{(Budget Friendly)} Valentine’s Day Gifts for Husband

Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. I am excited that I get a chance yet again to tell my husband how much I love him. I should check the money I have, as recently we had a lot of guests at home and I had spent much of my savings in entertaining them. Oh God! I have very little left now.

My husband is a gem of a person. He is more a friend than a husband. I tend to share and discuss every minute issue with him. But I can’t and don’t want to lend from my husband, for that matter from anyone. I think I need to drop the idea of getting a Valentine Day gifts for my husband. I am really blank in my mind because I planned for really a grand Valentine day this year.


Romantic Happy Valentines Day SMS, Wishes For Husband

Dear hubby,
We make an awesome couple you know,
I may not have too many gestures to show,
But, I truly love you from my heart,
No one can ever make us apart,
Love you loads!
“Happy Valentines Day 2017”

Life has become more meaningful Just because of you.
I can’t even imagine my life without you.
I am happy because of you. I love you!
Happy Valentine’s Day

On valentines day,we think of people
who have cheered and encouraged us
who go out of there way to be kind & caring.
who have in reached enriched ourlives.
just by being themselves.
you are such a person.
i m so happy you are my love
“Happy Valentines Day 2017”.

I miss you every minute you’re away.
Let us fall in love more.
Let us get married again.
Happy Valentine’s Day Honey.

Loving you is my mission.
Being with you is my reason.
I am happy to give you my all.
Happy Valentine’s Day!

My heart raises thousands of questions,
why am I missing you,
why am I thinking of you,
why am I messaging you and so on,
whatever may be the question,
the only answer from me for any of
these question is I LOVE YOU.
“Happy valentines day sms for him”.

Wait a minute. I remember my friend saying that there are gift portals where we can find some gifts. I think online portals has some budget-friendly Valentine Day gifts. I know that our love is not measured by the gifts we exchange but it is necessary that I find a decent Valentine Day gift for him.

He is a big reader. He loves to read books no matter what kind. Fiction, adventure, sentimental or romantic novels, he can read literally any kind of book. John Grisham, Abdul Kalam, Dan Brown, Chetan Bhagat and many Indian and western writers’ books are available. I can buy any of those blindly because he will simply love any kind of book and will be the happiest person. I only thing I have to be worried is that the number of coffee cups I have to make.
I have never gifted any personalized gift. Now a day, this is quite in fashion. What should I use to customize? A message or a photo or just my feelings? Well, I will first select the item which I will customize and then think about this. I liked the poster as well as the shot glasses. I think it is Valentine and it is OK if I am a bit quirky about it. So, I will choose shot glasses. I shall get some naughty lines embossed on it.

My hubby is a real cool man. He feels fashion should be in the personality and it cannot be worn in the form of clothes or other accessories. But then a watch or sunglasses are essentials and not fashion statements, dear. I have seen nice sunglasses, the way he loves it. The price is also according to my budget. I think even a watch will be a good one because he has a flair for them.

I knew that picking a gift would not be easy but I did not feel it will be this easy with Valentine Day gift for husband and other categories in gift portals. I am thinking if I can give a surprise of his life by gifting bar tools. He will never believe that this gift is from me. I, usually, do not favor drinking but it is Valentine’s Day and it is fine if he owns a bar set.

I may not find the most suitable gift, for that matter even the expensive one. But what I can do is to make the day memorable with decoration, food and gift.

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{2016*} Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

What is the best gift to give a Valentine? I feel personalized gifts are always exciting and memorable because they share memories and inspire positivity in our lives. If you are looking for some advice on personalized Valentine’s Day gifts, you have come to the right place. Hopefully, you would gain from our ideas. A personalized gift is the way forward and you can’t really go wrong. It will be a unique and thoughtful gift that guarantees a huge smile on the face of your Valentine. These days the ideal factor about these online gifting portals is once you choose the gift, they will wrap it up beautifully and deliver to the recipient.

The best part about personalized gifts is that you choose the words and phrases that perfectly define your inner feelings. You can take song lyrics from your girlfriend’s favourite list, lines from your favourite poem or a personal message in your own words and send it through voice greeting cards online to your Valentine or spouse.

go to online gifting portal to buy gifts for everyone on your list this Valentine’s Day. We are sure that you will be satisfied with your purchases and our unbeatable prices. A personalized mug comes in various designs such as you can print photos, inspirational quotes, caricatures and I Love U messages on them. You can choose the colours, font and backgrounds. A personalized mug would be ideal gift for your husband who spends a lot of time in office.

Posters are available in various formats and colours. Your boyfriend would love to receive a poster with his photo and saying that he is the best thing ever happened. Also made for each other captions and photos can be gifted. Such posters add life to the walls or you can stick them to a favourite spot in your home. All these are budget friendly gifts and worth giving. These special touches make personalized gifts outshine among other gift items. If your boyfriend or husband loves to relax with a beer in his hand, he will be so pleased if it’s in his very own personalized shot glass with name. Personalized shot glasses can be fun and add pleasure to the moment. They are a nice option if you are planning a Valentine’s Day party for your dear ones.

Another advantage with the Online personalized gifts is they are suitable for both men and women. They are delivered within a day neatly packed if you choose to. This Valentine’s Day give a surprise to your wife sending personalized gift to her. You can send a bouquet of fresh flowers and a voice greeting card with it. Gift your boyfriend a bracelet with names of you both engraved on it. Gift him a chocolate box that melts him and he is sure to become sweeter. Plan a day out with your boyfriend and gift him one personalized gift at a moment. You are sure to win him and he would definitely appreciate your interest in making the day beautiful.


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12 Best Valentine’s Day Gifts Online

Howdy folks? Valentine’s Day is round the corner and that’s why we have come up with a unique list of top 12 evergreen Valentine’s Day gifts. Have a look-

Flowers are the most in demand Valentine’s Day gifts. Presenting fresh and fragrant red roses is considered to be an important tradition on this day of love. Girls are so fond of receiving bouquets and bunch of flowers.
Chocolates are also one of the most sought after Valentine’s Day gift options. Who doesn’t like chocolates? And when the occasion is related to love, what else can beat the sweetness of chocolates, candies and confectioneries?
You can also gift your love a trendy coffee mug on Valentine’s Day. You can add a personal touch by customizing the mug with a photo and message of your choice. Your Valentine will treasure this forever, without a doubt.

Personalized posters are also in great demand for Valentine’s Day as they are so affordable yet very attractive. The best part about posters is that they can be framed as well.

Greeting cards never go out of fashion and when it is a recordable greeting card, there is no doubt about it. You can record a beautiful romantic message in your own voice and send it across to your Valentine, this Valentine’s Day.
How about adding a pinch of fun, this Valentine’s Day? You will find a unique range of quirky Valentine’s Day gift ideas online. These include funny T- shirts, coasters, cushion covers, funny stationery and utility items, and more.
You can also gift gadgets and accessories to your partner on Valentine’s Day. These will definitely depend upon your budget. But, you have even low budget options like mobile cases, laptop cases, iPad covers, and so on.

If you are looking out for a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend, handbags and sling bags are some great options. Girls are crazy about their collection of bags. Nothing can make them happier than a classy new handbag!
Your girlfriend will certainly love a classy set of fashion jewelry. Oh yes, ornaments are one of the best Valentine’s Day gifts.

Similarly, if you are searching Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend, I believe bar accessories are the most wanted possession among men.

Party games and accessories can also be presented to your love on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. These include drinking games, dart games, playing cards, foosball etc.
How about gifting your love something really intoxicating, this Valentine’s Day? Yes, I am talking about perfumes and fragrances.

By now, you must have made your mind about the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your beloved. The best part about the above list is that all items are available online. All you need to do is to log on online portals and you will be amazed with the varied range of online Valentine’s Day gifts.


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First Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

“I Love You.” The three magical words he told me some months ago is still ringing in my ears. I was on cloud nine when he said this. Actually, this came as a bit of surprise also as we were friends since long. Always I was of the opinion that he likes my friend whom I find more compatable with him. I used to pray that he should be mine. Today, he is mine. He gave me lovely gifts both as a friend and a boyfriend. It is now my turn to receprocate this gesture. And the opportunity is just a few days away, the Valentine’s Day. I wish to give him a memorable valentine day gift.

I am planning to buy Valentine Day gifts online. The reason, I want it to go straight to him and surpirse him. Moreover, I don’t want to discuss this with any of my friends. The Valentine Day gift for him should be entirely my choice. I know, I am sounding a bit selfish.


He is quite a stylish person. He loves to try out new fashion, new gadgets and new styles. That eases my search. There are a number of leather bracelets in online websites. I am sure his funky taste for accessories can be fulfilled by gifting him one of these. There are anchors, stars, dangerous skull, etc. embedded in them. I am sure he will instantly love it.

There are some interesting and unique Valentine’s Day gifts 2016, even Bajrangi style ‘Gada’ pendant along heart-shaped ones, zodiac pendant, Greek emblem pendants etc. on display. How proud I will feel when he will flaunt it in front of his friends. And above all praise me for such an apt and most sought after gift.

I wish I can gift a perfume or a body spray for him. Not because I do not like his choice of fragrance but because the perfume collection on the gift portal is simply amazing. I know that we do not gift something just because we like it. But the Dunhill Men, Zippo, Jaguar and what not brands have such colognes in various sizes and shapes that I am flat for them. I will keep this in reserve and try to find his favorite fragrance and buy it.

Self-grooming kits that include shaving sets and trimming sets are also on my list. But know what, I heard somewhere that these things should not be gifted by a girl. Well, I am not being senti, but for a first Valentine Day gift, this may not go well. So, I will just ignore it.

I had never found gifting so difficult. Not even to him when he was just a friend. But now, I want my gift to reflect my love, thus making things tough for me. Will Laptop bags, watches and sunglasses be apt? If I ponder a bit, my conscience tells me that a watch may be better. He does like those big-dial watches with broad leather strap. I think for a real handsome hunk, this should be apt. The collection from Fastrack should fulfill my need.
Finally, I found a gift that can say that I love you for eons to come. I will say A Happy VAlentine’s Day with some flowers and chocolates!



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Unique Valentine’s Day presents For Him

It is rightly said that Valentine’s Day marks the beginning of the season of love. We are in January and it already feels like love is in the air. After all, love is such a feeling that can only be experienced and not defined. So, have you decided what are you gifting your beloved on this special day? Well, if you haven’t decided yet, this read is for you.

These days, gifting is no more a pain. Thanks to the internet. You have numerous online gift portals that offer a range of Valentine’s Day gifts online. there are well known and trusted online gift portal that offers a unique and enchanting range of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. The website has also announced attractive discount offers, especially for the upcoming mega season of love. Plus, they offer standard fixed date and next day delivery options. Also, all your gift items will be delivered to your beloved in beautiful gift wraps. Gone are the days, when used to relentlessly wander on roads searching numerous gift shops for just one perfect gift for your beloved. Now you can browse through thousands of gift options from the comfort of your college, home or office. online portals offers more than 25000 unique and exclusive gift ideas.

When the occasion is Valentine’s Day, no other gift can be as romantic as personalized gifts online. You can customize a mug or a poster with a sweet and romantic picture of both of you. You can also emboss lovely and romantic messages on them and gift your beloved on this special day of love. Recordable greeting card is a revolutionary gift item that gives you the option to record a beautiful and romantic message in your own voice and send it across to him. He is going to treasure this card for lifetime, without a doubt.

You can surprise him by sending fresh flowers and chocolates in the morning. You can decide from different available options like combos, baskets and bunches.

You know his love for electronics and gadgets. You can speakers, mobile phones, mobile cases or something, he has always craved for. You can also find a variety of bags and wallets online. All you need to do is to order an item based on his likings and your budget.You can also gift your party freak man some really cool party and bar accessories and watch him smile the naughty way on Valentine’s Day. Funny quirky and naughty Valentine’s Day gift ideas can also make your man happy on this day. Give a thought to his favorite perfumes and deodorants as well.
May you have the best of moments, this Valentine’s Day!


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Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

“You are the most beautiful girl I ever met.” “You are a God’s gift to me.” These are the sweet words that my boyfriend often tells me. He is so lovable. I have to show him how much I love him. Mere words are not sufficient. I need to think of Valentine’s Day gift ideas. I need to take refuge in online Valentine’s Day gifts.


How about personalized Valentine Day gifts? Yeah, I suppose that will be the best representation of my feelings. There are coffee mugs or shot glasses with some romantic messages. Or I will dig into my photo collection to find our rarest photograph. It would have been easier had we been on more dates. Never mind that, but I will still make the best Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Moreover, I can think of a calendar with all our photos on every month’s page. Wow! How romantic it will be when I see us both hand in hand every day all through the year.


Alternatively, Men’s fragrance can also be a good gift on a lovely day like Valentine’s. He is a kind who readily picks up a Nike, Dunhill or Zippo if he finds the aroma interesting. In these years of our relationship, I have picked the smell well that I know what kind of fragrance he likes. Romantic Valentine Gifts need not necessarily mean different but the one that the partner loves to receive. This is my idea.


For that matter, even a personal grooming set may seem romantic when we make it be one. If I can make him believe that he will look the best if he grooms himself a bit. Make a bit of a change in the mustaches, or trim the beard a little, or have a French beard or something of this sort. I know he will be neighbour’s envy, Owner’s pride when he makes these changes in his look. Hmmm. How lucky I should be!


I saw some funky jewelry in the Valentine Gift for Boyfriend online. But I am not a type to force him to be the way I want. He can have his choice of things and ways of life. No doubt, the leather bracelets are awesome. Also, there are some pendants that depict man and woman, flying angel and others. They are really cute but no, I won’t pick them as he does not find men wearing jewelry interesting.


There are a number of gifts to buy Valentine’s Day Gifts online. Especially there is impressive collection on gifting portals. There is a range of categorized gift articles ranging from wrist watches, Bar tools, and accessories, Electronic and appliances to wallets.

Mobile covers are also plenty. These mobile covers are so attractive that I couldn’t resist myself from buying. You will be surprised that every brand has its own cover. My god!


I am just waiting for the day when I will fill the table with rose petals, amidst candles burning, I will first give him his favorite bunch of flowers and chocolates. Slowly in the midst of the music, I will present the gift exclusively bought for him. Though I will say those magical words also, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day, my Valentine.’


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Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend

‘Will you be my Valentine’; probably is one magic thing that any girl longs to hear. No sooner does she enter the ‘teen’ club, she waits for that tall, dark and handsome guy to ask her to be his valentine. If she is impressed just with this kind of a proposal, you should be lucky. But this is definitely not the case. She expects to give your love a size and shape, meaning to be expressed in gifts. I agree with her view.

So guys, wake up and search for some online valentine’s day gifts because many a time we are exhausted of gift ideas and so you may find some romantic valentine’s day gift ideas somewhere. The old and time-tested gifts are always there for your rescue. But try to think beyond that. Today’s gals are not impressed easily. They need to be given a real ‘raise the eyebrow’ kind of gifts.

Have you ever try and find out her preference of perfume? By now you should know if she likes mild fragrances or those rich fragrances. Mont Blanc, Chic and Nike, brands that can be picked without a fraction of a percentage of doubt. The perfume will linger on for the quantum of time. For those chicks, colognes will be too impressive.
Why don’t you just go for a movie together? Keep the secret and invite her to join you for a ride. Then slowly drive into a nearby theatre and watch a movie together. If you feel that you need more of privacy, invite her home, amidst a candle lit ambience watch her favorite video.

You may find many gifts such as watches, bags, shawls and stoles and many more. But your gift should partake all of these. So you should find the best Valentine’s Day gift for girlfriend. Woo her with a hair styler, hair- straightener or simply a hair dryer. Actually, this is so romantic, as you have made your desire clear that she has a change of look for the special day. She sure will go head over heels for this gesture.

Show your concern about the dry weather affecting her skin by gifting body care kits and hampers. Present her Khadi winter dryness care kit, Aromatherapy soaps, Tattva feel good kit, Beauty in a basket kits and such other ones. When her skin glows, it will reflect your love for her.

Personalized gifts can say a lot about your relationship. Emboss some messages or print a photograph on any article like cushions, coffee mugs and posters. If you can pick the rarest of all her photographs and make a poster out of it with a lovely message on it, I bet she will love you more than she did so far.

Gift anything from jewelry: to clothes, to indoor plants, to quirky gifts or even personalized gifts for your girlfriend, provided you prove our love towards her. Someone can be naughtier even to gift lingerie or footwear too. But remember romance is felt rather than understood. So, just set yourself free and boast of your love, after all, she is your valentine.


Best propose day shayari For Girlfriend in Hindi, English, Marathi

Love is to see someone even with closed eyes, love is to find someone in every thought, love is to live for someone in every moment, please let that someone always be me. Happy Propose Day My Love…
Unki nigahe kya kamaal karti hai,
Kabhi haqiqat to kabhi afsane baya karti hai,
Tham si jati hai us pal dhadkane,
Jab unki jhuki palke mohbat ka izhaar karti hai.

Yun to sapne bahut hasi hote hai,
Par sapno se pyaar nahi karte,
Chahate to tumhe hum aaj bhi hai,
Bas apni chahat ka izhar nahi karte!!!

Jab khamosh aankhon se baat hoti hai,
Aise hi mohabbat ki shuruwat hoti hai,
Tumhare hi khayalon mein khoye rehte hain,
Pata nahi kab din kab raat hoti hai.

Love is to express and not to impress people. Happy Propose Day!

“Everyone says you only fall in love once, but that’s not true, every time i hear your voice I fall in Love all over again.”

I propose all my friends for lifetime friendship with full dedication no demands no complaints what do you say. Happy Propose Day!

Kuch door mere saath chalo,
Hum saari kahani keh denge,
Samjhe na tum jise aankhon se,
Wo baat muh Jubaani keh denge.
I love u my love…
Happy propose day.

चलो आज खामोश प्यार को इक नाम दे दें,
अपनी मुहब्बत को इक प्यारा अंज़ाम दे दें
इससे पहले कहीं रूठ न जाएँ मौसम अपने धड़कते हुए
अरमानों एक सुरमई शाम दे दें !

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