Did Luke Kenny actually buy a car online?

When we found out that he had, team ehookcrook.com got in touch with luke and tried to get some answers out of him. Check out how the ever calm and super creative musician answered our “se7en Deadly Questions” !!”


1.You’re a creator, basically. You have been a dancer, an actor, a DJ a VJ and a music producer. Where did you find your strongest connect? And you can’t say “music”, be more specific.

Luke-Kenny-imagesThe strongest connect for me has been the opportunity to be able to creatively contribute to all these streams.

2.You have a (practically) global genetic history… which part of the world do you find most inspiring? Why?

Luke-Kenny-imagesThe amazing part about the human condition is that it has been a universal creative force across time. Political borders and territorial mapping is just a minor obstacle that undermines the magic of creation.


3. 5 things that Luke Kenny cannot go through a day without…

Luke-Kenny-imagesIn no particular order

4. What’s the one food that can be used to get you out of a bad mood?

Luke-Kenny-imagesHot chocolate with soy milk


5. You’re an attractive guy… if a man was to ask you out on a date, how would you respond?

Luke-Kenny-imagesSure let’s go talk about the world and life and the universe at large.


6. So, we have all been young and stupid (some of us still are)… would you share one of your most stupid incidences with us?

Luke-Kenny-imagesI once bought a Volkswagen Beetle on the Internet.


7. You have carved a niche for yourself over the years, what is the one failure that you think you have learnt from the most?

Luke-Kenny-imagesFailure walks by my side every moment. It however has been good enough to not let me stumble or fall.


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Here’s How You Can Make Mother’s Day Exciting for Your Mom!

What can be the perfect definition of a mom? Someone who selflessly takes care of the well-being of the family. Someone whose daily routine is always filled with some major work. Someone whose dreams and aspirations are the desires of her children. So, mom is not a word, it is a universe! She is the reason behind your success, she is the cause of your life, and definitely, she is the superstar of your life.


Mother’s Day is that day dedicated to the spirit, power, and courage of a mom. Here are some innovative ideas on how you can design this day beautifully to make her feel special.

Take Mom out for a Dinner Date:
Everyone is busy in their own life taking care of their ambitions and goals. In this rat-race of life, how much time do you give to your darling mom? She never complains about that because she understands the need or significance of your “busy working hours”. But being the dutiful son/daughter, you can take a day off from work and spend some quality time with her.

Gift Her a Hamper of Personalized Products:
A hamper of personalized products like cushion, mug, lamp, photo frame, and coasters would be a thrilling idea to greet your mom on the occasion of Mother’s Day. A picture always has some story to tell and speaks more than words. Find the most wonderful pictures of your mom and create these memory-filled gifts.

Book a Spa Session for Her:
An ideal Mother’s Day gift would be a relaxing spa session for her. The floral bath and essential oil massage help in calming the nerves, eliminating the pain, and waning anxiety-stress-tension. There are many responsibilities that a mom has to shoulder and that’s why she should feel relaxed. Therefore, you can opt for this mother’s day gift option.

Persuade Her to Holiday in an Exotic Location:
A mom’s only passion is to keep her family happy. She completely ignores herself in this process. This Mother’s Day, persuade her to take a holiday to an exotic location. She can relax while she enjoys a time-out from the routine activities. She would come back happier!

Cook for Her:
She is undoubtedly the world’s best cook. Her recipes always have some secret ingredient which makes you crave for more. Perhaps the secret ingredient is nothing but her love! This is her day and you must make some effort to make her feel special. Cook her favourite meal and surprise her. She won’t judge the taste of the food because she would be overwhelmed with the effort that you have put – that’s the nature of a MOM.

Publish Her Poems/Short Stories:
Is your mom fond of writing? Does she keep a diary where she scribbles all her poetry or short stories? If yes, don’t you think that this immense talent needs to be illuminated? So, you can secretly take her diaries and talk to some publisher to get them published. Wrap this newly published book in a gorgeous wrapping paper and present it to her on Mother’s Day. She would be speechless with joy for this awesome gift.

So, don’t keep on waiting for the last minute to make her feel special. This Mother’s Day 2018, go all out to make the most important woman in your life feel truly wonderful. Let it be the best day she ever spends!