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Diwali gifts for corporate friends

Well hello friends, As we all our rushing into preparations for the festival of lights and firecrackers that is Diwali, let’s put on our thinking caps and add a few more important people on the gifting list. This Diwali, along with our friends and relatives lets buy some more gifts for our colleagues and bosses and make them happier, as they are an important part of our lives. A good work environment surely reflects greatly on our lives.
So here is a quick list for Diwali Gifts For Corporate friends.


{* Happy } Diwali Whatsapp Status 2016

Lets fill our home with prayers and lights not with fumes and crackers – Happy Diwali

Rejoice on this blessed occasion by spreading joy with your friends and loved ones.

Diwali night is full of lights,Crackers may your life be filled with colors and lights of happiness.

On this precious moment of deepavali I wish you very happy diwali and I pray that you will get all your endeavors fulfilled as well as you get lots of gifts and sweets on this diwali.

आई आई दिवाली आई, साथ माँ कितनी खुशियाँ लायी, धूम मचाओ मौज मनाओ, आप सभी को दिवाली की बधाई. शुभ दीवाली

दीपक का पर्काश हर पल आपके जीवन मैं एक नयी रौशनी दे, बस यही शुभकामना है हमारी आपके लिए दीवाली के इस पवन अवसर पर .. शुभ दीवाली

Happiness is in air Its Deepawali everywhere Lets show some love and Respect And wish everyone out there Happy Diwali…

May you all attain the inexhaustible spiritual wealth of the Self,Happy Diwali.

Just wanted to wish a little sunshine back into the heart of someone who gives it away all year long. Happy Diwali!

May peace transcend the earth. Happy Diwali 2015

May the blessings, prosperity and wealth grow in your life like the whatsapp sharing. 🙂

May the light that we celebrate at Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony.

Just wanted to wish a little sunshine back into the heart of someone who gives it away all year long. Happy Diwali!

Have a crackling Diwali. May this season bring good luck and happiness to u.

Safalta Kadam Chumti rahe, Khushi Aaspas ghumti rahe, Yash Itna faile ki KASTURI Sharma Jaye, Laxmi ki kripa itni ho ki BALAJI bhi dekhte rah jaye.

Aayi hai diwali dekho, Sang layi khushiya dekho.. Yehan wahan jahan dekho Aaj deep jagmagate dekho *Happy Diwali*

The festival of lights is just around the corner, wishing you all a very Happy Diwali..

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day. Have a wonderful time and a very Happy Diwali.

Diwali night is full of lights, may your life be filled with colors and lights of happiness. Happy Diwali..

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Gifting ideas for Boss : Well a boss is the most important person in the office. As we say a Happy Boss make a Happy employee. Selecting gift for your Boss can be a little complicated, as you can give him/her something very personal and you don’t even want to screw it up as it is you ‘boss’. So what can you get for your boss that he is sure to like? One could go for a dairy, or a personalized planer to help them organize their appointments. To make their lives even easier you can gift them a business card holder. A nice and branded pen is always a classic gift for classy people. Your boss is sure to love this one.

Gifting ideas for colleagues: Colleagues are as good as our friends, as we spend most of our waking hours with them. They are the ones who help us out at work when we are in trouble. So in gratitude for that, this Diwali give them a sweet present as a thank you. You can order a Diwali 2015 gift hamper online for them. . Nothing says celebrations better than sweets, so go ahead and buy a box of sweets or mouth-watering chocolate boxes for your colleagues and their family.


Gifting ideas for employee: The relationship of a boss and an employee is very delicate and the season of festivals is perfect to make this relation even stronger. Instead of going out in the rush, you can sit back and relax and buy a Diwali gift online for your employee and other members at workplace. It is always important to show you employee how important they are and also thank them for their hard work. Add a box of dry fruits and quality sweets to their gift bag. You can also brighten up their Diwali mood buy gifting them candles, candle holder and beautiful table lamps.


So this Diwali don’t just buy gifts for your family at home but also for your work family. A small gesture like this can really bring a change in the regular atmosphere of the workplace. So before you set out for your vacations let’s share some moments with our colleagues too and make them feel special by gifting them these special and lovely presents this season.

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{Top 5} Special Diwali Gift Ideas For Mother

Diwali is such a festival that it automatically brings a smile on everyone’s face. If gifts are exchanged then, there is no limit for the smile extending from one corner of the ear to the other. Exaggeration! Well, that is how it is. Added happiness is when the gift has to be sent to Mother.

Mother, the person who is cherished by each and every human being, should be made feel special on this day. I remember as a child, that Maa used to get up well in the morning and start preparing sweets and savories and special festive food. It never occurred to me that I have to give her a helping hand. But all those days can definitely be thanked for, by sending some lovely gifts. I am far away from her, but online Diwali gifts will aid me in sending it.
I am sure all you guys out there also must be planning the same. Times is running out and no way we can reach personally, so come on, let’s buy Diwali gifts online. First think what her likes and dislikes are. Because, she will say, ‘why did you waste so much money, it is of no use to me’.

Here are some of my options that I will choose from for my mother.

1. My mother is extremely religious, so my first pick will be puja-related things. For instance: Puja thalis, idols of Lakshmi, as she is worshipped on this day. And I have seen some wonderful idols Online.

2. I had seen her using conventional things like ‘silbatta’ for grinding masala. Moreover, she still feels that it gives good taste and does not buy any modern kitchen appliance. That gives me a chance not only to lessen her kitchen work but also upgraded. So, I can go for mixer-grinders, juicers, toasters, and so on.

3. Jewelry is not her pick anyway. She likes them only in gold, so I won’t take that risk. But the others there, you can think of some lovely piece of jewelry. There are traditional as well as fashion jewelry to choose from. If your mother is a kind to like such interesting pieces, you can go for it. Beware, you may end up ordering one for you as well.

4. Diwali 2015 means lots of lamps all over. Right? Then, lanterns and lamps also make it great to gift. There are varieties of lamps that are available, that which can be placed indoors or outdoors. Brighten up your mother’s home with lots of lamps. There are also combos that have lamps and sweets together too. What say? Good option!

5. Sweets and chocolates go well as gifts irrespective of the occasion. I remember what pains she would take to make our, her children’s favourite sweets. She never would make what she likes. So, now I will send her favorite sweets for her. She likes chocolates too but holds herself back lest to put on weight. But I know she will enjoy both these and thus I will send them anyway.


See how easy it was to categorize my gifts according to her choices. Every one of you also can do this. Go ahead and say Happy Diwali with a special gift as well!

Happy Diwali 2016 SMS, Wishes, Messages

May the lights of Diwali show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony!
Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

May the Divine Light of Diwali Spread into your
Life Peace, Prosperity, Happiness and Good Health.
Happy Deepawali 2016

Ajse aapke yahan dhan ki barsat ho,
Maa laxmi ka vass ho,
Sankaton ka nash ho,
Har dil pe aapka raj ho,
Unnati ka sar pe taj ho,
Wish you a very Happy Diwali!

May Goddess Lakshmi step into your home and bring peace, contentment, happiness, good health and wealth in your life!
Happy Diwali 2016!

Holy is colourful.
Sun is powerful.
Dewali is lightful.
Happy Diwali 2016 !!

Muskarte hanste deep tum jalana,
Jivan main nai khushiyon ko lana,
Dukh dard apne bhool kar,
Sabko gale lagna, sabko gale lagna…
Happy Diwali 2015

Diwali is about bonding, of ritual,
of a belief that that good will always triumph over evil
for dark night must always make way for morning light.
Wishing you a happy Diwali.

Happy Diwali SMS in Advance
Jagmag Jagmag jalte ye sunder deep,
Charon taraf roshni hi roshi ho,
Meri hai duha yahee,
Honto par aapki hardam hansi hee hansi ho…
Happy Diwali 2016

Aai aai Diwali aai, Saath me kitni Khushiya laayi, Aai aai Diwali aai, Saath me kitni Khushiya laayi, Dhoom machao, mauz manao, aap sabhi ko Diwali ki badhai. Happy Diwali

Wishing you good health,more wealth,peace love ,fame this diwali.Hope this diwali enlightens your home and heart with peace and serenity. HAPPY DIWALI 2016

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Happy Dhanteras 2016 SMS, Whatsaap Status Messages

Importance & Significance Of  Dhanteras 2016

The festival of Diwali is the biggest and widely celebrated festival in India. The ‘ Festival of Lights as it’s commonly known has the greatest significane in India. For Hindus especially Diwali is celebrated in the joy of Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman returning from the the exile after 14 long years.

As we all know, Diwali is celebrated over 5 days. The first day is Dhanteras or Dhanvantari Triodas where Goddess Laxmi is worshipped for peace & prosperity. The Second Day is of Kali Chaudas, or Narak Chaturdashi, where Goddess Kali is worshipped. It’s also know as Choti Diwali. On this day Lord Krishna is worshiped because he defeated the demon Narakasur and freed the world of fear as well as darkness. The Third Day is of Diwali, where Lord Ganesha as well as Goddess Laxmi is worshiped and people light diyas all over their place and crackers are blown in the celebration of Diwali. The Fourth Day is of Govardhan Pooja, and everyone worships the Govardhan Parvat in Vrindavan. The Fifth & final Day is of Bhai Dooj, where traditionally brothers visit their sisters and they exchange sweets and sister prepares meal for her brother. Sister wish for their bother’s long & happy lives on this day especially.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Wishes, SMS

May goddess Laxmi bless your business
to do well in spite of all odds like,
the enduring charms of gold and diamonds…
Happy & Prosperous Dhanteras

Sone ka rath, chaandi ki paalki
Baithkar jismein hain Maa Lakshmi aayi
Dene aapko aur aapke poore parivar ko
Dhanteras ki badhaai…!!

Dhanteras ka ye pyara tyohar,
Jeevan me laye khushiya appar,
MATA LAXMI viraje aapke dwaar,
Sabhi kamna aapki kare sweekar.

Khoobb meethe meethe pakwan khaye,
Sehat me char chand lagaye,
Log to sirf chand par gaye hai
Aap us se bhi upar jaye,
Happy Dhanteras….!!

God’s blessing may cum as
a surprise
And how much U receive
Depends on how much
Ur Heart can believe.
May U be blessed beyond
wat U expect….
Subh Dhanteras 2 You & Your Family

Happy Dhanteras HD Wallpapers and Images


























Of all five days significance of Dhanteras 2016 is utmost. In many communities, Dhanteras is considered even more important than the day of Diwali. It’s the first day of Diwali and majorly is celebrated in the Northern & Western area’s of India in full vigour and will utmost devotion. If we go into days Dhanteras falls on the 13th day of Krishna Paksh of the Kartik month. Legend says that, the 16-year old of King Hima was predicted to dead on the 4th Day of his married due to a snake bite. On the fourth day of his marriage his newly-wed wife with all her smartness saved him! She did not let him sleep at all that night by narrating stories and singing song. What she also did was, she laid out all her ornaments and lots of gold and silver coins at the entrance of their chamber. Next day when god Yama came to their chambers in the form of snake, his was blinded by lamps and jewellery everywhere. Yama could not bite the king, so he sat on the heap of ornament al night and litsened to the songs and silently went away in the morning. Thus the prince was saved from the clutches of death by his witty wife. Also, the jewellery saved the prince’s life, thus the day came to be known as Dhanteras 2016.

On this day people all over worship Goddess Laxmi as well as Lord Kuber, for lifelong peace and prosperity. So this Dhanteras, log onto online gifting portals and find the best Dhanteras Gifts online for your loved ones and wish them life full of prosperity.

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{2015*} Happy Dhanteras Wishes, SMS, HD Wallpapers

{top 5} Unique and Impressive Dhanteras Gift Ideas

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{2016*} Happy Dhanteras Wishes, SMS, HD Wallpapers

Significance of Dhanteras Festival

Dhanteras marks the start of the five day long celebrations of the Diwali festival. The festival falls on the 13th day of the Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of the Hindu month of Ashwin. It normally falls in the October- November month of the Georgian calendar. Dhan means wealth and Trayodashi is the Sanskrit term for thirteenth day. Therefore, Dhanteras literally means wealth on the 13th day. There is a tradition of worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth on the occasion of Dhanteras Fetival. The festival of Dhanteras is majestically celebrated with great pomp and show by the businessmen and traders.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 SMS

God’s blessing may come as a surprise.. And how much U receive Depends on how much Ur Heart can believe May U be blessed beyond what U expect.. “Shubh Dhanteras”.

Deep Jalte Jagmagate rahe,
Hum aapko Aap hame yaad aate rahe,
Jab tak zindagi hai, Dua hai hamari
Aap Chand ki tarah Jagmagate rahe.
Happy Dhanteras 2015!!

God’s blessing may cum as
a surprise
And how much U receive
Depends on how much
Ur Heart can believe.
May U be blessed beyond
wat U expect….
Subh Dhanteras 2 You & Your Family

Dhanteras ka ye pyara tyohar,
Jeevan me laye khushiya appar,
MATA LAXMI viraje aapke dwaar,
Sabhi kamna aapki kare sweekar.

Let’s venerate the festival of Dhanteras by: Worshiping Lakshmi – the Goddess of Wealth;Buying utensils to savour tasty meals;Investing in Silver and Gold as jewellery;Light a lamp for impending Diwali;Wear new clothes and jewellery;And draw Rangoli designs on pathways including the goddess’ footprints to mark the arrival of Lakshmi! Happy Dhanteras! 

Asur parajaye, devta vijay divas,
Laxmi vaas, Laxmi kripa, jay ghosh divas,
Amrit payo devta aur jeevan payo rajkumar,
sukh-samradhi-dhan-vraddhi-dev divas..
Dhanteras 2015 ki aapko hardik Shubkamnayen.

Before Dhanteras Festival, the houses, shops and offices are renovated and cleaned. On the day of Dhanteras 2015, beautiful Rangoli is made at the entrance and earthen lamps are lighted to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi Puja is also performed on the auspicious occasion of Dhanteras Fetival 2015.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Images, Wishes, Greetings, quotes,Messages, Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras 2015 Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers


Downlaod Free Happy Dhanteras Wallpapers

Dhanteras 2016 Messages in Marathi

यशाची रोशनी, समाधानाचा फराळ, मंगलमय रांगोळी,
मधुर मिठाई, आकर्षक आकाशकंदिल, आकाश उजळवणारे फटाके!!
येत्या दिवाळीत, हे सगळं तुमच्यासाठी !!
दिवाळीनिमित्त सर्वांना लक्ष लक्ष शुभेच्छा!!
फुलांचा सुगंध कोणी चोरू शकत नाही,
सूर्याची किरणे कोणी लपवू शकत नाही,
तुम्ही आमच्यापासून कितीही दूर असलात तरी,
दिपावली सारख्या मंगल प्रसंगी
तुम्हाला आम्ही विसरू शकत नाही.

Happy Dhanteras 2016 Wishes

Laxmi aayegi itni ki sb jagah Naam hoga, Laxmi aayegi itni ki sb jagah Naam hoga, Din raat vyapar bade itna adhik kaam hoga, Ghar Pariwar samaj me banoge Sartaj, Yehi Kamna hai hamari aap ke liye Dhanteras ki Dhero Shubh Kamanaye Happy Dhanteras!! 

Aapatyachi paan fulancha vaas
Aaj aahe divas khup khaas
Tula sarve sukh labo ya jagat
Premane betuya apan ya dasryat
Happy Dhanteras 2015

May goddess gve 10 thngs in lyf

Khoobb meethe meethe pakwan khaye, Sehat me char chand lagaye, Log to sirf chand par gaye hai Aap us se bhi upar jaye, Happy Dhanteras….!! 

DhantAras ka ye pyara tyohaAr,
Jeevan me laye khushiya appar,
MATA LAKSHMI viraje aapke dwaar,
Sabhi kamna aapki kare sweekar.

On the auspicious day of Dhanteras, may you decorate the business premises and make it colourful with traditional motifs of Rangoli designs to welcome the Goddess Luxmi. May you also draw small footprints with rice flour and vermilion powder all over the house and keep the lamps burning all through the night, to indicate Her long-awaited arrival!Happy Dhanteras!

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Gorgeous Jewelry – Perfect Diwali Gift for Women

Diwali is the festival of light. The festival of Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is believed that on this day, Lord Rama returned to his home, Ayodhya after killing Ravana. The festival is observed on the new moon night or Amawasya of the Hindu Lunisolar month of Karthik. This brightest festival falls during mid-October to mid -November of the English calendar. The Diwali celebration lasts for five days, starting on the day of Dhanteras and commences on the day of Bhai Dooj.


There is a tradition of exchanging gifts between friends and family from time immemorial. And, if you are looking for a perfect Diwali gift for women, your daughter, sister, girlfriend or wife, no other gift can beat the illuminating effect of gorgeous and twinkling Jewelry. Moreover, there is an age- old practice of buying precious jewelry on the occasion of Dhanteras day that falls two days before Diwali. online gifting industry has announced a unique collection of unique fashion and precious jewelry on the occasion of Diwali. The website is further running numerous discount offers and has announced discount of up to 50% on precious jewels. Isn’t that exciting?


A sparkling jewelry is a woman’s best friend. No matter what her age is, she is always fond of beautiful jewelries. Now, with the advent of online gift portals, it has become very easy to shop precious jewelries from the comfort of your home or office. Gone are the days when people were not sure about the quality and purity of jewelries while buying them.


Their wide collection ranges from earrings, rings, nose pin sets bangles and bracelets, fashion jewelry, silver and pearl jewelry to gold and diamond jewelry. Plus, the website also offers beautiful and elegant jewelry boxes and stands. In a nut shell, online portas offers everything that is needed to complement a woman’s style wardrobe at amazing prices. Also, you are eligible to get an instant discount of INR 200 on your first Facebook share. Not only this, you can avail up to 60% plus extra 20% on orders above 1499* ( *terms and conditions apply). Now, this is called a ‘WOW’ offer!


Apart from jewelry, online gift portals has announced more than 15,000 exclusive Diwali Gift Ideas. They have come up with special Chocolate gift hamper, Sweets combo and Diwali Gift hamper exclusively for the festival of lights. The website is a pioneer in offering exclusive range of gift items for the festive season. These include a unique collection of quirky gifts, fashion accessories, bags and wallets, wrist watches, bar accessories, chocolates, sweets and flowers and exclusive range of  personalized gifts Online.
Here’s wishing one and all a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali.

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Bhai Dooj Festival Ritual | Bhai Dooj 2016

Yet another festival in the Hindu calendar that celebrates the bond between a Brother and a sister. This festival falls in the month of Kartik during the five-day-long Diwali festival. .’Bhai’ means brother and ‘dooj ‘ means second. This literally means the festival exclusively for brothers on the second day after full moon, also happens to be the last day of the Diwali celebrations.

As always there are legends in support of this festival too. Though we do not need any authentication, still it is good to know why and how Bhai dooj is celebrated. It is believed that Yamuna has invited her brother Yama on this day to a feast at her house. In the absence of Yamaraj, the people in Yamlok had been freed of their sufferings. In the wake of this freedom, a grand celebration was hosted.

Whenever we talk of any kind of relationship, Lord Krishna is bound to be referred. After killing Narakasur, the demon whose atrocities were unbearable, Lord Krishna went to his sister, Subhadra. She, in turn, gave him a grand welcome. She applied ‘Tika’ and served him sweets and savories. This is one more reason why Bhau beej is celebrated.


By now it is quite clear that the importance of Bhai Dooj in Hindu culture is no less than Raksha Bandhan. The significance of this festival is seen even today. The brother-sister love is celebrated once again.

Happy Bhai Dooj 2016 HD Images & Wallpapers








The Bhai Dooj Festival ritual is performed thus:

The brother visits his sister’s place. She applies Tilak (vermillion) on his forehead. Then, she gives arti and prays for her brother’s long and prosperous life. In return, the brother showers his love and blessings with lots of gifts. According to some belief, it is said that if a brother gives his sister gifts on this day, he will be blessed with happiness and peace throughout the year. Also those women, who do not have brothers, consider the Moon as her brother and worship him on this day.

The difficult part has come, and that is choosing a gift. How one wishes that some bhai dooj gift ideas come your way. Don’t you worry! There are a number of bhaidooj gifts online. First and foremost, it is important to decide what kind of gift you wish to give. As there are gifts like jewelry, handbags, jewelry boxes, watches, personal care products, and others.


The above said examples of gifts are only an introduction. Actually, when you go into the details, you will find that in jewelry again, you have silver and gold plated ones, fashion jewelry, traditional and ethnic etc. In handbags, you have simple hand ags, cotton Tote bags, clutches, designer purses, wallets and many more. I am sure you have understood the depth of selecting a gift. You must know what your sister is like and what she likes. Considering this fact, it is not a big task as it seems.

Let me tell you, Bhaidooj 2016 is not far away, you just have a few days left. It is time to act and get the best gift that represents your love and affection towards her. Happy Bhaidooj 2016!


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