Bhai Dooj Festival Ritual | Bhai Dooj 2016

Yet another festival in the Hindu calendar that celebrates the bond between a Brother and a sister. This festival falls in the month of Kartik during the five-day-long Diwali festival. .’Bhai’ means brother and ‘dooj ‘ means second. This literally means the festival exclusively for brothers on the second day after full moon, also happens to be the last day of the Diwali celebrations.

As always there are legends in support of this festival too. Though we do not need any authentication, still it is good to know why and how Bhai dooj is celebrated. It is believed that Yamuna has invited her brother Yama on this day to a feast at her house. In the absence of Yamaraj, the people in Yamlok had been freed of their sufferings. In the wake of this freedom, a grand celebration was hosted.

Whenever we talk of any kind of relationship, Lord Krishna is bound to be referred. After killing Narakasur, the demon whose atrocities were unbearable, Lord Krishna went to his sister, Subhadra. She, in turn, gave him a grand welcome. She applied ‘Tika’ and served him sweets and savories. This is one more reason why Bhau beej is celebrated.


By now it is quite clear that the importance of Bhai Dooj in Hindu culture is no less than Raksha Bandhan. The significance of this festival is seen even today. The brother-sister love is celebrated once again.

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The Bhai Dooj Festival ritual is performed thus:

The brother visits his sister’s place. She applies Tilak (vermillion) on his forehead. Then, she gives arti and prays for her brother’s long and prosperous life. In return, the brother showers his love and blessings with lots of gifts. According to some belief, it is said that if a brother gives his sister gifts on this day, he will be blessed with happiness and peace throughout the year. Also those women, who do not have brothers, consider the Moon as her brother and worship him on this day.

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