{New*} women’s Day Voice Greeting Cards With Special Wishes

March 8th is the most awaited day for all women as they will be pampered and showered with gifts of love. Being a woman is a great feeling and a pride. And if it is celebrated by everyone in the world, then the happiness reaches ecstasy.  The women in my life, to be frank mean a lot to me. Be it my mother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, teacher, or friend: each one of them had some kind of an influence in my life. I feel that each woman has to celebrate this day as they are a very important part of the society. My mother used to always say that if you do not give importance to yourself, then no one does. I found it true, many a time. So girls, go ahead and get some gifts for girls. If you too are confused as to what to select, then follow me. I will guide you.

Happy_international_womens-_day_Thank_You_Recordable_Greeting_Card Happy_international_womens-_day_Thank_You_Recordable_Greeting_Card

I will start with my friend. She was there through thick and thin, highs and lows, etc. Was this what you expected? I am sorry to disappoint you because since some time we are not in talking terms. I realized that it is not necessary that they have all the possibility to attend to us always. So, I want to say sorry and make up for the time lost. How? That has been eased by this new way of greeting cards, the voice greeting cards. I may send any gift but may not personally say what I have to. So, with is special card, I will pour out my heart and melt her down.
My sister-in-law is a friend, philosopher and guide. I am so close to her that I confide most of my secrets with her. She is not one of those daily soaps on the TV that tries to destroy the relationships but like a dream come true companion. But I never got an opportunity to tell her that as I felt this will be too formal. Personalized greeting cards online had shown me the way. I will record in my own voice a big thank you for being a great support to me.


I am married for just an over a year now, but I feel I know my mother-in-law for ages. Fortunately for me, she understands me very well and guides me in everything regarding the household. My friends scared with all sorts of things about MIL (Mother-in-law). I rubbish it because any relationship needs adjustment and understanding. For me she is one of the persons I wish to send Happy International women’s day 2016 wishes with gifts. It sounds awkward to say send a card and show my gratitude. But if I can say it in my own words, then it will be so touching.

I also plan to send a voice greeting card to my teacher. While in college days, I was her favorite student. But will she recognize my voice is the question. Anyway, I shall try and find out later if she did recognize.
The reason why I liked this is also because it is lot more simple. We need to just follow the instructions and there we are with the message. Bravo!
Girls be a techy and gift in style! Happy International women’s day 2016!

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Women’s Day Gifts for Her, Women’s Day Greeting Cards

Women are unique as they fill into every gap of our lives. This may be men’s version. I am sure there is no rule that women cannot celebrate Women’s day for other women. The relationship between a mother and daughter, student and pupil, sister and sister: any of these relationships also can be rewarded with gifts on this occasion.

I being a woman know how things are so difficult at times but still we women try and come out of it and pull others of it. For instance, my am extremely thankful to my daughter who was at my side all the times. She was a mother to me when I was sick. She did all those odd things that were necessary at that time. I cannot forget how like a mother she took care of me. So it is my turn to tell her how much she means to me. She is a woman whom I regard to be special to me and so I want to give Women’s day gifts to her. As she is away, I will send gifts online to her. But what?

Women’s Day Greeting Cards Free Download

Womens-Day-Greeting-Card-Free-images Womens-Day-Greeting-Card-Free-images








I being a woman know how things are so difficult at times but still we women try and come out of it and pull others of it. For instance, my am extremely thankful to my daughter who was at my side all the times. She was a mother to me when I was sick. She did all those odd things that were necessary at that time. I cannot forget how like a mother she took care of me. So it is my turn to tell her how much she means to me. She is a woman whom I regard to be special to me and so I want to give Women’s day gifts to her. As she is away, I will send gifts online to her. But what?

My daughter is a ‘go green’ kind. She loves plants: indoor and outdoor. I have seen that there are a few planters in online websites . This can be a good women’s day gift as far as her interests are concerned. Bumble bee planters, bicycle planters, Gnome planters, are some of the shapes that are available. She will be excited to see that I have given something she likes.

Next person, I would like to remember on March 8th is my mother. What to say about her! She is a friend, philosopher, and guide to me. I know every mother is. But to me, my mother is a unique person who had taught me life’s lessons. She managed everything from kids to career. The beauty is that she never felt or made us feel that she is disgusted with this routine. I love to keep her memories intact and refreshed. So I am planning to give her a lovely collage photo frame. I will place in them all the rarest photos we ever clicked together. I relish them even today and wish she feels my presence too.

Women’s day gifts online have so many gifts displayed that it makes our choice easy. There are such varieties of gifts like jewelry, books, watches, home decor and spiritual ones. Believe me, they are simply awesome. Though there are not many people I have to send the gifts through, I wish to be unique in my gifts.

I should remember my childhood friend who had been a great friend all through. The best thing is, she regards me so high and owes everything she did in life to me. In that way, I should be expecting a gift from her. But no, she has been my shoulder to cry in bad times and a perfect matchmaker. I know what she is crazy about. Wall clocks are her favorite, they may not be unique but they surely are for her. I have found great shapes like a peacock, Saxophone, Fairy and butterfly clock, etc.

I wish I can even present it to all those women who had some kind of contribution to my life. So for them here is a big ‘Happy Women’s Day 2017‘.





Best Happy womens Day 2017 Greeting Cards online for the special women in your life, Download Free Happy International Womens Day 2017 HD Wallpapers, Images free.


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International Women’s Day Gifts Ideas for Mom, Womens Day Greetings

People say that woman wishes to have a husband who is just like her father. Isn’t it true that a man desires only and only for a wife who is a mirror image of his mother? No one can contradict this fact. No matter how old one is, each one of us wants our mother to be around us all the time.

She has been a person whom we grew up with. I too love my mother so much that I wish to acknowledge her unconditional love towards me. For me, my mother is a ‘superhero’, as she is a multifaceted person with multiple tasking. When there were no days like the International women’s day, I had to find ways and means to gift her love. Now that I have the best opportunity how can I not make the fullest use of it?
Let me not be so senti, and get on to find a good gift for her. My mother loves to decorate her house and keep changing the decor frequently. She says the surroundings has to offer something new otherwise life becomes monotonous. There are ‘n’ numbers of wall clocks available in online gifts. Especially gifts for her in online portals features some adorable wall clocks. Those that have a traditional look, which I swear that I never have seen. And there is something called as Decor Aero fragrance potpourri that looks exquisite.

But I won’t be in a hurry to settle for this. Let me do a bit of research, maybe I will find something better. My mom believes that our house also has an aura, both good and bad. Water fountains are always believed to keep away from the negative aura. Though I don’t believe in such stuff, I can definitely use this idea and send a water fountain as a gift. Calm Buddha indoor fountain, rock-edge water fountain, and even some interesting table fountains are on the display in Women’s day gifts for mom. I think she is a person who would love to do outdoor gardening, only if I can get a garden tool set. There are some planters in online portals that seem meaningful. They also are in various shapes and sizes: a bicycle one, a crown happy frog, a brown shoe with snails, etc. I must tell you that they are irresistible.

One place she would never neglect keeping updated is the bathroom. She keeps getting new things that come into the market and give the bathroom their due of decoration. I am sure that what I am planning for her, she might already have planned to buy some time. The bath accessories including a handwash dispenser in that Italian finish is so tempting. Should I or shouldn’t I?
Wait a minute! I have got a brilliant idea. I have a good collection of our photographs together. Why shouldn’t I use them as a gift? Anyway, personalized gifts are the norm today. I will either emboss them on the coffee mugs or on cushion covers; alternatively, I can print them as posters. I may fix some of them in a multiple collage photo frame also. I have decided how many ever gifts I can buy, I will as she is for me, the greatest International woman ever. Mom, A very happy International women’s day 2017!

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7 Budget- Friendly Gifts for International Women’s Day, Womens Day SMS, Quotes, Wishes

March 8th is a very important day for every woman anywhere in the world. The women are everywhere in one’s life. I am sure every human being, even may claim to be quite mechanical in their lives, need some emotional quotient in their relationships. This balance is kept by women without any doubt.
The question arises how to repay them or show that we acknowledge their love towards us. I usually am not very emotional but when it comes to some people in my life, yes, I am. I too like to show my gratitude, love and affection to them. But unlike them, I cannot express in words. I will have to find gifts for women from online gifts so that I get an idea what to gift.

I need to send gifts to not one but three people in my life.
1. Devotional/spiritual gifts: First and most important of all is my mother who was the reason for what I am today. Does this seem a routine dialogue? But I can’t help using it again as it is true that she was the one who influenced my life a lot. She did not do petty jobs to raise me but actually left the job to be my side all the time. She is quite old now but I still can show my love to her anytime and every time. Lakshmi Ganesh Saraswati on a lotus base, Lord Ganesh with Masand, standing Buddha, Laddu Gopal and many more of such kind can be the best one for her.
2. Table-Kitchenware: No guesses to whom I will gift this, for my darling daughter. She is just 25 and got married recently. She is more interested in decorating her kitchen than anything else. Her version is that the kitchen and table should look inviting in order to get people eat. Well, I have found a few interesting and innovative tableware gifts for girls in online portals. I am sure she will love them. Be it Arttdinox Heritage pickle set, Gold twig and leaf spoons or stylish tea set: any of these are sure to catch the eye every visitor to her kitchen
3. Jewelry: My wife, my life. This is my mantra for life. She is really an inseparable part of my life. I can never imagine a life without her. Strangely, she loves nose pins. Whenever I ask her what she would like to buy, she readily says nose pins. I thank her for this as I do not have to scratch my head to buy a gift. Will it be right as a women’s day gift, is immaterial to me.
4. Bookends and bookstands: My teachers are the other women in my life who I always look up with gratitude. Not all but a couple of them who are in constant touch. I even ask for their guidance sometimes now. These gifts will be apt for them as both have a flair for reading.
5. Personalized gifts
6. Bags, fragrances and bath accessories
7. Sunglasses, shawls, and stoles: Well I have left these for another event as I feel they are too specific a gift. I will make a thorough research by then about their choice and use them for my next gifting.
Anyway women, thank you for being with me all the time. Happy Women’s Day!

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Happy Women’s Day Gifts for Her under Rs.999, Womens Day wallpaper

Happy Women’s Day is fast approaching, and we are sure that a few ideas on the best budget friendly gifts for women would be a life saver right now! You can get all the ladies in your life something thoughtful and inexpensive if you go with them. So we have picked out some great Gifts for Women that won’t empty your bank account and are wonderful. Also we assure you that your wife or girlfriend won’t be able to tell how little you really spent! At online portals you can find a gift for every woman in your life! You find high discounts here and can get gifts under 999rs. So dig in and see what you can choose.

From great gifts for the home to must have accessories, happy Women’s Day gifts are sure to please them. Your wife love to get one-of-a-kind gifts on Women’s Day. It’s not hard to find a good deal on jewellery, like gold plated bracelets, bewitching necklace set, long pendants and pearl pendants, heart pendants and ethnic drop earrings. You can find cute ear studs and rose pearl ear drops or ethnic finger rings. She would love to have the stunning range of jhumkas. There is a fabulous watch collection that keeps her on time and organised. You can gift her favourite shade and the one that goes with her style. Without any doubt you can gift makeup sets to any woman.
Women’s Day gifts for Mom are simple to think of and yet unique. Would not she love an ethnic painting? Home décor is something every household needs. She will appreciate this darling gift, and so will your wallet. You can find devotional statues for her and elegant dancing peacocks which is worth buying. Floral aroma diffusers fulfil both traditional and modern purposes and add beauty to the house. Warli design miniature vases will surely be her favourite and look beautiful. You have innumerable options in light holders and lanterns that come in various designs and colours. Small electronic appliances like sandwich maker, toaster or blender would be a thoughtful gift for your dear mother and they make her work quick and easy.

Personalised gifts online are good gifting options for every woman in your life and they make such a great gift for friends that you have known for a long. Anything personalised is cute but stationery would be a great idea to gift your colleagues and friends. They would love it. If your girlfriend is a coffee addict, then gift her coffee mug that is personalised with your photos. You can even send chocolate gift boxes and everyone would love to have chocolates. Most women love to put up photos all over their homes and offices. Gift them a printed photo with a cute frame. Put them together and wow! You made an amazing personalised gift. If your girlfriend loves wine, then get her a pair of personalised cans or shot glasses.

We have a collection of adorable and versatile handbags range that makes your woman look fashionable. Light up your house with our colourful and festive candle holders that brighten the day. A Women’s Day gift need not be expensive but it has to be meaningful and touch her heart.

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Happy Womens Day Wallpapers HD Free Download {2017}

This year, when you call your beloved women on 8th March to wish her a happy womens Day, Make her day special through best happy womens Day 2017 messages and statuses on Facebook and Whatsapp, apart from other social sharing channels. Put yourself in the spirit of love and care for greatest women in your life, with warm Happy womens Day 2017 quotes, Facebook message suggestions, Whatsapp status messages, and more.

Make your Happy womens day celebration more cheerful and exciting with Happy womens day wallpapers, women’s day iamges,  Women’s day Pic, Women’s day 2017 Facebook timeline HD wallpapers and cover photo Free Download. Just download your favourite happy womens day wallpaper and send it to the women you love and respect.

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Happy Women’s Day Free Download is available under Happy Women’s Day desktop background Wallpapers category. HD high quality widescreen resolutions for desktop pc free download for womens day 2016.

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Special Yoga Tips for Women On International womens day

Pressure, hormonal changes, and self-improvement are among the reasons why women should stay strong. A Woman’s ability to handle pressure, whether mental or physical, highly depends on her health. The hormonal changes linked with Menopause, Pregnancy and Periods can cause women to bear premenstrual condition, menstrual ache, headaches and other symptoms. She also requires staying fit to be able to deal with Pregnancy and Menopause, as one with the symptoms. Women have also been under the stress to look beautiful over the centuries. Now days, many Women would do nearly anything to stay slim.

Few basic yoga tips for women:
Menopause is a part of all women’s life. It is the period when your menstrual period permanently stops. This period generally occurs between the age of 45 and 60 linked with hormonal, physical and mental changes. These changes can take place slowly or abruptly.

Basic Yoga Session for Menopause:


Kapalabhati is a Breathing method used specifically for purification. If you have a lot of mucus in the atmosphere passages or feel anxiety and blockages in the chest. This pose is often useful to breathe rapidly.

Warrior Pose:


The Warrior Pose stretches and build up the arms and legs, increases energy, improves stability and attentiveness and can also cut backache. If you are suffering from diarrhea, blood pressure or neck pains, you should take more caution practicing this Yoga asana.

Yoga for Pre-menstrual Syndrome and Menstrual pain:


Menstruation is a normal monthly cycle in Women. It is around the monthly vaginal discharge in women and other mammals. The release consists of blood cells which shed from the lining of the women’s uterus.

Easy Pose or Sukhasana:


This is one of the standard Meditative yoga Poses and is generally performed after doing the Corpse yoga Pose. The simple yoga Pose helps in straightening the back bone, spine, slowing down metabolism activity, promoting inner serenity, and keeping your mind at peace.

Fish Pose or Matsyasana:


Practicing the Fish yoga Pose relieves rigidity of the neck and shoulder muscles and help to improve flexibility of your spine. It is the best yoga pose for the Shoulder stand. Try to hold the Fish Pose for at least for few seconds you spent in the Shoulder stand in order to poise the stretch.
Yoga does not only deal with your body but also with the emotion feelings and the soul. It brings peace to your mind and makes you more comfortable with your body and yourself which can later build up to self-knowledge and lead to self-dependence. It helps you make not only a toned and good body but also a positive approach towards life.

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Happy International Womens Day – Gifts, Wallpapers, Quotes (2017)

5 Women’s Day Gift Ideas for Special Women in your Life

Can you imagine a life without your mothers, wife, sisters, daughters and lady friends? Hard to imagine, isn’t it? If they hold such a special position in our lives, then why don’t celebrate the spirit of womanhood? With Women’s Day just a few days away, how about planning out some special gifts for the lovely women in your life? online portals has come to rescue to whoever is confused about buying the right gift!

Gifts for Mother
Your mommy dearest doesn’t except any materialistic gifts from their kids! Her only expectation is see her kids happy and prosper in life. On the special occasion of Women’s Day, how about surprising your mother with some fresh flowers that will brighten her day? You can also add some confectioneries to the bouquet and a sweet message that will tell your mommy how special she is! Also, if you have the budget to get some appliances that will reduce her time in the kitchen, then nothing like it! She will be overwhelmed to receive such a gift from her kiddo…
Gifts for Wife
Your lovely wifey, who has dedicated her whole life to you, should also be acknowledged on this special day! Now, if you are confused what to get her, turn to the online shopping portals for help. You will be amazed at the never-ending range of gifts for women! However, if you ask us for suggestions, we would recommend, get her some cool clutch or slingbag that matches her favorite dress! You can go a step ahead and get her matching watch too! Now that will be some kind of a surprise, won’t it? Also, she would really appreciate if you give her a break from her household work and take her for a day’s outing, to a romantic destination.
Gifts for Sister
Your first friend, your sister deserves to be appreciated to hide all your wrong doings from your parents and supporting you through the thick and thin of life! She will truly be surprised if you get her a personalized gift such as a personalized mug with her photo on it. Or you can also get her some cool poster that bears a childhood picture of the two of you! If your sister doesn’t stay with you, you can get her a customized voice greeting card. Record a sweet message for her and upload it on the online website. They will take care of the rest of the process and make sure your sis gets her gift well in time of Women’s Day.
Gifts for Daughter
Her lovely feet have turned your house into heaven and her laughter has filled the air with happiness… Yes, we are talking about your lovely daughter! You can get her some chic totebags that she can flaunt in her college or an elegant watch that will further enhance her beauty! If your little princess loves reading, get her some bestsellers from her favorite author’s collection. Trust us… she will cherish these gifts for lifetime!
Gifts for Friend
Your friend has supported you through all the difficult situations in your life and has also been the first one to celebrate your success! Now it is time to return some of her favors by getting her some lovely gifts for Women’s Day. You can get her some cool mobile cover for precious mobile phone! You can also gift her some chic bar accessories or elegant jewellery, and make her feel special.

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Make sure you are well-prepared before Women’s Day and surprise your special lady on this special occasion.

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Send Gifts to India On The Occasion of International WOMENS Day

Gifts are the expression of love and affection for anyone. If the receiver is a woman, then it will have more value as they love gifts. Added meaning is when the gift is for a special day for them, the Women’s Day. So the combination of a gift for women on the occasion of International Women’s day is a great one.

Women are the backbone of every society. The woman in any form, the mother, the sister, wife, friend, and teacher is a necessary person in one’s life. She strives to aid the lives of the people surrounding her. To mark her contribution in every walk of life, a specific day, March 8th, every year is celebrated as International Women’s day. We are not bothered what others do on this day, but we surely like to show our gratitude by presenting a gift that suits their personality.

Top 10 Happy Womens Day Quotes 2017

Some people can make happiness bloom just by saying just by being what they are. You’re one of them. Happy Women’s Day 2016!

A beautiful woman draws strength from troubles, smiles during distress and grows stronger with prayers & hope. Send this to a beautiful woman. I just did! Wishing you a very happy woman’s day 2016!

For all the times you’ve brought a smile and made my days seem brighter. For sharing ups and downs with me and making my burdens lighter. For doing the caring things that make a special friend. Your friendship is a joy. I wish it never ends! Happy Women’s Day 2016!

My world is beautiful because of you and I wish to spend the rest of my life loving you. I love you forever!

I just want you to know how special and fortunate I find myself to be blessed with a woman as loving, caring and wonderful as you. Happy Women’s Day!

Happy Women’s Day to the one who has stolen my heart!

Gifts for women include; watches, purse, handbags, toiletries, jewelry and so on. I do like to pick a gift that not only expresses my love towards them but also as an expression of their personality. For instance, my mother who is some miles away from me, I would like to thank her by sending her favorite bhajans recorded and along with those accessories for puja. She is in her ripe age and so will be happy to receive such a gift. I may not find such gifts locally here, I will search for online gifts.

The next person whom I would extend my gratitude on the women’s day is my wife. I would like to search for some women’s day gifts online as well for her. It is not that I wouldn’t get anything here, but I would like to gift something that she can identify with. She loves Indian sweets, which she refrains herself from, for reasons known to everyone. But I will present her some delicious, lip-smacking chocolates as well. I found a good branded chocolate gift boxes in online portals: Ferrero Rocher, Cadbury, Hershey’s and others with different flavors and what not. I would like to tell her that I love her any way she is and she need not cut down on these things.

I don’t have a sister otherwise, I would have taken some very attractive watches. I am amazed at the collection that gifts for girls offer. They are simply stunning with all varieties of dials, straps and color combinations. I wish I had a little sister.
How can I forget my colleague and a long-time friend? I receive that kind of a helping hand both good and bad times is this lady. As I am getting an opportunity to show my thankfulness for all that she has been to me, I will definitely use it. I would like to see her eyes glow when she receives this gift that I will send gifts online.
Well Women, Thank you all for making us men into real ‘men’. Happy Women’s day!


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Ki and Ka Movie Trailer HD Ki and Ka Movie Release Date and Cast

Ki and Ka movie 2016 is an upcoming Indian romantic comedy drama, the Ki and Ka film written, directed, and produced by R. Balki.

The Ki and Ka 2016 movie is about the young married couple whose relationship challenges the gender roles placed upon women and men in Indian society. The young couple role in Ki and Ka movie is played by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Arjun Kapoor

Ki and Ka Movie Cast and Crew

Ki and Ka Movie Release date: April 1, 2016 (India)
Ki and Ka Movie Director: R. Balki
Ki and Ka Movie Music by: Nadeem-Shravan
Ki and Ka Movie is Written by: R. Balki
Ki and Ka Movie Cinematography: P. C. Sreeram
Ki and Ka Movie Cast: Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor


Watch Ki and Ka Movie Trailer HD

The Ki and Ka Movie TRailer is awsome, kareena kapoor and arjun kapoor is looking so good together. In Ki and KA movie kareena and arjun has done one romantic scene and a kiss for that the movie is on the page 3 with its controversial scene.

Ki and Ka movie songs and really good and the music is very well its touching the heart.

Ki and Ka movie 2016 Posters – Karrena- kapoor and arjun kaporr





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