Corporate training is an important, but often forgotten, aspect of branding. It is essential to build the brand value within the organization, to help building a bigger brand persona outside it. Following are the modules we offer in


Public SpeakerLife Coach, and Marketing Strategist in Pune, India

I love speaking to people, especially large groups; about things that make them more efficient and functional individuals! I started as a writer, evolved into a marketing strategist; and then with the help of my life coaching experience, a behavioral corporate trainer.

I believe that a well-rounded team member is a productive team member. These team members go on to represent your brand in the most effective way possible!

With the help of behavioral corporate training, I help corporates improve the quality of their staff, without having to undergo the tedious process of recruiting new people.

Here are a few of the trainings I offer:

1. Stress Management

2. Team Building

3. Succession Planning

4. Leadership

5. Creativity Development with Entrepreneurial Spirit

6. Written and Spoken Communication

7. Sales and Retail

I follow a “no-ppt” format of training so that the training is more interactive and organic, if it is to achieve the goal needed. So, get in touch with me and we can see how to turn your employees, into your primary brand ambassador!

Contact: 9724196252

corporate training:
>Personality Development
>Communication Skills
>Self-Motivation Skills
>Ethical Sales Hacks
>Networking Skills
>SEO Hacks
>Social Media for Beginners
>Crash Content Writing
>Team Building
>Employee Blogging Hacks

We also create customized modules as per client requirement