Personalized & Innovative Diwali Gifts

In the month of Kartik on the new moon day falls an all-time favorite festival, Diwali. It brings a smile on every face when one speaks of this festival. There are legends as to why Diwali 2016 is celebrated. But the ultimate result is a happy time for the whole of the household.


One of the stories says that Narakasura, a demon who was true to his name was killed by Lord Krishna. He was a real hell to people. He kept many women in captivity and killed people at large. Lord Krishna came to know about this rakshasa and went on to fight with him. As always, Good prevails over bad, Narakasura was killed. This day the whole village celebrated Krishna’s victory and burn crackers.

It also is the homecoming for Lord Sri Rama and Sita after Ravana was killed. It is believed that Ayodhya welcomed this couple with diyas all over the kingdom. Also, it is believed that this is the day when Lakshmi was born as a result of ocean churning by Gods and demons.


When the festival has such a personal touch, the gifts exchanged on this day also have to have similar kind of effect. People do exchange gifts on this day, so for a change why can’t we go for new wave personalized gifts. The advantage of personalized gifts is that you can pour your heart out and extend your feelings in your own words and ideas.

You will be astounded at the range of personalized gifts. Go online Diwali gift shopping and find Diwali lights, Diwali gifts dry fruits and many more. But the twist in the tale is that any of these generalized gifts can be given a customized or personalized form. You can choose the article that needs to be personalized and you will be startled to see it made.

There are lamp shades, lamps, lanterns which are apposite not opposite for the occasion. These lamps can bear your name, your message or any photograph of your choice. The same applies to posters, greetings, and photo frames. You can pick some childhood Diwali photos and make a lovely collage out of it. Imagine this collage will take everyone back into olden and golden days. And if you are presenting it your sons and daughters, they will see their metamorphosis and if it is for your elders then they will see your metamorphosis.


You also can emboss coffee mugs with your personal greetings, messages or photographs. More recently car dashboard crystal or a paper weight. Wall clocks are another option also a ceramic tile wall decor also is not bad. Jewelry is often the heartthrob of women. If you want to woo the lady with a Diwali gift for wife, then get it personalized. The pendants and rings can bear your name or message on it. You won’t believe yourself when your wife will be all praises for you.


If your focus is on the whole of the family then go for some personalized cushion covers, curtains, bedspreads, or even tea coasters. Be a bit funky and spooky by embossing a cracker such as a rocket, flower pot or any such ones that are synonymous to this festival. The whole atmosphere is turned into a festivity with the crackers filled in the room. online gift portals give you a vast choice to select from. So say Happy Diwali with a personal touch.