{New*} women’s Day Voice Greeting Cards With Special Wishes

March 8th is the most awaited day for all women as they will be pampered and showered with gifts of love. Being a woman is a great feeling and a pride. And if it is celebrated by everyone in the world, then the happiness reaches ecstasy.  The women in my life, to be frank mean a lot to me. Be it my mother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, teacher, or friend: each one of them had some kind of an influence in my life. I feel that each woman has to celebrate this day as they are a very important part of the society. My mother used to always say that if you do not give importance to yourself, then no one does. I found it true, many a time. So girls, go ahead and get some gifts for girls. If you too are confused as to what to select, then follow me. I will guide you.


I will start with my friend. She was there through thick and thin, highs and lows, etc. Was this what you expected? I am sorry to disappoint you because since some time we are not in talking terms. I realized that it is not necessary that they have all the possibility to attend to us always. So, I want to say sorry and make up for the time lost. How? That has been eased by this new way of greeting cards, the voice greeting cards. I may send any gift but may not personally say what I have to. So, with is special card, I will pour out my heart and melt her down.
My sister-in-law is a friend, philosopher and guide. I am so close to her that I confide most of my secrets with her. She is not one of those daily soaps on the TV that tries to destroy the relationships but like a dream come true companion. But I never got an opportunity to tell her that as I felt this will be too formal. Personalized greeting cards online had shown me the way. I will record in my own voice a big thank you for being a great support to me.


I am married for just an over a year now, but I feel I know my mother-in-law for ages. Fortunately for me, she understands me very well and guides me in everything regarding the household. My friends scared with all sorts of things about MIL (Mother-in-law). I rubbish it because any relationship needs adjustment and understanding. For me she is one of the persons I wish to send Happy International women’s day 2016 wishes with gifts. It sounds awkward to say send a card and show my gratitude. But if I can say it in my own words, then it will be so touching.

I also plan to send a voice greeting card to my teacher. While in college days, I was her favorite student. But will she recognize my voice is the question. Anyway, I shall try and find out later if she did recognize.
The reason why I liked this is also because it is lot more simple. We need to just follow the instructions and there we are with the message. Bravo!
Girls be a techy and gift in style! Happy International women’s day 2016!

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