Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother

The full moon day in the month of August brings in the favorite festival of Raksha Bandhan. The day is auspicious to brothers and sisters as they come together yet again to reiterate their love towards each other. Sisters visit their brothers to tie rakhi on their wrists.

rakhi gifts for brother

Raksha Bandhan literally means protecting thread or knot. Traditionally the thread is a simple one with a cotton ball. The sister prays to God and put tilak on the forehead. Then rice grains on placed on it. She ties Rakhi on his wrist, gives arti and offers sweets. The brother in return promises to protect her and be with her through thick and thin.

But over the years exchange of gifts has come into fashion. Brother brings various kinds of gifts ranging from simple chocolates to expensive jewelry. Also there has been increase in the gifts that the sister presents brother.

Favorite big bro personalized coffee mugs can be a great idea. You also can add a few of his qualities on it. Alternatively your picture or his picture or a combo might be tried. Same can be applied to wall clocks. A clock with all the pictures of your favorite bro will make him feel great about being your brother.

Online gifts enhance our search for the perfect one. Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother can easily be traced and an apt gift selected. The sports hunk brother can be given a sports kit of his favorite sport. Likewise music lover may receive an instrument or music albums. He may even wish to start off these passions that he sacrificed for something else or simply he was lazy.

Tech savvy brother is more easy to tackle as he can be gifted anything from an i-pod to laptops. Mobiles with lovely personalized skins are not bad either. What about those little tools that boys always try meddling with? A tool kit or a car tool kit will be appreciated.

Raksha Bandhan gifts for brother

Give a thought about clothes and accessories. Funky tees or varieties or jeans, jackets, pull overs, are a good choice as far as you are upgraded about his latest choices. Belts, which also can be customized, neck ties or scarf again customized may be tried. Brother will be more than happy to receive these as they are the ones that enhance his personality. If your brother is a gentleman type then these should be avoided and replaced with more formal wear. A suit or cufflinks, a formal neck tie can make way in.

Coming to accessories, wrist watches and sunglasses are aplenty to choose from. Just dwell a little on his recent picks and find an apt gift for the beloved brother.