The Real Way to Celebrate Krihna Janmashtami

Janmashtami is the festival commemorating the appearance of Krishna in this world. He is belived to have appeared 5,000 years ago in a prison cell in Mathura. Krishna Janmashtami represents the appearance of hope in the dark night of hopelessness, of virtue in the fortress of vices, through the appearance of the absolute truth, Krishna.

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The sun rises in the east each day. Not that it is born that tim, but it comes to our relative vision and with each setting, it no longer appears to our vision. Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada said that Krishna i within everyone’s heart and with the sincerity of our devotion, can appear to us every day. He resiprocates to us according to our desires.Everyone is Looking for pleasure. The qustion arises that if our ultimate aim is pleasure and if the world is designed to frustrate our attempts to attain pleasure, then what is the Hope? Therefore, the supreme personality decends into this simply to reveal the way by which we can not only attain true happiness and peace but also perfect our life and go ahead to the iternal spiritual world.

The Real Way to celebrate Krishna Janmashtami

Bhagvat geeta teaches the way by which we can achieve the highest joy of Bhakti Yoga and also share it with others. When we celebrate janmashtami, it should be a time when we commit and dedicate ourselves to live by the will of Krishna. This is real Celebration of Krishna Janmashtami.

When krishna ppears in this world, he gaves us the glimps into the joyful exchanges of love in the spiritual world. Krishna’s past time in vrindavan are an advertisement of the suffering. living entities to relinquish stubborn, selfish desires and join the iternal party of selfles service and love.

Today in the name of religion, perople are so caught up in rituals. Conventions and obligations that they are deluded from the real purpose of religion – transformation of greed to generosity, eagoism to humility , vengeance to foriveness, agitation to peace and hate to love, all happens when we revive our eternal relationship with the absolute truth , God.

When krishna appeared, he appeared in a way to attrat us to his sweetness and love rather than his power and grandeur. He appeared as a simple cowherd boy in vrindavan, just to attract our love. The geeta said that we are in fatuated by beautiful people and beautiful things, but the beauty of this world is an infinitesimal spark of the supreme splendour of God.

Today, in the name of God, there is so muh division and disunity. To help us rise above all externality ego, selfishness and greed and understand that the real pleasure we are seeking is unmotivated, unconditional love, is the purpose of religious practices, Each time we invoke Krishna’s names with sincere feelings and devotion, he appears, and it is janmashtami. Krishna is manifesting and appearing within our hearts and our lives.

Across the world, people make elaborate offerings and decorations and organise grand events to celebrate Krishna’s birthday. With no monetary gains in return, they make time from their daily routine, to srve-to share our love for Krishna through service is the real spirit of Jnamashtami.

Said: ISKON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

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