What can you Buy during Happy Gudi Padwa 2018

Officially, every Indian follows the Gregorian calendar and celebrates the ‘New Year’ on January 1st every year. But, individually, all the states celebrated their calendar year according to the Hindu calendar based on the Lunar placement. According to Hindu to the Hindu calendar, the first day of Chaitra month is considered to be the first day of the year.

In Maharashtra and Konkan, the new year is called as Padwa, which in Sanskrit means the first day of the bright phase of the moon. The same festival is called as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. As it is a new year, it is quite obvious that we exchange gifts.


Significance of Gudi Padwa

According to me and the observation I had made, a variety of gifts are presented. The Maharashtrians have a distinct way of celebration wherein they have a Gudi erected on a bamboo stick in the front courtyard. A copper vessel is placed with a cloth to represent a gudi on the bamboo stick. Even a garland of frozen sugar moulds is put around it. Apart from these essential ones, the lady of the house will always take the opportunity to buy something else also. As it is a festival, something related to the traditional procedures can be bought.

Especially for Maharashtrians, Lord Ganesha is the most favorite of gods. This is my first pick as I would love to receive Lord Ganpati on any occasion. You can find Gudipadwa gifts online and chose the most adorable Ganesha ever. And at least for me, Ganesha is the cutest of all gods. In online websites, you will find him in different ways, like sitting on his knees, in a Nataraj posture, Ganesha playing the flute or a Tabla or simply relaxing on a couch.

Personally, for this festival, I would prefer spiritual or devotional gifts. So, if this is not the choice then I will go for Pooja accessories. Gudi Padwa gifts online have pure silver or silver finish puja thalis or even diyas and the like. In fact, I even saw a puja thali where idols, thali and diya and other accessories in a single pack. Isn’t that great?

Earlier, I mean in my childhood, the festival would mean getting up early in the morning to draw rangoli in front of the house and that too be the first in the colony to do that. Long gone are the days and today we only find cemented or tiled floors. Nevertheless, creativity did not diminish. There are readymade rangoli fixtures which you have to place on the ground and still have the ‘angan’ decorated.

Well, one more thing special about the women of Maharashtra is their nose pin. Whenever there is a festival, they put on this ‘nath’ as called in marathi. The best part is that you will find a variety of them in the gifts for gudi padwa 2016 online. The best part is that the nose pins can just be pressed on the side of the nose without actually have to be drilled inside.

Well, Ugadi or Gudipadwa is all about celebration the New Year which brings new hope and new enthusiasm. When we intend to buy something, it is with a hope of satisfaction. May this festival fill everyone with loads of happiness.

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