NAVRATRI 2018 – The Festival Of Nine Nights {2018*}

Navratri 2018 (Dasara) is a Hindu festival celebrated in the month of Ashwiyuja month of Hindu calendar i.e. from October 10 to October 18, 2018. Navratri, the name itself implies that it is a festival celebrated in nine days (Nav=nine, rathri=night, navratri=nine nights). Generally in a year five types of Navratris that fall, but Sharad Navratri is the most popular and significant among them. So the term Navratri is being used for Sharad Navratri. It represents a celebration of nine incarnations of Goddess Durga. The significance of Navratri 2018 is the triumph of good over bad.


The three Gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva united their energy to form Goddess Durga to kill demon Mahishasura. The battle lasted for 9days and 9 nights. On the 10th day Goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasura and this day is Vijayadasami which signifies the victory of good over evil. The nine incarnations of Goddess Durga each have a different form and special significance. Nine types of neivedyams are offered and nine colors of Navratri 2018 are preferred on nine days.


1st Day Navratri 2018:

Shailaputri is worshipped as Balatripura sundari devi on first day. She rides a bull and carries lotus in her two hands. Chickpeas are offered as neivedyam on this day.

2nd Day Navratri 2018:

Brahmacharini is worshipped as Annapoorna devi on second day. She holds a rosary in her right hand and water utensil in her left hand. Daddojanam is offered as neivedyam.

3rd Day Navratri 2018:

Chandraghanta is worshipped as Gayathri devi on third day. She rides a lion, has 10 hands, 3 eyes and holds weapons. All the mantras are evolved from her. Pulihora is offered as neivedyam.

4th Day Navratri 2018:

Kushmanda is worshipped as Lalitha devi on fourth day. She is depicted to be having 10 hands. She sits in middle of the Srichakra. Sweet pongal is offered as neivedyam.

5th Day Navratri 2018:

Skandamatha is worshipped as Lakshmi devi on fifth day. She has four arms and three eyes with skanda in infant form in one hand. Kseeranam and Poornalu are offered as neivedyam.


6th Day Navratri 2018:

Katyayani is worshipped as saraswathi devi on sixth day. She holds veena in her arms. Payasam is offered as neivedyam.

7th Day Navratri 2018:

Kaalarathri is worshipped as Durga devi on seventh day. She has dark complexion and three eyes and sword in one hand. Kadambam is offered as neivedyam.

8th Day Navratri 2018;

Mahagouri is worshipped as mahishasura mardhini on eighth day. She has four arms, wears white clothes and rides a bull. Vada, Pulihora are offered as neivedyam.

9th day Navratri 2018:

Siddidhathri is worshipped as Raja Rajeswari devi on ninth day. She is worshipped on last day. Vehicle pooja is performed on this day. Dal, vada, chalimidi are offered as neivedyam.


During these navratri celebrations, children aged two to nine years are worshipped as the representatives of Goddess. They are made to sit and their feet washed as a respect to Goddess. They are offered new clothes and gifts after providing them different dishes.

The SAMI tree has a special importance in Navratri the festival of nine nights. Since the days of kings, it has become a tradition that weapons, chariots etc are worshipped under this tree so that they will succeed. These days Vehicles, selected household items, farmer’s tools etc are cleaned and worshipped on the 10th day i.e. Vijayadasami by chanting the mantra…


!Sami Samathe Paapam, Sami sathru Vinaasanam!!

There are varied Navratri rituals and traditions that change from one region to the other based on different cultures. Most people observe fast on the last day and some people fasts for nine days. Generally onion, garlic, non-vegetarian foods are not taken during Navratri festival.

Exchanging gifts is a common practise during Navratri festival. Now-a-days online shopping has opened up a wide range of gifting options. You can gift beautifully sculpted idols of Goddess Durga in nine forms. You can gift art crafts and showpieces of Maa Amba available online. One can also get Goddess Durga idols and photo frames online.

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