{Top 10} Christmas Gifts for 2018*

December may be the last month of the Gregorian calendar, but it is the most exciting month of the year. The blooming of roses is scheduled by nature during these cold months. The lovely lush green surroundings and chill weather leaves one awe-struck.

For me, though, it is a time I visit Vanessa and enjoy the Christmas Eve. I am with her right from the time the Christmas tree is brought till almost the Christmas celebrations end. We are such great friends that their entire family seems to be mine and vice versa.

Since so many years, I have been visiting her during this time and presenting her gifts that I am out of Christmas gift ideas. I thought I will jot down some of the gifts that come to my mind now and then select for her and her family.

1. As Christmas tree is the main attraction of this festival, I think some decorative items for the tree will be a great idea. So, tiny bulbs or what are called as ‘series’ bulbs can be the best one she uses to decorate the tree.
2. Candles too are one of the auspicious ingredients of prayers in churches and houses. Now a day we get fragrant candles which not only lit up the place but also spread lovely scent. online gift portals has some wonderful collection of candles. The shapes and sizes are awesome.

3. If candles seem a little insufficient as Christmas gifts, then I can also add candle holders as well. There are in various styles, even hanging ones. They are in the shape of earthen lanterns, human figurines like monks and many more.

4. I remember, my friend always says that the whole ambience of the house gets a makeover. As a part of it the decorative items also are replaced by new ones. I should think of artifacts like a mariner’s compass, an Hour-glass or even an antique type of horse-cart.

5. Vanessa loves water fountains. That gives me another choice, which is a water fountain. I only have to make sure which kind she would love to have.
6. Go green is the norm today. She is not so keen about plants, but maybe if I present her with a planter this Christmas 2016, she may start taking an interest in plants.

7. How about an antique big Wall clock. I think this is the best Christmas gift as when the clock strikes twelve in this clock, the whole house will rapture in praise of Lord Jesus. Clocks are, of course, a great idea.
8. Raising a toast for the family union on the occasion is an integral part of this festival. Bar accessories also can be given a thought. Not only glasses but wine bottle holders, bottle openers, vacuum wine preservers, cocktail shakers and many more.

9. I have found some good photo frames in the online x-mas gifts. I can choose only when I can get a nice picture of both of us.
10. I have been searching for some unique Christmas gifts and found so many of them. But one gift that I also give her is a box of her favorite chocolate. That will be sent to her in any case along with my best wishes for Happy Christmas 2018.

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