Guru Poonima Gift Ideas

I remember my school and the teachers a lot. They are in my mind and soul. Guru purnima is just round the corner. I am so excited that I will meet my teacher after a long time. How much she might have changed? Will she remember me? Recognize me? What all apprehensions are drifting through my mind!

guru pornima gift ideas

I already have jotted down what I would do on the Guru Poornima day. I will visit my teachers who ever are accessible in person and those who are far away, I will send some gifts to show my gratitude. I will search for some Guru Purnima Gifts exclusive for the occasion. What should be apt is the question.

I used to see my teachers carry a lot of things sometimes in small bags and a cloth bag for books. May be good bags with a lot of space in it can be gifted. Now a days we get a number of varieties with a lot of variation in texture too. Watches are another choice that can be considered. I remember this teacher who used to match her watch straps with the sari she would wear. I should try a watch that has straps that can be replaced. I appreciated the interest she had in perfect dressing.

My dearest of all was Science teacher. Whenever we were taken for picnics, she would definitely take a snap with me. I do have quite some pictures of her. I shall make use of them and make personalized mugs, or wall decors. She will be thrilled to see herself in the olden times. I will browse through personalized gifts for more options and ideas.

There are some standard Gifts for the teachers. There need not be any guesses as the answer is obvious, Pens and stationary items. This is one gift that can never fade off as far as the teacher is in service. I have also found many a time that they don’t find them when they need the most and they have to borrow from the students. So it will be sensible if stationary items along with some pens are gifted.

To my knowledge, teachers never expect any materialistic things from their students. They rather advice us not to spend money unnecessarily. Nevertheless, it is the time to show our gratitude and so our love in some form should be presented. The last best option would be some flowers. I think a hearty greeting said with flowers also will impart the same feeling. Whatever be the gift, our hearts only say, Happy Guru Poornima Day teacher!

{*Online*} Send Personalized Rakhi Gifts to India Free

You have always missed the Raksha Bandhan celebrations that used to take place back home when you were in India. Even today, you always crave to travel to India during the festive season but we don’t always get everything that we want. Isn’t it? Your sister, however, never forgets to send you Rakhi. But, you are unable to send her gifts as you think sending gifts to India is a herculean task and requires a hell lot of efforts and money. Well, you are wrong. Times have changed.

personalized gifts

With the advent of online gift portals, sending gifts and presents to India is not at all a difficult and costly affair. there are many online gift portal that offers a range of Rakhi gifts for both brothers and sisters. These gifts include classy handbags, trendy sling bags, apparels, wrist watches, fashion jewelries, sunglasses, party games, quirky gifts, gadgets and accessories etc.

Personalized Raksha Bandhan gifts are yet another genre of gifts that will bring smile on your sister’s face back home in India. These include customized mugs and posters, chocolates and voice greeting cards. You can emboss a memorable childhood pic on a mug or print it on a poster with a personal message and send it to your sister. She is going to love you more with every sip of coffee or whenever she enters her room and spots the poster that you sent as a Rakhi gift.

rakhi gifts for brother

Similarly, you can emboss your personal message or wish on chocolates and give them a personal touch. She has always quarreled with you over chocolates and her share in them. This Raksha Bandhan, gift her chocolates and see her lips go widen over Skype.

Voice greeting card is a revolutionary gift option where you can record your own voice and send it across to India. Unbelievable, right? Don’t worry, you are not required to visit stationery or gift shops to order these voice greeting cards.This works as any other normal online greeting card. Yes, you can order this marvelous voice greeting card while sitting from your home. All you need to this is to record a personal message or wish in your own voice and send it to your sister in India. You can even sing a song and record that too in your own voice or simply record a Raksha Bandhan wish. Your sister, upon receiving this beautiful card will surely become nostalgic and thank you for giving a personal touch to gifts sent from miles away.

raksha bandhan customized gifts

No matter, you live in India or abroad, this year you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan, the way you have celebrated in during good old childhood days. Thanks to the arrival of online gift portals.

Wish all the brothers and sisters around the world a very happy and prosperous Raksha Bandhan.

What Could be the Best Rakhi Gift for Your Sister?

Rakhi, this year falls on the 29th of August. Rakhi also known as Raksha Bandhan is the favorite festival of all brothers and sisters, whether they are young or old. On this occasion, sisters across the country tie Rakhi or the pious thread to their brothers, apply ‘Tilak’, offer‘Aarti’ and sweets while praying for their success and long lives. Brothers, in return gift their loving sisters lovely presents and promise to protect them.

With August knocking hard on the calendar, have you decided what will be the best Rakhi gift for your sister this year? Nowadays, it has become so easy to decide gifts for your loved ones with the advent online gift portals. Not only shopping but gifting too has become online these days. Many online portal that offers a range of gift products to suit your individual and specific choices. Try out searching Rakhi gifts for sister online, this year.

List of Best  Rakhi Gift for Your Sister

best rakhi gift for sister

There are a number of Raksha Bandhan gifts for sister that are available online. These include classy handbags, trendy sling bags, apparels, wrist watches, fashion jewelries, sunglasses, party games, quirky gifts, gadgets and accessories etc. However, there is another category of gifts that can make your sister the happiest person this Rakhi. Online gift portal offers a series of personalized gift options which include customized mugs, posters and voice greeting cards.

You can customize a coffee mug with a naughty picture from your childhood and make your sister relive the best days of life once again. Poster is yet another option where you can emboss a picture of your choice and present it to your sister as a Rakhi gift. You can also try out sending voice greeting card to your sister living miles away from you. A voice greeting card is a perfect way to tell your sister how much you love her. You can actually record your wish in your own voice and send it to your sister whom you can’t visit this year on Raksha Bandhan. You can record the funniest dialogue, from your childhood. You can also record your favorite song, both of you used to sing during childhood days in your own voice and I am sure your sister will receive this gift with tears of happiness in her eyes.

rakhi gifts for sister online

So, what are you thinking now? It’s time to order a lovely gift for your darling sister. A personalized gift, be it a voice greeting card, a mug or a poster will be the best Rakhi gift for your sister.

Best Yoga Poses For Scoliosis

There are six main areas of the body to concentrate while practicing the Yoga poses for scoliosis. These areas are very significant in creating suitable alignment, decreasing ache and reducing further curvature of the spine.

  • Feet and Legs

  • Abdominal Muscles

  • Psoas

  • Spine

  • Scapula

  • Breath awareness

Lets discuss few important yoga poses for Scoliosis:

Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose:

Triangle pose incorporates moderate spinal twisting, which helps neutralize the rotation in your rib cage and spine which is caused by scoliosis. Stand with your legs wider than the butt distance apart, with your right toes opposite forward and your left toes angled slightly inner. Reach your arms up parallel to the ground and then push your left butt back as you slowly twist from your right hip. Keep your back straight so you don’t crumple over your right rib cage. Lengthen your right arm down until it rests on your shin and slowly lift your left arm up toward the top. Stack your shoulders one over the other with your arms. Hold for seven to eight full breaths, and then slowly return to upright.

Extended Puppy Pose

Extended Puppy Pose:

Extended Puppy pose is a substitute to Downward-Facing Dog yoga Pose that stretches your back muscles and is useful if your hamstrings are too stiff to properly support yourself in Downward-Facing Dog pose. From a hand as well as knees position, walk slowly with your hands out in front of you as you lift your hips toward the ceiling. Expand your arms so your elbows, wrists and forearms come off the floor at the same time as your palms press down. Let your chest go down down to the floor, with a slight bend in your back and gently rest your forehead on the floor. Continue to press your back with your hips and forward with your hands to make best use of the stretch.

Locust Pose yoga practice

Locust Pose:

Locust pose helps to strengthen your back muscles adjoining your vertebrae and may stop scoliosis from worsening, as told by Iyengar yoga trainer Elise Miller. Lie on your stomach with your leg joint and your arms should be by your sides and rest your palms down. Keeping your neck in a nonaligned position, stretch your legs towards back and lift them off the ground as you raise your upper body and arms at the same time. Continue to raise up as high as you can while holding this yoga pose for seven full breaths. Slowly lower back down to the ground and rest.

Scoliosis is very common now a days and many people are suffering from from this problem. By practicing yoga poses for Scoliosis you can get rid of this problem very soon.

Special Eid Gifts for Mom and Wife

It’s that time of the year when people are busy buying goodies for themselves and their loved ones! It’s Eid time… While I was out for some personal work, I bumped into my friend who was sweating it out while trying to find an Eid gifts for his wife. Being newly married, and this being their first Eid together, he wanted to get the best gift for her and of course his mom. And being a loyal friend that I am, I decided to take the onus on myself to help him in this quest!

unique eid gifts online

With the online shopping trend catching up, instinctively my first choice was to look out for Eid gifts online. So we checked a few websites on the same and stumbled upon, where I found the unique eid gifts online. One of the gifting options that caught my attention was the fashion jewelry sets. Right from stunning diamond, gold and silver pieces, the amazing new-age rings, bracelets and other pieces mesmerized me.

After quickly ordering two sets from the jewelry section, we started to look out other options. Luckily, you can woo a woman of any age with a chic handbag. So that was our next target! We shortlisted a few clutches, handbags, and sling bags for both the ladies. Once we were exhausted looking at the various options, we finalized a clutch and a handbag for the ladies.

eid gifts online

As the festival of Eid is marked with lavish food items, we decided to check out the confectionaries and gourmet items. We found a whole range of gourmet chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, and cookies. Apart from this, we also found a whole new range of coffee products and imported chocolates.

As personalized gifts are the latest in-thing, we decided to get customized gifts for both the ladies. Trust me, though getting a personalized gift can be a tiresome task, it is worth the efforts. We headed straight to the old albums section that my friend owned, and picked out two best photos from it – one with his mom, and the other with his wife. Then, we uploaded these images along with a message on the website. Then, we chose the design of the card that we wanted to buy, and voila, we had an amazing customized gift in our hand.



Thanks to the era of online shopping, I was able to help my friend without physically looking for gifts in stores. And luckily, we found amazing Eid 2015 gifts for both the beautiful women. Once we had all the gifts delivered at his residence, we decided to add the icing on the cake by getting some fresh flowers. So, by the Eid day, we had a bagful of goodies for both the ladies along with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Now that’s what we call, a great Eid celebration, don’t we?

Top 10 Rakhi Gifts for Brother

Raksha Bandhan is celebrated on the Shravana Purnima of the Hindu calendar and generally falls in the month of August every year. This festival is celebrated by the brothers and sisters across the country. There has been a long tradition of sisters tying ‘Rakhi’ or ‘Raksha Bandhan’ on their brother’s wrist and praying for their long life and prosperity. Brothers, in return promise to be with their sisters in their ups and downs and present lovely gifts to them. However, with the passage of time, this tradition has changed a little bit. Now, even sisters are very keen to present lovely gifts to their brothers on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.OnlineRakhiGiftsForBrotherSo, with the festival of Raksha Bandhan round the corner, have you decided what are going to present your brother? Worry not, if you haven’t yet started thinking about it. online gift portals has come up to your rescue this year with a wide range of unique online rakhi gifts for brothers. No need to roam around those old gift shops and repeat the same types of gift options every year when you have so many options available online. And that too, without paying heavy on your pockets!

You must try personalized gifts this year that include customized mugs and posters with personal photographs being embossed on them. Voice greeting card is yet another revolutionary gift item where you can record a beautiful message in your voice and sent it miles away to your brother. It is an excellent way to send emotions to your brother. Don’t you think so?

Gadgets and accessories (earphones, speakers, mobile cases etc.) are perfect gifts for your technology freak brother. You are aware for his obsession towards games and parties. How about gifting him a set of party or game accessories this Raksha Bandhan? He will go crazy on receiving them, won’t he? Try out.


Books never go out of fashion. And if your brother loves reading, there will be no substitute to this. And, books will never be a burden to your pocket as well. Search online for a bestseller or a book, he has always craved to own and make him love you more this Raksha Bandhan.

While selecting rakhi gifts for your brother, you should always keep in mind, his peculiar and unique choice and likings and decide on a gift accordingly. Chocolate is something that has always connected you with your loving brother. Remember, how you learnt the art of sharing by dividing the chocolates equally between your brother and yourself. You can always gift him chocolates and flowers. Trust me; no other gift can beat the sweetness of chocolates.

Wrist watch is yet another good choice as a Rakhi gift. Order a trendy watch and see his cutest smile ever. You can also look out for wide range of deodorants and perfumes available online and make your choice.

Apart from this, flowers can be of great help in expressing your love to your brother. You can look out for the latest fashion apparels, shoes, and trendy bags as a perfect gifting option for your brother. What are you guys waiting for? Go ahead and grab the latest gifting options online!

What Are You Gifting Your Brother This Raksha Bandhan?

Raksha Bandhan is a special day in the life of any sister that she would like to celebrate it with a lot of enthusiasm. The mood is set in days before the auspicious day. She goes in search of a very special rakhi. Rakhi, in fact, says it all. The rakhi is selected meticulously keeping every aspect of brother including his personality.

Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother

So, what are you gifting your brother this time? Well, it’s never too late in the era of online shopping. There are a large number of options available online. Now, you don’t need to spend hours and days in searching gifts for your beloved brother or sister. Technology has its own advantages! Right?

If you feel that your brother is a kind of a workaholic, then choose from wide variety of office bags. You can also gift some accessories to lie on the table; a table clock, a pen stand, a paper weight or even photo frame. The best thing about gifts today is that they can be customized or personalized.

If you wish your brother to be healthy then get something like a yoga mat, juice mug, dumbbells, or a complete gym kit. You will see him to be a muscular, handsome hulk with the encouragement you have shown in the form of a gift. Who will not like their brother to be the most desired? To add to his looks, you can think of Shirts and T-shirts or jackets and sweatshirts. Raksha Bandhan gifts will give a complete makeover to your loving brother.

Today’s world is of personalized and customized gifts. This gives a lot of scope to the sisters to express their love to their brothers. In this pipeline, one can customize personal wear like shirts or jackets, even bed linen, blankets, cushion covers, car seat covers, more so wallets and mobile skins.

rakhi gifts for brother

It’s quite tedious to pick gifts for brothers, as they feel gifts are for girls. If this is what your brother thinks too, no hazels as there are other options too. Gift a holiday for that brother who relentlessly works day in and day out. He needs this relaxation and rejuvenation. On the contrary, you even can invite his friends to join him. Book for a dinner, to go into the nostalgic days of childhood, with the most lovable person.

How about embossing the funniest picture of your childhood on a mug or poster? Think about it. A trendy wrist watch is another good choice for your naughty brother. You are well aware how he always craves for brand new watches! And, if your brother loves reading, books are the perfect genre of gifts for him. Order a recent bestseller of his favorite author and watch how it brings a smile on your loving brother’s face.

There are n-number of options like perfume bottles, body sprays, shaving kits and personal grooming kits. If all these seem trivial then buy a lovely card that has all those feelings you want him to know. Gift a tin of chocolates and a bunch of flowers to say that Brother, you are the most important person in my life.

What to gift your beloved sisters this Raksha bandhan?

Since childhood, you and your sister wait impatiently for Raksha bandhan, every year. And, why not, this festival symbolizes the strength of the pious bond between brothers and sisters. So, have you decided what are you gifting your darling sister this Raksha bandhan? I am sure she had already made her plans, what to wear, which Rangoli design she is going to make, which sweets to order and what gifts to demand. Right? How about surprising her with something unique yet trendy this year. And, you don’t need to roam around the market to buy Raksha bandhan gifts for her as everything is available online these days. Just search – rakhi gifts for sister and you will be amazed at the options available online.

buy Raksha bandhan gifts

Do you remember your sister’s fascination towards your mum’s handbag? How in childhood she used to pretend like your mum and carry the handbag on her tiny shoulders. To add to your surprise, handbags still attract her. Gift her a trendy handbag this Raksha bandhan and see her eyes sparkle with happiness.

Dazzling fashion accessories are again a great option. Even a floral scarf or stole or a funky hairband can surprise your fun loving sister. There are numerous varieties of fashion accessories available online which you can order from the comfort of your home or office. Easy! Isn’t it?

Be your sister or girlfriend, every girl is in love with fancy jewelry. If your pocket is not allowing you to buy gold or diamond, you always have the option of buying imitation jewelry for your loving sister. She will love this genre of gifting, trust me. It’s a sister’s heart, after all. Gift her something matching to her favorite dress and watch her cheeks go red with happiness.

How about gifting her a trendy or funky wrist watch this Raksha bandhan. Watches never go out of fashion and girls love creating their collection. Same goes with perfumes as well. You can also gift her a nice dress this year.

And if your sister loves reading, gift her a treasure trove of knowledge. Books are her best friend, for sure. They also have a plus point, you can read them as well once she has completed it. You can also gift her an iPod or iPad or a brand new phone depending on her need and your pocket. Boys are no longer the only gadget freak!

rakhi gifts for sister

This Raksha bandhan, add some emotions to the celebration. Try out the concept of personalized gifts. You can gift her a customized mug or a poster, and she will thank you with happy tears in her eyes. Whatever you have decided to gift her, complement it with a bunch of chocolates as Raksha bandhan and chocolates have become inseparable these days. Haven’t you watched those TV commercials?

Celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Love, Joy & Gifts

Come August and all of us are geared for celebrating Raksha Bandhan as it is one such festival that symbolizes the strong bond between brothers and sisters. Raksha Bandhan falls on 29th August, this year. Sisters tie the pious thread called Raksha Bandhan or ‘Rakhi’ on their brother’s wrist, make ‘Rangoli’, put ‘tilak’, offer ‘Aarti’ and sweets. Brothers in return present gifts to their sisters and make a vow of protecting them and be with them in their ups and downs.

raksha bandhan gift ideas

However, owing to a number of options present in the market, deciding what to gift your sibling or cousin is not an easy task. Now, even sisters like to present gifts to their loving brothers on this auspicious occasion. Online shopping is a great relief as you have a variety of options to pick from. Let’s check out some unique gifts for Raksha Bandhan.

Personalized gifts are in fashion these days.  Surprise your brother or sister with a personalized photo mug with his/her photo on it. You can also gift him/her a personalized poster with the naughtiest picture of your childhood embossed on it. Chocolates as a ‘Rakhi’ gift are considered to be a must. Check out the various options available online. Chocolate always brings a smile on face. Isn’t it?

Watches are the perfect gift for sisters. Colorful, funky watches are in trend these days. She is going to love this, I swear.  How about gifting her pair of fashion jewelry? She will love those trendy earrings and bracelets. This Raksha Bandhan, make her feel special by these trendy ornaments. While ordering, keep in mind the color of her favorite dress and gift her matching accessories. Trust me; nothing will make her happier than these tiny fashion accessories.

Deciding a gift for your tech savvy brother is not at all a pain as it becomes very easy to pick from the various options of iPods, iPads and mobile phones available on the internet. All you need to do is to pick an item according to his necessity and your pocket. Handbag is again a good choice of gift for your darling sister. There is a variety of bags available online from sling bags to shoulder bags.

unique gifts for raksha bandhan

Books never go out of fashion. This ‘Rakhi’, gift some knowledge to your brother or sister. There may be some good new release or a book; he/she has always craved to read.  Apparels can be a good Raksha Bandhan gift idea as well. A funky Tee or a lovely dress can add a smile on your sister’s face. Similarly, a trendy Polo T- shirt or a pair of capris can make you your brother’s favorite.