This Friendship Day Hangout with Your Buddies in These Cool Cafes in Pune

As we all know pune is beautiful city, so do the restaurants and Best Cafe in pune. The comfortable ambience of the restaurants and cafe make you come to city again and again. As friendship day is around the corner So why not celebrate this friendship day in Best Cafe In pune.

Here are some all time Best Cafe in  Pune

Bubsterr’s pune


In Bubsterr’s Cafe  “Best deep dish style-ish pizza you’ll have in pune.”  you can visit website:, You can also follow them on twitter handle: @Bubsterrs so you will be keep updated with latest yummy dishes of the cafe.

Cafe Gustozo


Gustozo Cafe is located in Baner Road Pune, if you want a cozy place to hangout with your friends then Gustozo Cafe will be the best choice, it is European style cafe with live kitchen and you can enjoy a single plate meal over this cafe. You can Follow @CafeGustozo twitter handle to keep updated with authenticate food.

Cafe Toons


Toons – The Cafe Down Under is located in Camp area of Pune. here you will find variety of snacks menu, a very big screen for the live sports and you will find best caricatures on the walls of Cafe. so celebrate your friendship day with Rock music, hot chicken and chilled beer over a nice gup shup with your firneds in Toons Cafe. You can follow @cafe_toons on twiiter for latest updates and offers.

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