Top children’s toys for {Christmas 2018}

Christmas 2018 is here. I am so excited because I will get an opportunity to shop till I drop. I have to buy gifts for almost everyone from big and small. I have made up my mind that I will buy Christmas Gifts online. Actually, there are more number of choices available online.

I just thought if it would be easy to buy gifts categorically. I mean like For men, For women and for kids, so on. This will save my time and energy. For elders it doesn’t matter much if the gift is not according to their taste. But for kids, I think the gift has to be of their choice. I do not have a great memory, in any case, I will try my level best to remember.

Coming to kids, my little nephew, who is hardly 2 years old is the youngest in the family. He loves steam engines. Strangely, he never had seen one, but somehow is very fond of it. May be he had watched on the television. I will try to buy one for him this Christmas 2018.


The next one older to him is a die-hard car fan. He loves cars and obviously, puts his fingers on, whenever I ask him for his choice. I am happy about it as it makes my work also easy. The Ferraris, the Benz and sports cars appear so much like the original ones that I feel we too can buy one for ourselves to satisfy our desire to possess these cars.
We also have an angel in the family, who is the pet of all the members. She is a typical girl. She loves to sit in a corner and pick a drawing book and draw, or deck up her barbie, or simply sit and be creative in clay modeling. As she has that creative brain, I will better give her something that can enhance her interest. I found a quilt making kit in and I think this should serve the purpose. I am sure she will use all the instructions given and make a lovely quilt.

Christmas gift ideas also had simple gifts like bags, lunch box and water bottle combo, sippers, and others. One gift that caught my attention was the Kung fu Panda school kit which has colours, bottle and other related items. The best thing though is, it is made of non-toxic material. Moreover all these have some or the other cartoon character embossed on it.

For the infant group there are some lovely soft toys on display in online website. Elephants, turtles, Bennie boos, poodle and other dogs, parrots, sea lions and so on. The toys are so cute to look at that I felt envious about today’s children.
We usually do not keep ourselves away from the kids. We encourage to be with us all the time. We play games, sing songs, and make fun. Board games can make a great option, I feel. It will make them more interested to play with us next time.


Who says Shopping is boring. When you are sitting under the fan, with some orange juice by the side, you can spend hours together. At least, I can do this the whole day, but for now I will order these and go on with the preparation for the festival.


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