Guru Poonima Gift Ideas

I remember my school and the teachers a lot. They are in my mind and soul. Guru purnima is just round the corner. I am so excited that I will meet my teacher after a long time. How much she might have changed? Will she remember me? Recognize me? What all apprehensions are drifting through my mind!

guru pornima gift ideas

I already have jotted down what I would do on the Guru Poornima day. I will visit my teachers who ever are accessible in person and those who are far away, I will send some gifts to show my gratitude. I will search for some Guru Purnima Gifts exclusive for the occasion. What should be apt is the question.

I used to see my teachers carry a lot of things sometimes in small bags and a cloth bag for books. May be good bags with a lot of space in it can be gifted. Now a days we get a number of varieties with a lot of variation in texture too. Watches are another choice that can be considered. I remember this teacher who used to match her watch straps with the sari she would wear. I should try a watch that has straps that can be replaced. I appreciated the interest she had in perfect dressing.

My dearest of all was Science teacher. Whenever we were taken for picnics, she would definitely take a snap with me. I do have quite some pictures of her. I shall make use of them and make personalized mugs, or wall decors. She will be thrilled to see herself in the olden times. I will browse through personalized gifts for more options and ideas.

There are some standard Gifts for the teachers. There need not be any guesses as the answer is obvious, Pens and stationary items. This is one gift that can never fade off as far as the teacher is in service. I have also found many a time that they don’t find them when they need the most and they have to borrow from the students. So it will be sensible if stationary items along with some pens are gifted.

To my knowledge, teachers never expect any materialistic things from their students. They rather advice us not to spend money unnecessarily. Nevertheless, it is the time to show our gratitude and so our love in some form should be presented. The last best option would be some flowers. I think a hearty greeting said with flowers also will impart the same feeling. Whatever be the gift, our hearts only say, Happy Guru Poornima Day teacher!