Special Eid Gifts for Mom and Wife

It’s that time of the year when people are busy buying goodies for themselves and their loved ones! It’s Eid time… While I was out for some personal work, I bumped into my friend who was sweating it out while trying to find an Eid gifts for his wife. Being newly married, and this being their first Eid together, he wanted to get the best gift for her and of course his mom. And being a loyal friend that I am, I decided to take the onus on myself to help him in this quest!

unique eid gifts online

With the online shopping trend catching up, instinctively my first choice was to look out for Eid gifts online. So we checked a few websites on the same and stumbled upon, where I found the unique eid gifts online. One of the gifting options that caught my attention was the fashion jewelry sets. Right from stunning diamond, gold and silver pieces, the amazing new-age rings, bracelets and other pieces mesmerized me.

After quickly ordering two sets from the jewelry section, we started to look out other options. Luckily, you can woo a woman of any age with a chic handbag. So that was our next target! We shortlisted a few clutches, handbags, and sling bags for both the ladies. Once we were exhausted looking at the various options, we finalized a clutch and a handbag for the ladies.

eid gifts online

As the festival of Eid is marked with lavish food items, we decided to check out the confectionaries and gourmet items. We found a whole range of gourmet chocolates, sweets, dry fruits, and cookies. Apart from this, we also found a whole new range of coffee products and imported chocolates.

As personalized gifts are the latest in-thing, we decided to get customized gifts for both the ladies. Trust me, though getting a personalized gift can be a tiresome task, it is worth the efforts. We headed straight to the old albums section that my friend owned, and picked out two best photos from it – one with his mom, and the other with his wife. Then, we uploaded these images along with a message on the website. Then, we chose the design of the card that we wanted to buy, and voila, we had an amazing customized gift in our hand.



Thanks to the era of online shopping, I was able to help my friend without physically looking for gifts in stores. And luckily, we found amazing Eid 2018 gifts for both the beautiful women. Once we had all the gifts delivered at his residence, we decided to add the icing on the cake by getting some fresh flowers. So, by the Eid day, we had a bagful of goodies for both the ladies along with a bouquet of fresh flowers. Now that’s what we call, a great Eid celebration, don’t we?