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Celebrating The Mother’s Day Concept was began in United States in 20th century but within some time it has became a major event all over the world. The Mothers Day event actually started when Anna Jarvis, a social activist, held a memorial for her mother in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908 So this is the first time when Mother’s Day was celebrated. So Mothers Day is celebrated all over the world on second sunday of May month. As we all know right from the birth mothers has a strong bond and relatinship with her kids. So here we have come with some super cool Happy Mothers Day Images with Quotes for you

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Happy Mother’s Day Personalized Gifts Cards HD Wallpapers 

I was in tears when my little daughter came with a small greeting card with lovely little words, “I love you mom”. She prepared this on her own and also decorated with all the left over things from her craft material. The next gift I got from my son. He had more ideas to put in. He took an old photo of mine cut it according to the card he had and decorated with some colors and glitters. This is the feeling we have towards our parents, especially, mother.
That incident had such an impact on me that I make it a point to buy a gift and present it in person to my mother or send it online. Though I used to gift my mother something or the other whenever I would pay a visit, I started to make it a point to send a gift on Mother’s day 2016. It is indeed a great feeling to gift your loved ones on special days like this.
I usually prefer to give personalized and customized gifts because I feel that they are an expression of our love. In a span of 10 years I have gifted literally gifts from every category. In recent past I found these customized gifts to be very interesting.

Mother’s day gift ideas had given me this idea of personalized coasters. I am eager to get these coasters embossed with a rare photo of hers. She once had cut her hair very short for some reason unknown. I will surprise her with this photo on the coasters and it will be even more exciting when her friends who never saw her like this will compliment her lovely looks.
On a safer side, I will also make a couple of phone covers. She loves to have some kind of pictures on her phone cover. Earlier I had given her a cover with a ‘Om’ on it. She loves it so much that even before opening the phone to see the time early in the morning she turns it the other way to see the Om written on it. So, this time I will gift her a phone cover with some her grandchildren’s photos. Now whenever she will see the cover she will also see her grandchildren.
I am greatly amazed to see that there are so many personalized gifts for mother’s day. It becomes difficult to choose gifts when you have a wide variety of them. I also have a choice of greeting cards. Wait, these are not just greeting cards of paper, they are much more than that. It is a voice greeting card. We can record our messages in our own voice and send through to our loved ones.

There was yet another personalized gift, mugs. Here too we can emboss some messages or photographs and with each sip our love is gelled with the receiver’s. Oh! Why weren’t such facilities when I was a child? I would have given so many gifts to my mother. Anyway, Better late than never. I will gift everything possible. Happy mother’s day  2017 mom!

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