When was the last time you found yourself saying “by hook or by crook, I am going to make this happen”? eHookCrook is an intellectual branding firm that believes in doing whatever it takes, ethically, to turn your entity into a brand. The ‘Hook’ and ‘Crook’ in the name stands for the efforts that we pool in, to bring you the results that you need.

eHookCrook has been operational since 2013, bringing forth a lot of brands that started out as mere dreams. Run by a couple of extremely inspired and enthusiastic women, eHookCrook is a mostly women-driven organization. With a collective experience of over 15 years in a field of Digital Marketing, Organic Social Media, Content Strategy, Design Strategy and Corporate Training, eHookCrook is a fullstack intellectual branding and marketing strategy company for the modern business.

Just like a tree develops from inside out, we believe in building a brand from inside out. Using the right strategy, to help you branch out to the sky!

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Email :   ehookcrook@gmail.com

Meet Our Awesome Team

 Rashida Khilawala: Essentially a writer, Rashida is also a marketing strategist and a trainer.  Rashida loves reaching out to audiences while creating content that would give them something to think about and learn from. Rashida is an expert at Organic Social Media marketing and Behavioural Training as well.


Shweta Kodgire Pattewar: Shweta is one of India’s most talented Digital Marketers who specializes in identifying what readers want to read. She can not only identify the subject, but also take it to their individual screens. A bubbly talented woman, Shweta believes in the concept of “best quality, or nothing”. From Affiliate Marketing to SEO, SEM and even strategy, Shweta has found effectiveness in every aspect of Digital Marketing.