[Top 5] Must Have Women’s Accessories for the festive season

Festive season is often the wonderful and most desirous season for women. And for poor men it is the most distressing and depressing season. But who cares! We women are born to shop and men are born to pay for it. I remember once my friend broke up her relationship with her boy friend only because he never gave her a gift. How ridiculous!


Every festive season brings some new trends. Hey girls, are you keeping track of the latest saris, and dress patterns that our small screen heroines are wearing? On the other day, I happened to see some heroine wearing some interesting accessories. Then I decided to jot down the accessories I should have this festive season.

Firstly, a lovely neckwear set should be added to my jewelry box. The fantastic fashion jewelry I saw on the other day  was too tempting. The American diamond sets, the imitation and one gram gold sets are so inviting and mesmerizing that I just can’t wait to buy. But I am just waiting if I will get as a gift for wife from my dear husband.

The next thing I felt I should have, are some trendy handbags. Tote bags, backpack ones, Zoli, oh I just can’t decide. But surely it will be some trendy bag which will fill envy in other’s eyes. I want to tell that I myself am envious about the bag that my friend from her man as a birthday gift for girlfriend.




Let me think. When I wear a sari and jewelry matching with one another, I should also match it with a watch. Yes, that is the next thing in my list. A lovely watch with a beautiful strap, preferably that can be changed to match my apparel. Recently I have found organic coconut wood women’s watches. Well, this will surely be in my wardrobe soon as this is out and out new.

No doubt I will stun everyone with my new accessories, but I wish to gather their attention even before they spot me. Fragrances will do the job for me. There are Mont Blanc, Nike basics, and some fresh and pure perfumes in the online market available.


Last but not the least is foot wear. I desire to have some very fancy and party wear foot wear. High heels or flats, the sandals should be decorated richly. I want it to be my style-statement.

So girls, don’t wait for birthday gifts for girlfriend type of gifts, collect these accessories. Let’s shop online!


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