What Are The Unique Gifts For Men?

I have a confession to make and that is; I had a very heated argument with my husband yesterday. After a long debate and discussion we did come to a conclusion and solution for the problem. But it came after a long, sour time. I felt quite distressed and told my friend everything. She said it is quite normal as ultimately we realize that none of us are at fault but it just happened. I wanted to say ‘sorry’ but how? Then she suggested that I pick up a unique gift for him that says it all.

So here I am searching for best gift ideas. I have found a few interesting online gifts. But I feel the gift should be unique and so I need to probe a bit more. There are accessories like watches, bracelets and utility things like laptop bags and tables. I think I should take a look at all of these once and then decide.
I will browse through watches for a start. The elegant and stylish watches are a real treat to the eyes. You name the brand and you have it. The brands and the varieties are endless. But unfortunately he does not like to change his watch, for some sentimental reasons.


I even find some nice sunglasses. Fastrack, Mayhem and other well-known brands, are on the display on gifting websites.
Let me check out more categories. Bags and wallets come very handy to gift men. The number of things my hubby carries to the office, sometimes seem to be carrying the whole office along. If I can find a good bag that has different compartments for different things and can be well-organized, then I can go for it. The color combination also is good and so I can place it in the shopping cart and think about it.

My friend told me that this is an era of personalized gifts online. She said that we can emboss our photograph or message or a saying on any particular thing and gift it to our near and dear. Anyway, he loves quotes of great people, so I will find some coffee mug or a poster on which I can imprint these quotes. I think this will really be one of the unique gifts for men.

Though he is not a regular drinker, he surely loves to. But sometimes he does not drink as I feel uncomfortable. Shot glasses or beer glasses may not be unique gift but yes, for me, they are. He will be not only surprised but also be pleased to receive this gift.

unique-gifts-for-men-onlineWhat a techno-world we live in today! There are talking greeting cards. I mean Voice greeting cards. online portals guides us through preparing a voice greeting card. To my knowledge, this will also be a fantastic idea as I can say ‘sorry’ in my own voice and let him feel it. Saying sorry, otherwise, would embarrass both of us as both of us know that it is not a fault of either of us.
Love should be tamed not once but always, if life has to go on smoothly. So folks, even if you have not said ‘I Love You’ to your loved ones in a long time, just pick a lovely gift and say it.

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