{New } World Rhino Day | Few Facts About Rhinos | Save the Rhinos

22 September is marked as a World Rhino Day, its launch by the WWF
“In addition, World Rhino Day is an opportunity to highlight efforts to debunk the myths and diminish the demand for rhino horn,” organisers said.


Some Rhino facts:

where can rhinos be found??
Black & white rhinos are found in grasslands of eastern & southern Africa. the Horned rhinos are found in rain forest of northern india & south Nepal as well.

what does a rhino eat?
Most of the Rhinos eat Grasses, trees & bushes. they pluck leaves and fruits from trees by using their lips.


what does the black rhino eat?
The black rhinos mainly eat the Fruits they also pluck leaves & fruits with the help of their lips.

what environment do rhinos live in?
The Rhinos are divided into two species one is Black rhinos & other is white rhinos.
The White Rhinos live in South Africa & most of the Black Rhinos are found in India region.


So lets Save Rhinos