Teachers Day: Salutations To All Teachers, Teachers day Speech

My teacher staring at me and my uncle in anger because I was late to school, is my earliest memory of a teacher. She was my school’s Principal and used to be really angry if kids would come late to school. That’s the way I taught the importance of being punctual! And this habit still lives with me, even after so many years.


Not only this virtue, there were lot more good habits that were taught to us during our school days that are still an essential part of our lives. Whatever, I am today is because of the efforts taken by my teachers during my school days.

Guru is believed to be the representative of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Guru is known to sow the seeds of knowledge in a person and believe me, this role can be best played by our teachers and parents.

As they say, our mother is our first teacher. The story isn’t very different for me as well. My mother is my first teacher and best friend. I remember as a child, I wasn’t very keen in meeting people and making friends. I would prefer to sit at home and play all by myself instead of going to the ground to play with the kids from our locality. However, sensing this to be a real bad habit, my mother decided to set things right. She did give some bashings (which was much-needed) and then spoke to me about the benefits of going out and playing with other kids. That was my Life Lesson 1! My mother taught me to mingle with people and this really helped me become the person I am today.


During my high school days, I was facing problems to cope up with physics. My science teacher took the onus on herself and started dedicating extra time for kids who were finding it difficult to cope up with a few chapters. Not that I was bad with other subjects, but physics was a subject that gave me real nightmares. She taught me to go back to my basics and re-learn the early physics concepts again. This helped me in understanding the new concepts of the subject and believe me, I was amongst the lucky few who scored good marks in the subject. That was my Life Lesson 2! Whenever in trouble, try going back to the basics… you will find answers to your problems.


While I was doing my graduation in Engineering, my Engineering drawing professor used to make us practice the subject n number of times before he would sign the final copy of the drawing sheet. This was his way of teaching us not to give up during tough times. Though we had trouble in creating those drawings initially, after thorough practice we could successfully create the drawings. Life Lesson 3 – Don’t give up on any task if you aren’t successful in the first place, you will eventually have your way by practicing, a few times!


Years have passed by but the love and affection towards my teachers still remains strong. This year I am planning to personally visit my teachers and wish them on this auspicious day. If you are planning to surprise your teachers on this day and looking for great teacher’s Day gift ideas, then you can get some gifts online. You can opt teacher’s day greetings, teacher’s day card, Personalized Gifts, Gadgets, Books, Fresh Flowers, Chocolates, etc., as gifts for your beloved teachers.


Here’s wishing all of you a Very Happy Teacher’s Day 2017!