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‘Oh no! one more festival and one more strenuous job of selecting gifts.’ This is what my sister said on the other day. She panics every time festival is around the corner. I told ‘Neha’, that is my sister, that you should enjoy doing this rather than get tensed. And especially for women, ‘Shopping’ is a favorite word. She challenged if I could list 10 gift ideas within an hour. Initially, I was cursing myself for commenting on her. Later, I took up the challenge and jotted down what came to my mind, (don’t tell her I picked them from the gift portals online).
So, here are my 10 ideas, sister!

1. Sweets. According to me, if you wish to make someone happy, gift him/her their favorite sweets. This is summer and the fruit most loved is the Mango. Mango flavored mithai can be the best one.

2. Some may not appreciate sweets as a gift. For them, we can gift some decorative pieces. On the other day, my neighbour finished her rangoli within seconds. I was surprised as she will spend nothing less than half an hour. I came to know that what she placed was a readymade rangoli design. Sister, for lazy ones like you this will be a great one.

3. One category of gifts I find not only in gudipadwa gifts online but every other festival is jewelry Anyways, women love them, so can be picked. Nose pins, finger rings, earrings, bangles and what not.

4. As a man, I would like my wife to finish her work in less time. So, some home appliances like cookers, choppers, toasters and others would have been my choice.

5. Great going! I know that during the festival time we decorate our houses with new curtains, bed sheets, and cushions. If these can be gifted, well people will have one more choice to add to their collection.

6. Many a time I feel the best gift ever is a perfume bottle. You know why because someone or the other will surely use it. And now a days we have perfumes gender specific. So no confusion if this flavor is used by man or woman.

7. No one can give you a better list, not even gifts for gudipadwa online. Today it is a norm to gift plants. Seriously, I have at least half a dozen plants in my house which were the return gifts from a marriage party or some celebration. Not a bad gesture. Moreover, you have artificial flowers and plants too which cannot easily be identified. Indoor plants, flower bouquets or combos of chocolates and flowers, anything is surely a good gift.

8. I have only a few minutes left. I am exhausted of any ideas. I can steal a few ideas from online gifts, I will convince her that these are my ideas. For kids in the house, we need to gift some toys or some puzzle games.

9. It may sound weird, but even book stands and book lights are also quite good for those who love reading.

10. The last but not the least, greeting cards. Actually, we do have voice greeting cards Online which take your feelings straight to your people.

Sister, I am done. Great deal finding a gift!

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