hood be brought back to his memory.

Music lovers should be gifted with the best of the albums or just record a few for him and add your own feelings about the song. Have a commentary between the songs to tell him that you have learnt to appreciate a particular song only because of him.

Flowers and chocolates (though they are not so keen) can say volumes what words can’t. So go to the best online flower store and order for those lilies or tulips or any other that suits his taste.

If you are out of all ideas, best go visit him and give him a big hug which he always wanted but was hesitant.

DIY Gift Ideas Online for Fathers Day

Our daddy dearest doesn’t miss to celebrate our important days like birthday, anniversary, graduation day, and other key events; but when it comes to arrange for a similar celebration for him, we hardly get to figure things out, isn’t it? Well, this time around you don’t have any such excuse, as we bring to you, some of the easiest handmade gift ideas for your daddy.

fathers day 2015

Well, the essence of giving a DIY gift is just unmatched for! You can look buy gifts online in India and ship them to your Daddy (even if stays in a foreign place). However, if your Dad resides in the same country, even better if her is the same city, you can get online gift ideas and prepare something yourself and gift it to him!

Photo Bookmark is an awesome gift idea, if you are able to collect old photos. It’s simple! All you need to do is get a broad ribbon or card sheet. Then, cut this ribbon or card sheet at least 3 inches longer than the height of the book. You can either sew the photo (if using the ribbon) or paste it (card sheet) and write a sweet little message to your dad!

If you manage to find one of those old gramophone record, you have an amazing idea in your hands. Use the old clock’s base and stick it to the center of the record. You can use some Velcro on the other side to ensure your Dad can put this clock up in his study! If the record belongs to his favorite band’s album, you have hit the bull’s eye.

Another of these simple DIY gifts is the Pop set. Make a list of the food items (nuts, chocolates, cookies, etc.) that your Dad loves to munch on! Now, get few of these items and pour them in the old bottles. Get printouts of special messages and paste them on top of these bottles. Get an old carton box or paper bag and place these bottles inside it. You can also write few lovely messages on the box!

If you are not very great with craft ideas (just like me J) then may be this will be your most loved idea from the lot. Get a plain coffee mug, preferably white, and wash and dry it clean. Get some oil paint/porcelain gel, pencil, and stencil if you are not very good at drawing. Now draw a mustache on the cup with pencil (use stencil if you have to) and then fill it with the gel/paint. Let the cup dry for some time and then write a message on it using the same paint. Your Dad will love the cup while drinking his favorite coffee.

However, if you are really busy with other stuff and cannot find time to do these DIY gifts, then fret not! You can buy gifts online and ship it to your Dad’s address, and surprise him!

Morning Yoga Workout to Start Your Day

There are several benefits of practicing yoga early in the morning. The physical advantage of practicing yoga in the morning should consist of stretching the muscles, development of the body, improving blood circulation and stimulating the mind.

morning yoga workout

The benefits of yoga are not all physical:

Making out time for even a small period of time yoga practice in the morning helps you to start your day centered and contented in the present moment. Even on mornings when peace may feel miles  away a little yoga in the morning can help to improve your attitude.

Early morning yoga improves your sleep:

Once you start exercising in the morning a habit develops, your body becomes used to to get up at the same time every day. In addition, it will start to get you ready to wake up on the exact time, which means that you will be awake feeling fully energized and attentive. The more you do it, the more improved the feeling becomes. As you control your circadian sleep cycles, the feeling of uncertainty upon arousal from sleep due to outrageously changing sleep times will disappear.

You can eat more that day:

Yoga helps to improve your metabolic rate, which means that you can eat as much as you can and burn calories faster. When you perform yoga early in the morning you improve your immunity and digestion and food will burn up at a faster rate and more nutrients will reach through your body. When you have sufficient nutrients moving through proficiently, then your body metabolizes calories and carbs faster and your insides will be going at tip-top speed.

You will be at peace all day long:

Performing yoga early in the morning will set your mood for your whole day. It will calm you before you have to step out into the anarchy of life. You will be ready for any circumstances that comes your way. For example traffic jam – No worries, you did yoga. Every early-morning class will tell you to set an intention to perform kindness, empathy and love. Others can feel that and the world will start to reveal that peace back at you.

Early-morning yoga helps to make a healthy, consistent workout routine:

Research has shown that 80% of those who work out regularly  are morning exercisers. Something about having a recognized morning routine encourages individuals to stick with it. The odds are in your favor of making responsible exercise habits if you should pick to get your exercise on early.

Morning is considered to be the best time to practice yoga. It’s the time when you get ultimate peace. Its been suggested to practice yoga in the early morning to stay fit and strong through out the day.

Tips to Prepare for Hot Yoga

If you seriously think of practicing hot yoga, it makes a lot of sense. All exercise programs concentrate on warming up before any vigorous activity, but practicing Yoga in a warm temperature, where the warmth is a lot like your body’s own heat helps accelerate the benefits in a lot of the areas of your Yoga practice.

hot yoga

Ashtanga, Bikram and Vinyasa classes are, usually, practiced in a warm temperature room, usually maintained at a temperature of 95-110 degrees. As you can very well visualize, if you are put through an energetic Yoga session at this heat, you will sweat copiously. Despite of the problem and itchiness, helps to get rid of your body of toxins elements and by making your body very hot, it also makes it supple.

Sweat like a pig:

Try not to wipe up your sweat. Your body will have to work harder to generate more sweat to calm you down and you’ll feel hotter. You just dab around your face if it’s saturated into your eyes.

Hydrate yourself:

Drink lots of water before your session and the day of. It’s too late to drink 20 minutes before class.

Don’t eat three hours before class:

It takes time for food to absorb into your body and if you are full, you are going to feel like you want to throw up. Go on an empty stomach.

Wear as little as possible:

No one in the room has an ideal body and everybody will be too alert on themselves to gaze at what you wear as imperfections on your body. If you aren’t happy in shorts, wear shorts and a tank top. Avoid wearing cotton attire.

Be quiet:

Once you walk in the yoga class, do not talk until you leave it at the end of session and particularly do not speak at the end, even after the trainer has ended the session. Don’t speak, even murmur, until you have left the room. Many people stay in savasana asana for extra time at the end of session and your gushing over how hot or  how wonderful session was, is very disturbing to those trying to mediate.

Watch yourself:

Ensure you can see yourself in the mirror and don’t block your friends, view of themselves in the mirror. Even if you’re practicing at the back row, it’s very significant to be able to see physically in the mirror, both to help with balance and to get the spiritual, mental and emotional element of class.

Hot yoga is best if you wish to lose weight without any side effects. Above given information will help you to get an idea about what hot yoga is all about.