{TOP 10} Ways To Celebrate Boss’s Day 2015

Have you ever thought of admiring your Boss for his/her work, efforts and contribution to the company? Boss’s day is celebrated on October 16 of every year. This day was created for the purpose of strengthening the bond between employer and employee. On this day, employees thank their bosses for being kind and fair enough throughout the year. Definitely he/she is a ‘Very Important Person’, no matter what on this particular day! On this day, employees can show their admiration for their boss, and make him/her feel special and appreciated. It is the day when you can show your respect and also honor their success. There are many ways to celebrate Boss’s day 2015 and show your gratitude. Here are the Top 10 ways to celebrate Boss’s Day.


What else would be a great idea than planning a cool party to celebrate Boss’s Day? Remember a few points like keeping the boss’s favorite cuisines and music will go a long way in making him/her feel extra special on this day.
Say Happy Boss’s Day 2015 to your boss with a simple self made Card without any irony.
Executive pens seem to be very apt since they include a beautiful case with motivational Happy Boss’s Day quotes. Signature frames would be a special one to cherish since all the team mates sign on it and express their gratitude.
Gift your Boss a leadership book that further inspires him/her. If you can get him a signed book of his/her favorite author will be the awesomest gift to give!

Some personalized gifts like flowers, chocolates, coffee mugs, glass vases etc would be simple and economic.
Be thoughtful. Avoid giving gag gifts which would be often tasteless. Boss may feel offensive.
If there is an issue that is bothering him, do not bring it up that day. Don’t talk to him about anything substantive at all. If he doesn’t really like you very much, don’t talk to him.

If he/she is facing a crisis, make a collective effort involving team members to help him sought it out in time. Instead of giving material gifts, this would mean a lot to the Boss.


Finally thank him/her for everything they do atleast through a mail if they are far away. Mention how much you appreciate the fact that he is your boss and also thank him for all the support he/she has extended towards you.

The ability to impress your Boss is a major determining factor in the success of your career, as well as your happiness and productivity at work where you spend most of your time. Whether you get along with your boss or not, you need to show them that they are capable of greatness.

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