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Guru Poonima Gift Ideas

I remember my school and the teachers a lot. They are in my mind and soul. Guru purnima is just round the corner. I am so excited that I will meet my teacher after a long time. How much she might have changed? Will she remember me? Recognize me? What all apprehensions are drifting through

{*Online*} Send Personalized Rakhi Gifts to India Free

You have always missed the Raksha Bandhan celebrations that used to take place back home when you were in India. Even today, you always crave to travel to India during the festive season but we don’t always get everything that we want. Isn’t it? Your sister, however, never forgets to send you Rakhi. But, you

What Could be the Best Rakhi Gift for Your Sister?

Rakhi, this year falls on the 29th of August. Rakhi also known as Raksha Bandhan is the favorite festival of all brothers and sisters, whether they are young or old. On this occasion, sisters across the country tie Rakhi or the pious thread to their brothers, apply ‘Tilak’, offer‘Aarti’ and sweets while praying for their

Best Yoga Poses For Scoliosis

There are six main areas of the body to concentrate while practicing the Yoga poses for scoliosis. These areas are very significant in creating suitable alignment, decreasing ache and reducing further curvature of the spine. Feet and Legs Abdominal Muscles Psoas Spine Scapula Breath awareness Lets discuss few important yoga poses for Scoliosis: Triangle Pose:

Top 10 Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the Shravana Purnima of the Hindu calendar and generally falls in the month of August every year. This festival is celebrated by the brothers and sisters across the country. There has been a long tradition of sisters tying ‘Rakhi’ or ‘Raksha Bandhan’ on their brother’s wrist and praying for their

What Are You Gifting Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a special day in the life of any sister that she would like to celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. The mood is set in days before the auspicious day. She goes in search of a very special rakhi. Rakhi, in fact, says it all. The rakhi is selected meticulously keeping

Raksha Bandhan Wallpapers


What to gift your beloved sisters this Raksha bandhan?

Since childhood, you and your sister wait impatiently for Raksha bandhan, every year. And, why not, this festival symbolizes the strength of the pious bond between brothers and sisters. So, have you decided what are you gifting your darling sister this Raksha bandhan? I am sure she had already made her plans, what to wear,

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Love, Joy & Gifts

Come August and all of us are geared for celebrating Raksha Bandhan as it is one such festival that symbolizes the strong bond between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan falls on 29th August, this year. Sisters tie the pious thread called Raksha Bandhan or ‘Rakhi’ on their brother’s wrist, make ‘Rangoli’, put ‘tilak’, offer ‘Aarti’

Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother

The full moon day in the month of August brings in the favorite festival of Raksha Bandhan. The day is auspicious to brothers and sisters as they come together yet again to reiterate their love towards each other. Sisters visit their brothers to tie rakhi on their wrists. Raksha Bandhan literally means protecting thread or