Celebrate Our Real Heroes This Teacher’s Day {2018}

The yells, the tantrums, the sneezes, the tears and those wetting of pants: all these are dealt with by, not our mother, but Teacher. That lovable lady, puts her hand around our shoulder and gave us the confidence that she is there. As the child grows and gives utmost trouble to the teacher, she punishes and tries in every way to make him understand.


In this context, I remember Mr. Danhem, principal of a school in my hometown was a nightmare to all the students. Though he was a terror to all, he was a hero whom each and every student missed when he left the school. I remember how my brothers used to be scared even to utter his name casually. They would always open their mouths in praise of this principal.

Every child likes to imitate their teachers. I don’t think any child had refrained from playing a teacher in their childhood and taught literally no one. The beds, the sofas, the empty house were their students. That is the impact teachers have on our lives. 5th September takes everyone who has left the school back to their school days.


I, for myself, remember a teacher who used to teach us history. The teacher used to take pains to explain to us. One thing which would impress us about her was the way she dressed. She would match her accessories with the sari so well that we would wait to see her each day. When she would threaten that she wouldn’t come the following day, we would automatically listen to her. I would like to go back and gift her some jewelry which she can match with her saris and wear.

Every teacher is unique in herself. When we think of a gift, we are completely out of ideas. There I can find teachers day gift ideas and choose one. Sometimes we cannot express what we have in mind to these people, so the best way is to say it through words. Teacher’s day cards with my message will express all my feelings that were concealed with respect.


I am in touch with some of the teachers. Whenever I call up one of them, the only thing she says is ‘My God, your class!” And then she bursts into laughter. She calls our batch as sweet brats. The extra effort she would take in order to drill our brains with most difficult mathematical concepts is praise worthy. But she complains about these modern gadgets. I will surely make it a point to present her a tab or an i-pad and also ensure that she becomes master in using it.

PT period was our most favorite period. We used to wait for it desperately. One-leg cricket, hand ball, throw ball and kabaddi, all were played with enthusiasm and true sportsman spirit, thank to our sir. He would know what we can and what we can’t. So he would push us hard on our weak points and make it stronger. I will present him with books because apart from a sportsperson he was a hard core reader.


Well, there are so many people who shaped us into what we are. We are proud to have been guided by these great heroes. A bunch of Flowers or a greeting card, Chocolates: nothing ever matches your contribution to our lives. We salute you teachers and wish A Very Happy Teachers day.

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