The young ‘Ranbir Kapoor’ from ‘Barfi’, Rahul Malhotra reaches Cannes 2018 with new Short Movie

(Rahul Malhotra will be seen in a new short movie, ‘Jihaad-E-Nafs and reaches Cannes 2018)

Rahul Malhotra (Aged 15, Son of Payal Malhotra) has been a part of the industry for a while now. From commercials, Serials or Movies, he has done it all as a child artist. He was last seen in the movie ‘Barfi’ playing the younger version of ‘Ranbir Kapoor’. Despite his age, he was incredibly adorable in his role, making justice to the character. But that is not the end for Rahul Malhotra, he is continuing to showcase his skills with his upcoming short movie named


‘Jihaad-E-Nafs’ where he has prepared himself to play a character of a young Muslim boy with all the etiquettes and lingos to authenticate the character.

As always Rahul Malhotra has been surprising with his talents, and this short movie is where he has justified the same. ‘Jihaad-E-Nafs’ has been selected at the short film corner in Cannes 2018.

‘’It was not easy to prepare for this character as there was not much of a reference to deliver. I loved the process of making this short movie and I hope it gets loved enough once released’’ says, Rahul Malhotra about his journey with ‘Jihaad-e-Nafs’

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‘Raazi’ actress Amruta Khanvilkar impresses Meghna Gulzar with her Urdu efficiency !

The winner of 7th season of a dance based reality show ‘Nach Baliye’, actor Amruta Khanvilkar is all set for her upcoming Bollywood movie, a Meghna Gulzar directorial ‘Raazi’, produced by Karan Johar’s ‘Dharma Productions’, starring Alia Bhatt and Vicky Kaushal. She is portraying the role of Munira, a housewife, from the Pakistani Royal family.

Meghana Gulzar and Amruta Khanvilkar

The character, being a person belonging to the Muslim family, Amruta obviously had to converse in Urdu. She was a part of critically acclaimed Marathi Movie, ‘Katyar Kaljat Ghusli’, in which she portrayed a Muslim character that earned her rave reviews. Amruta, on her own, took efforts to learn Urdu for ‘Raazi’, as she had to have that perfect accent.

Amruta said, “Urdu here was much harder as compared to ‘Katyar…’ I was well prepared, as I had to speak Urdu in front of the legendary Gulzar Sahab’s daughter. Seeing me study my character thoroughly and going prepared on the sets, Meghana Ma’am was quiet impressed”

She further adds, “Though being a Maharashtrian, I didn’t have the typical Marathi touch while conversing in Urdu and when I went for the auditions, Meghanaji really liked the fluency, and accent as there was no Marathi tone to it and eventually I signed the movie. I even did toughest of Urdu-speaking scenes with ease and Meghanaji was kind enough to appreciate and encouraged me at every step. It’s a proud moment for me(smiles)”

5 Facts Every Astrology Lover Should Know

So astrology is fun. It is informative and can, at times, help you gain a lot of insight into what a person is. However, if you are an astrology lover, there are a few things you need to know before you go around behaving like you are Bejaan Daruwala or Linda Goodman!


So here are 5 facts that every astrology lover should know:

1. Moon Signs Matters Too

There are two types of signs that affect the same individual. The Zodiac/Sun sign and the Moon sign. Your zodiac sign is based on your date of birth. Your moon sign, however, also involves your year and time of birth. As such, it is said that while your zodiac sign is representative of your external personality, your moon sign is representative of what you are on the inside, to yourself.

2. Ascent Influence Matters Too

Upbringing matters; that is a fact that one can’t deny, as do genetics. Ascent influence is the genetic influence of the zodiac signs of your biological parents. As such, you may notice that you may be of a certain zodiac sign, but your behaviour has some patterns belonging to another zodiac sign, like one of your parents.

3. Elements Matter Too

Along with the zodiac sign, each zodiac has a certain ruling element. There are 4 elements, namely fire, water, air and earth. Adding to this, there are 3 sign types that add to the behaviour. An individual could be of fixed, mutable or cardinal types. The combination of these three factors- zodiac, element and sign type, are what make up the overall personality.

4. Gender Matters Too

Every sign has different characteristics for men and women. So the gender mattes a great deal when it comes to the perception of the zodiac sign. For instance, a Leo male, finds a great deal of pleasure in philanthropy because it gets them positive attention. However, a Leo female can’t be bothered with philanthropy, she will instead go for the glamorous ways to get popularity.

5. Astrology is Relative

Because there are a lot of factors that go into astrology, one needs to know that it is relative. Because it is relative, we perceive behaviours as per our own selective perception. As such, completely basing a judgement on your perception of an individual’s zodiac sign, is not only unfair, but wrong.
So there you go. 5 facts that every astrology lover should know… so whether you are an Aquarius or a Gemini, whether you are a fire sign or a water sign, a cardinal Cancer or mutable Libra. These facts will help you solve a few of the misconceptions you may have with the subject of astrology.

Abbas-Mastan Praises ‘Shatabdhi’ for her debut performance in upcoming Marathi movie ‘MEE’

(Abbas-Mastan attended the music launch of ‘MEE’ to support the team, the movie releases on 20th of April 2018)

Marathi Cinema is upgrading with every year and is seeing the birth of a new actor each day. Tajela Films & Entertainment is one such banner which is bringing light to the real-life stories & empowering matter through their stories and is launching a debutant actress ‘Shatabdhi’ in their upcoming movie ‘’MEE’’. This Marathi movie is produced by Tajela Bagade & directed by Navneet Kaushik. The movie revolves around women empowerment and shall see a team of talented actors like Aditya Deshmukh, Kamlesh Sawant, Anant Jog, Mayur Khandageand many more.

abbas mastan in MEE movie release

Abbas-mastan, being a part of the music launch was full of praises for Shatabdhi. ‘The trailer seems amazing and the performances are standing out well. We are surprised by the performance of Shatabdhi for her debut movie. We are sure that the movie will portray the correct message to the audience.’’

The trailer of this movie released on 12th of April, 2018 and according to the source, the song has already been viral on social networking sites. The movie is releasing on the 20th of April 2018 and the team is sure that the movie will be loved by the audience.

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5 Zodiac Signs that will have an Interesting Weekend

So, we all know that we are all working very hard this week. It is Wednesday and the mid-week blues are already setting in for some. We checked out the weekend for all the zodiacs (because we, kind of, had nothing better to do). Because we only like sharing exciting stuff, here are the top 5 Zodiac Signs that will have an interesting weekend.


taurus1. Taurus: You bully, you! You are going to have a weekend full of fun. You may have a blank slate on Monday morning because of all those shots that you chose to do on Sunday night (of course, you will have tried to NOT go, but then… SHOTS, right?) Just try to not empty your bank account this weekend, because there is a chance that you either find love or just really awesome sex this weekend!!


cancer2. Cancer: Moony Tunes for you this weekend. The first weekend after the full moon is always great for a cancer. You will be chilled out and relaxed. We see a nice outing with your family in the stars for you. For those of you who are single, there is a chance that you will stay single by the end of the weekend (because you won’t be in too much of a rush to take emotional decisions).


leo3. Leo: While many will argue that a Leo’s weekend is always interesting, we will not disagree. If there is anyone who knows how to paint the town red (or whatever colour they want), it is a Leo! Dear Leo, you will be the life of the party this weekend, but we also see a little bit of a kink in the graph for you. You may have to share the attention with a Taurus this weekend, and we request that you do not bite their head off (it is just one weekend, anyway)!


sagittarius4. Sagittarius: Hmmmm…. Dear Sagittarius, you have been keeping something up your sleeve all week! This weekend, you will reap the benefits of it. Now, it could be the payout of an amazing project, or that cutie, finally, going out for dinner with you. Either way, you will be having a ball. We see that this weekend, you will be off protection duty, just having a good time!


libra5. Libra: Ooooh… That’s right, the scales are going to have a very interesting weekend. Dear Libra, while we know that you only party when it is either the right time, or required to, this weekend will be interesting for you for other reasons. What we see is a whole lot of quality time with loved ones. However, you will have an epiphany moment this weekend, which will help you sort out some confusion that has been subtly bothering you since a while


So, there you go… the top 5 zodiacs to have an interesting weekend. For the others, always remember that the stars follow us. So, if you want to have a better weekend than these guys, work for it. Start excelling at what you do, engage with wonderful people (and keep these 5 zodiacs around you)! Namaste!

South Actresss Shivaani Singh is amazed to share the screen with Vidya Balan

After the release of Shivaani Singh’s ‘Ye Mantram Vesave’ a Telugu movie debut, she is all set for the forthcoming plans with her career. Recently she finished an ad commercial for Catch Masala spices with Vidya Balan and mentions about the fan moment she experienced. Despite multiple commercials in the past like tata zest, jabong, veet etc, she had her first fan moment during the shoot of Catch Masala. The commercial was shot in Bombay where Vidya Balan plays the sister-in-law of Shivaani.

shivani-singh-vidya balan

” I had a fan moment with her, it was the first time I took a picture with a celebrity because she inspires me to be constantly working on the art of acting. She is really body confident where many choose surgeries. She is redefining and upping her acting game. I had a brief conversation with her where she mentioned about some of her movies she worked on but they were never released and finally Parineeta came in the screens, Likewise, I also mentioned to her about my movie ‘Ye mantram vesave’ about how delayed it was in terms of release.

She wished me good luck and told me to hold on. She was very nurturing during the shoot as well and kept on helping at every step. Vidya ma’am is a wonderful human being which inspired me not only to be a better actor but a better human being as well. She has reached the heights of her career and yet she made it easy to have a conversation with” says Shivaani Singh.

Shivaani is simultaneously working on her future projects.

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5 Iconic Onscreen Mom’s to Mention this National Safe Motherhood Day

April 11th 2018 is National safe motherhood day. We know there is a lot about safe pregnancy etc that you can find on the internet. So how about this? Here is a list of 5 iconic onscreen moms, if you can be a mother like this, take up motherhood. It’s safe enough!

Devki Sabarwal (Sridevi)- Mom, 2017

Devki Sabarwal (Sridevi)- Mom, 2017

Devki Sabarwal plays a step mother to Arya Sabarwal. As a character, Arya has still not accepted Devki as her mother, but Devki not only gives her time, but also continues to perform her duties as a mother toward her. The movie sees her avenging Arya’s rape, smartly killing all the men involved in the gruesome act that almost kills Arya. Now that’s a mother!

Chanda (Swara Bhaskar)- Nil Battey Sannata, 2016

Chanda (Swara Bhaskar)- Nil Battey Sannata, 2016

Single mother, Chanda has a daughter Apu who is in SSC. Apu is struggling in Mathermatics. Chanda, a domestic help, speaks to one of her employers about this and he then suggests that she bring in a tutor to help her out. Chanda, who aims at having her daughter study for IAS one day, knows that she cannot afford additional help. So, the drop out goes back to scool so she can tutor herself. Chanda is the kind of mother who believes in not just protecting her daughter, but also helping her spread her wings and fly to her dreams, in the process, working on herself as well.

Manju Chakravarty (Kirron Kher)- Khoobsurat, 2014

Manju Chakravarty (Kirron Kher)- Khoobsurat, 2014

Manju is a cool-cat mom to the protagonist Dr. Milli. Manju is the kind off mother who can encourage her daughter to follow her heart, as well as the rules. A super awesome mom, Manju is often referred by her first name by her daughter. This nature of her’s allows her daughter to reach out to her in need. After all, if we don’t know what our children are upto, how can we help them?

Savitri (Ratna Pathak)- Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, 2008

Savitri (Ratna Pathak)- Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, 2008

Savitri is a new age empowered mother to a son! If one is to look at what a feminist is like when mothering a boy, one only needs to check out Savitri. She is nonchalant, friendly and non-violent. Despite the fact that she is a “Rathod Bahu” at the end of the day, Savitri raises her son to be aman who can face conflict without violence, and love with all his heart. Her son can speak to her openly and she can understand his acts even if he doesn’t!

Radha (Nargi)- Mother India, 1957

Radha (Nargi)- Mother India, 1957

I am sure there are a bunch of you who have never seen this movie. But I hope you have heard about it. And, after reading this, you are inspired to watch it. As the name suggests, Mother India is a movie with the mother as the protagonist. Radha is poverty stricken when her village ruined by a flood. She chooses to continue working on her field, inspiring many others to do it. She raises her sons on her own, with her dignity impact. The nail in the wall is the fact that Radha is willing to shoot her son when he misbehaves with a girl in the village. Yes, this is a mom, most moms of the previous generations should have learnt from!

A safe and healthy mother, is a mother who is a mother by heart. You need to sacrifice all you have, you need not be in tears to convince your children to do what’s right. You need to be a strong woman, to be a strong mother. Focus on your own goals as well, and be an example for your child, as well. Happy National Safe Motherhood Day!

The Month of April for all Zodiac Signs

With the new financial year starting, get to know what the month looking like for your zodiac sign. Every sign has its own set of characteristics which are the reason why every zodiac sign will have a different set of experiences this month. So, let us delve into it and see who can expect what in April 2018.




The excitable fire sign, Aries, can look forward to a great start of the new financial year. Candidly speaking, Aries is the spoilt older sibling of the zodiac, who is a great bad influence with a heart of gold. So, dear Aries, April 2018 will come with new financial investments that can go both ways for you this year. So be a little wary.



The bull, Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Which means, you have a tendency to not like change a lot. I am sure the new tax returns, with GST calculation was something that annoyed you quite a lot. This month will be fairly relaxed for you, because you have already laid down the groundwork for the new financial year, last month itself. If you are single, you could meet someone interesting this month.



Gemini, you may be known for being two-faced, but this month your duality in nature will come in handy for you. Seems like, you will be facing a lot of confusing times this month. You will need to keep your pragmatism and deal with them like the bawse that you are!



For a month that started with the full moon, you can rest assured that the tides will be in your favour this month, dear cancer. Ensure that you are taking care of professional life, as competition will be strong right now. However, your calm nature should come in handy for you. Look forward to some really fun time with friends and family as well.



Dear Leo, expect a lot of beautiful new beginnings this month. A new project or an exciting new relationship may be in the offing. Your open nature will finally be appreciated for the honesty it, actually, entails. You have a lot of new learning in store for you as well.



This is hardly a month when you will get to rest, dear Virgo. Your nature leadership skills will be exercised to the hilt with brand new opportunities and growth that can be seen in the stars for you this month. If you are married, we can see that there is bound to be a little strain on your relationship. However, there is nothing that a clear discussion and some sweet love-making cannot solve.


Libra, you have worked splendidly for the past quarter, and this month you will reap the benefits of it. Your balanced practical nature should help you to stay grounded with it, throughout. Focus this month, should be on growth, else there is a possibility that you may get too comfortable with the status quo, and get complacent.



My dear Scorpio, don’t pay heed to the haters this month. The starts say that there is a possibility you will be faced with petty politics from those around you. You need to remember that your way is forward and that those hating on you are just a challenge you need to overcome. We both know that you can manage it with swag, any day of the week.



Just like Jupiter, you will be found body-guarding the ones you love this month. It seems like you are expanding your knowledge and experiences this month, as well. While there may be some issues while getting started, rest assured that by the third week of the month, you will slowly start seeing sweet success.


Capricorn, the weather and the taxation fatigue may start taking you down this month. Do not pay heed to the call of depression. You have been good this year, and you will keep that energy level going for you. Try ensuring that you do some yoga, walking, jogging or even kick-boxing, to channelize your energies in the right way.



My dear, you have always been misunderstood. But this moth, seems like the zodiac is only going to keep the right people around you. Be it to encourage you, to bring you more success or to take your to new heights, only the right people will be able to pass the zodiac shield that intends on protecting you this month.



You are the dreamer of the zodiac. You are, often, the one asking the questions that lead to new innovations and inventions. This month, you will find more people paying heed to your questions. Don’t let the heat get to you. Channel your inner wind to take you in the right direction, and you will surely find your peace.
So, this is what April looks like for all of you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave your questions in the comments and we are sure to help you out! Till we meet again, Namaste!

5 Ways to Celebrate World Health Day

April 7th 2018, is World Health Day. How about not making any great vows, but just making a few simple lifestyle changes to celebrate World Health Day 2018? Here are some great ways:

7-April-World-Health-Day-download image free

1. Stay Happy: Happiness is the feeling we perceive when our brain excretes a chemicals called endorphin, serotonin, oxytocin and dopamine. Endorphin is also a great helper to your metabolism and immunity. Serotonin allows you to gather and retain knowledge better. Oxytocin helps you bond with people, as well as forget instances that are not worth remembering. And dopamine gives you drive to keep doing things that make you happy. So yes, doing what makes you happy and gives you peace of mind, is a good habit!

2. Love Yourself: Loving is a powerful act. Loving your self is even more powerful. Loving yourself is often confused to be narcissism. However, loving yourself means that you are willing to do things that you deem right for you. This is a very healthy trait, because an individual who loves themselves, will often be loving and caring of the people around them. So, the next time you meet someone who truly loves themselves, try learning from them.

3. Eat Healthy: While healthy eating is great for you weight watching, it is also very good for your psychological health. Regular, healthy eating allows you to be in control of your metabolism, mood and overall immunity. 3 main meals a day eaten slowly is the only thumb rule to healthy eating. Ensure you have a balanced diet consisting of all major nutrients in the span of 24 ours. Ensure that you give your stomach a break of 10 hours in those 24 hours as well.

4. Moderation in Everything: Let’s face it, we are millenials and we, pretty much, do what we want. “Don’t drink” or “don’t smoke” are no longer mandates, only choices we make. As such, a very important lifestyle decision to make would be to maintain moderation in whatever you do. Be it good habits or bad. Keep your mind detached from forming habits. Stay free, try things out, but ensure that you do things in a limit, so as to not become a liability on anyone around you.

5. Use Protection: Healthy Sex Life is a very important aspect of anyone’s life. While there is no limit to a person’s sexual appetite or preferences, it is essential to use protection, like a condom, under all circumstances. Many people worry about an unwanted pregnancy when it comes to unsafe sex, STDs are much bigger a concern. So ensure that you are not just using protection, but also ensuring that you choose your partners carefully, based on trust and chemistry.

So these are 5 basic lifestyle choices for millenials to make this World Health Day, 2018. If you have any more tips or inputs, feel free to leave them in the comments. You never know whom they could help.

Did Luke Kenny actually buy a car online?

When we found out that he had, team got in touch with luke and tried to get some answers out of him. Check out how the ever calm and super creative musician answered our “se7en Deadly Questions” !!”


1.You’re a creator, basically. You have been a dancer, an actor, a DJ a VJ and a music producer. Where did you find your strongest connect? And you can’t say “music”, be more specific.

Luke-Kenny-imagesThe strongest connect for me has been the opportunity to be able to creatively contribute to all these streams.

2.You have a (practically) global genetic history… which part of the world do you find most inspiring? Why?

Luke-Kenny-imagesThe amazing part about the human condition is that it has been a universal creative force across time. Political borders and territorial mapping is just a minor obstacle that undermines the magic of creation.


3. 5 things that Luke Kenny cannot go through a day without…

Luke-Kenny-imagesIn no particular order

4. What’s the one food that can be used to get you out of a bad mood?

Luke-Kenny-imagesHot chocolate with soy milk


5. You’re an attractive guy… if a man was to ask you out on a date, how would you respond?

Luke-Kenny-imagesSure let’s go talk about the world and life and the universe at large.


6. So, we have all been young and stupid (some of us still are)… would you share one of your most stupid incidences with us?

Luke-Kenny-imagesI once bought a Volkswagen Beetle on the Internet.


7. You have carved a niche for yourself over the years, what is the one failure that you think you have learnt from the most?

Luke-Kenny-imagesFailure walks by my side every moment. It however has been good enough to not let me stumble or fall.


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