{NEW} Krishna Janmashtami – Dahi Handi 2018

“Haathi Ghora Palki, Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki”

Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most celibrated occassion of India.Krishna Janmashtami 2018 is very important becasue after 300 years rohini nakshatra is for 24 hours, it means the krishna birth can be celebrated for 24 hours so everyone is exited and looking forward to enjoy the most lovely occassion of Dahi Handi 2018.

The bigger the Dahi Handi greater the Price. So all the gopals are waiting for dahi handi and also waiting for the prizes. Mumbai is the place where the celebration of Dahi Handi is super colourful. There are many groups wo participate in Dahi Handi Copetition so some of the Dahi Handi Pictures here I am sharing with you all hope you will all like it.

Dahi Handi 2018 Images






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