First Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Boyfriend

“I Love You.” The three magical words he told me some months ago is still ringing in my ears. I was on cloud nine when he said this. Actually, this came as a bit of surprise also as we were friends since long. Always I was of the opinion that he likes my friend whom I find more compatable with him. I used to pray that he should be mine. Today, he is mine. He gave me lovely gifts both as a friend and a boyfriend. It is now my turn to receprocate this gesture. And the opportunity is just a few days away, the Valentine’s Day. I wish to give him a memorable valentine day gift.

I am planning to buy Valentine Day gifts online. The reason, I want it to go straight to him and surpirse him. Moreover, I don’t want to discuss this with any of my friends. The Valentine Day gift for him should be entirely my choice. I know, I am sounding a bit selfish.


He is quite a stylish person. He loves to try out new fashion, new gadgets and new styles. That eases my search. There are a number of leather bracelets in online websites. I am sure his funky taste for accessories can be fulfilled by gifting him one of these. There are anchors, stars, dangerous skull, etc. embedded in them. I am sure he will instantly love it.

There are some interesting and unique Valentine’s Day gifts 2016, even Bajrangi style ‘Gada’ pendant along heart-shaped ones, zodiac pendant, Greek emblem pendants etc. on display. How proud I will feel when he will flaunt it in front of his friends. And above all praise me for such an apt and most sought after gift.

I wish I can gift a perfume or a body spray for him. Not because I do not like his choice of fragrance but because the perfume collection on the gift portal is simply amazing. I know that we do not gift something just because we like it. But the Dunhill Men, Zippo, Jaguar and what not brands have such colognes in various sizes and shapes that I am flat for them. I will keep this in reserve and try to find his favorite fragrance and buy it.

Self-grooming kits that include shaving sets and trimming sets are also on my list. But know what, I heard somewhere that these things should not be gifted by a girl. Well, I am not being senti, but for a first Valentine Day gift, this may not go well. So, I will just ignore it.

I had never found gifting so difficult. Not even to him when he was just a friend. But now, I want my gift to reflect my love, thus making things tough for me. Will Laptop bags, watches and sunglasses be apt? If I ponder a bit, my conscience tells me that a watch may be better. He does like those big-dial watches with broad leather strap. I think for a real handsome hunk, this should be apt. The collection from Fastrack should fulfill my need.
Finally, I found a gift that can say that I love you for eons to come. I will say A Happy VAlentine’s Day with some flowers and chocolates!



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