Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids by Age

I happened to get to a toy store recently and was overwhelmed with the amazing kinds of toys. Toys for every age were on the display. Dolls like Barbie and other talking and dancing dolls caught my eye. I remember how in our childhood, we used to have those rubber toys and rag dolls. We would hardly give ears to mom’s calls even though we used to play with home-made or very common toys. If it was now and with such advanced dolls which can be made to sit or stand or dress them up, I am sure I would have been only playing all the time.

Interestingly, the toys available now come graded according to the ages. We can choose from the age category and gift. The gifts are exclusively made for these ages and thus are safe for use. There are gifts for kids online and that makes my work really easy.

Christmas Gifts for Toddlers (0-2 yrs)

For the cute little pies, who are eager to catch up with the world and hold things in their hands. These kids can be lured with attractive toys like musical pop up eggs, move and grove rings, keys, or musical mobiles. There can be some attractive musical toys that help the child to hear to the sounds and see them.

Ages (2-5yrs)

This is the age when the child moves around the whole house and tries to explore everything. Mothers are the ones who are the most troubled during this age. If we have to keep the child engaged and mothers relieved, we need to give something like number puzzles, animal puzzles, play doh, animal and cartoon character cutouts, will make the children to have fun and learn as well.

Ages (5-8 yrs)

It is easy to gift this age group kids as they now move out into the world and go to the school. They would like to exhibit the toys, the bags and lunch boxes they have and show the others that their possessions out number the others. Having a Chota Bheem or a Mickey Mouse on their bags or tiffin boxes gives an edge over others. Board games and dart games will help the child to use his logical thinking.

Ages (8-11 yrs)

Recently one of my friend’s daughter gifted me with a finger ring made of rubber bands. This was fancy even to me because we never knew that rubber bands will be used for making funky jewelry. Shell-bonding craft material, tattoo-making material, Hair accessories, toy crafts, etc. are aplenty online. We can get them from online gifts and toys for kids.

Ages (11-14 yrs)

I always hear from my sister that her 14-year-old son considers himself as an adult and wants all those things that adults play with. The modern world, of course, has many such options for the kids, computers, mobiles, play stations etc. But unless children grow gradually they won’t enjoy the fun at every stage of their life. Why should we gift them beyond their understanding? So I would prefer to give a skateboard, roller skates, badminton racket, baseball set, toy turboz, painting material and such kind of gifts that will encourage them to play rather than be just couch potatoes.
But I am so envious about these kids. Why didn’t we wait a little longer to come into this world?


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