Happy RoSe DAY – Fresh and Exotic ROSE for Your Love

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on 14th of February every year. I was only aware of this until recently when my friend said that he will have to buy  gift Online for his girlfriend even before Valentine’s Day. I was a bit taken aback. Concealing my surprise, I asked him the reason. He looked at me as though I am a pumpkin and said that from 17th to 14th February, Valentine Week is celebrated. Each day of the week has some uniqueness to it and is celebrated in a unique way. And 7th Feb’ is Rose day. That is when it clicked why my girlfriend was insisting on meeting on 7th February, even though it is a Sunday.

I joined my friend in searching for the apt rose for my girl. The Rose day is said to be celebrated to show our endless lover for the person you love. I was told that every rose has a relevance and meaning. He started to detail me about each color.
He asked at what stage is your relationship. I was not sure what to say. I asked him if it is necessary to know this to buy a Valentine Day gift for girlfriend. He was so upset that I am such a dumb. Later, of course, he tried to convince me that buying a Valentine Day gift for her is not all that easy and a rose because it conveys what we regard them to be.

A red rose merely thanks the person to be in our life, so, if you wish to say that they are our lifelines then, you have to present a bunch of them. The yellow rose is like a starter to the friendship. When I present a yellow rose, it means I want the other person for a friend. I asked him if there are roses to show that we are sorry for whatever mistake we might have done. What a luck! White rose serves for this purpose and you can have a truce with white roses.
I couldn’t choose the right one so far. Further, he suggested that I give a pink or a dark pink rose as both of them indicate immense appreciation and pleasure towards the girl. Well, I felt this will be fine. Crimson roses are also a colour that can be gifted to show one’s love.

The question is where to buy them from as they may not be available on that particular day. I knew he was hiding his disgust but answered quite politely that Valentine Gift online is the best way to buy. Even before I asked any further, he said to go on to online portals and select the best roses. I just wished that whatever the colour, it is more important to present it in a manner that impresses her. Roses itself are so lovable that they have to make the sender more lovable. Roses arranged in a heart shape, gift of love shapes, magic love arrangement; it is but the love they express. I thanked my friend a thousand times because of whom I will be able to express myself even without words.








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