9 colours to Wear on Navratri 2018 and Their importance

Navratri 2018 is around the corner so we know you all are excited to know the Nine colours of Navratri 2018 So here is the list of 9 colours to Wear on Navratri 2018, First day is called the ‘Ghatsthapana’ day, when Gujarati and other community people get ‘Garbo’ at home, This year the first day of Navratri festival lands on 10th October 2018 bringing the first color of season GRAY.


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Importance of Navratri 9 days and Tithi names in Sanskrit

Navratri Day 1     Pratipada  (Wednesday) 10th October  2018
Navratri Day 2    Dwitiya  (Thursday) 11th October 2018
Navratri Day 3     Tritiya (Friday) 12th October  2018
Navratri Day 4     Chaturthi (saturday) 13th October  2018
Navratri Day 5     Panchami (Sunday) 14th October  2018
Navratri Day 6     Sashti (Monday) 15th October  2018
Navratri Day 7     Saptami (Tuesday) 16th October  2018
Navratri Day 8    Ashtami (Wednesday) 17th October  2018
Navratri Day 9     Navami (Also Called Vijayadasami) (Thursday) 18th October  2018


Significance of 9 colours Of Navratri 2018

BLUE:  Skandamata is a face of Maa Durga always known for demolishing the demons. She is dressed in a ‘Blue’ saree  1st day of Navratri 2018

YELLOW: Second Day colour of Navratri 2018 is Yellow On this day Shailaputri Maa is dressed with Yellow saree, Shailaputri Maa is first among Nav Durga

GREEN:  The colour of the 3rd day of navratri for devotees is ‘Green‘.Bharmacharini Maa is worshiped on this day.

GRAY: On the 4th day of Navratri 2018, Goddess Shailaputri Maa is dressed in a ‘Grey‘ saree which is a combination of Color Black and  White.

ORANGE:  Fifth Day of Navratri 2018 , Goddess Kushmanda is dressed in a Orange Saree, Orange is colour of courage

WHITE: Sixth day of navratri 2018 is most peaceful day as the dress colour to wear on 6th day is White.

RED: Kushmanda goddess is dressed in Red colour on 7th day of Nvratri  2018, Red colour is known as colour of vigour and warmth

PURPLE:  You can wear Purple colour on 8th day of Navratri  and you can enjoy the Garba and Dandiya on this day by wearing purple colour.

PINK:  the dress color to wear on 9th day of Navratri 2018  is Pink which is colour of last day of Navratri Festival



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